How ‘intense’ will it be? Are there physical requirements?

Yes. You will need to be healthy and able to attend all aspects of the program, including the immersion training.

This work does not require any special abilities or fitness levels other than that.

The Immersion will NOT be a hard-core 15 hour-per day training, starting at dawn – going into the night. That does NOT align with this exquisite work. The hours will be as human and spacious as possible. At this early stage Kylian envisages a whole day away from the educational aspect of the training mid-way through, so you can ‘test’ how the work shows up for you outside the training space. You’ll be offered some juicy, playful and heavenly suggestions to infuse into your day.

You. Will. Love. This. Training. And it will love you. That is a promise.

My priority is not to overstuff the days and overstimulate your nervous system. My intention is to get you ‘living-and-breathing’ this work in order to facilitate a deep recalibration in you. I want you to access that part of you that goes slowly, spaciously, calmly – with ease and clarity and equanimity. To truly ’embody’ the work. Because it is from this place that you will teach it. It is from this place that you will be most effective as an ambassador of the work, and have the most impact in the world. It is from this place that you will magnetise your perfect clients and students.

And there’s plenty of room for your individuality, your personalty, humour, quirkiness, faults, messiness and authenticity. All of it is invited.

Are you with me?

If you have any specific concerns, needs or requirements please contact Kylian to discuss.