Bio-Integrity Loop


These luxurious bands have particular properties that calm the nervous system.

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The KYLIAN Bio-Integrity Loop is a luxurious therapeutic band. 300mm diameter x 75mm width. Manufactured using supreme quality non-roll and non-latex elastic – ensuring they are durable, and a joy to use. Beautifully designed and made with Love in Byron Bay. They replace the sticky gym-style latex-bands that tend to bunch, roll, cut-in, snap and pull hairs – which can exacerbate a hyper-aroused (stress) state. These luxurious bands the perfect alternative as they have particular properties that calm the nervous system. Used for gentle resistance when strengthening and stabilizing the Sacro-Iliac Joint, unstable pelvis, hips, and weakened glutes. Used as a support during Constructive Rest and other practices to hold the legs, knees or feet in position without strain or discomfort. These sweet companion props will add layers of bliss and creativity to your practice. Your Nervous System will thank you, immediately. It comes with a video-link instruction guide.


“Beautiful. A delight to use!”

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