Why did you develop this highly specialised training?

Because there’s nothing else like it available. Anywhere…

This training is the training I wish was available 9 years ago when I began teaching people to rest. Then, with my own chronic pain and insomnia and anxiety – as I began to experiment with the many ingredients I combine in this methodology – I kind of wished I’d had a mentor… Following my breakdown early 2011, I began a deep journey back to myself. I walked away from Yoga and turned inward for the answers. I drew on all those years of working with women recovering from the devastating effects of violence and recovering from the long term effects of trauma. I worked with remarkable teachers and discovered a wealth of intelligence and resources and medicine in my own body and lived experience. This training is the culmination of that. Of my own triumphant recovery and 20 years of professional practice.


I received this email in response to the announcement:

“Hello Kylian, I love this! it is exactly what I want to do. I have been looking at restorative yoga teacher training or yin yoga but none of them felt quite right. I am a Somatic Trauma Therapist and want to include some classes on nervous system repair. I work specifically with Paramedics and Firefighters and have been asked by their head office to begin some nervous system training and down regulating strategies for this group of people. I think this would be perfect.

Much love to you and what you are bringing to the world. CR”

It’s like no other training available in the world. The content, the expert guest teachers, all that I bring…

It’s a potent interplay of Nervous System Physiology, Trauma, Stress and Applied Anatomy education – with Mindfulness, Somatic Movement inquiry, delicious Restorative practices, Fascia and Fluid-Systems. This unique recipe elicits the most PROFOUND states of relaxation AND cellular repair… It all comes together in a soulful, love-soaked teaching methodology, complete with Psoas smarts and the worlds leading experts in the field.

Sounds amaaaaazing, right?