Can I teach classes AND integrate this work with my current 1:1 practice with clients?

This training will have you ready to teach DEEP REST™ and PSOAS LOVE™ as a stand alone modality in classes. However you will also be able to integrate the work with your own current practice in 1:1 settings. 

This highly specialised modality bridges a variety of health professions and disciplines because it works with the whole person (body, mind, spirit). It can be used as a stand-alone modality or easily be integrated into other healing and health practices. It is founded on the body’s innate capacity to regulate and repair – and is relevant for any practitioner or teacher (new or experienced) who works with people to create new possibilities for full flourishing. Be it the resolution of trauma, reducing stress, recovering from illness or injury – or simply educating and empowering people to reclaim rest, to reset and nourish their nervous system the same way as we brush our teeth. It’s kind of like a “science-based”, love-soaked, Self-care modality.

Whilst mostly women are drawn to the work – I estimate 30% (sometimes higher) of my students and clients are men. And people from all walks of life are drawn to this work. It fills a much needed gap and responds in a way that is profoundly accessible to a vast demographic. That’s part of why it works and why you will easily create devoted students and clients who line up for your offerings. It’s a verrrrry specific niche market. But it speaks to a huge market.

I believe this training will grow in popularity quite quickly as more and more people are realising the collective urgency for this kind of work. It offers a much needed remedy in these increasingly uncertain times, amidst the growing stressors of modern life.