I want to make a career change to teach this work. Do you recommend anything in the meantime?

Sure. This comprehensive training will cover all you need to know – no matter how relevant your prior education or current profession seems. The Mentorship and individual session with Kylian will determine your particular learning needs. We will design a reading, home practice and professional practice training package tailored to your individual strengths and weaknesses. So you can spend your time in the program cultivating the strengths and capacities you need to feel ready when you graduate – and not waste time doing the stuff you already have well developed. And rest assured, if there’s anything we don’t cover in the training (leadership, communication, marketing, business smarts) we’ll cover it in the Business and Leadership Mentorship program to ensure you feel confident to move in the direction your heart wants to go – with loads of love and expert business savvy support.

This highly specialised modality bridges a variety of health professions and disciplines because it works with the whole person (body, mind, spirit). It can be used as a stand-alone modality or easily be integrated into other healing and health practices. It is founded on the body’s innate capacity to regulate and repair – and is relevant for any practitioner or teacher (new or experienced) who works with people to create new possibilities for full flourishing. Be it the resolution of trauma, reducing stress, recovering from illness or injury – or simply educating and empowering people to reclaim rest, to reset and nourish their nervous system the same way as we brush our teeth.

As a pre-requisite for being accepted into my training, you will need to have completed OR agree to complete a number of hours working with me prior to commencement date. I will not take applications from people who either have not worked with me or are not committed to completing this essential pre-requisite. Each applicant will be considered individually, and distance will be factored in. So if you live overseas don’t panic! If you reeeeally want to do this – then together we will make it happen. For me it’s all about having the highest possible quality of teachers on board.

The 20 hours minimum can be fulfilled in either of these ways:

– Completing 1:1 sessions or coaching with me.

– Attending 20 hours of classes, workshops, immersions or 1:1’s or a combination.

– Participation in any of the trainings where I have been a guest teacher will go towards the 20 hours.

– Online and distance work and supervised home practice will be included for overseas and interstate people.

– Certain readings will also be recommended. I will offer my personal MUST READ list so you can get started right away!!!

What awesome homework!  R e s t i n g   a n d   s l o w i n g   d o w n . . .