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This workshop is a great place to refresh or taste Kylian’s juicy work.


Considering her Teacher Training? This will answer your question…


Travelling in? Why not create a delicious 2-day Retreat for yourself?


PSOAS LOVE™ is a brave and potent body of work. It’s the perfect marriage of sciency truth-telling, soulful inquiry and deep embodiment that beautifully bridges the physical and the spiritual. Kylian demystifies this elusive ‘holy grail’ – by interrupting the status quo with her love-soaked teaching. A unique cross-pollination of somatic education, delicious DEEP REST™ and playful repatterning – PSOAS LOVE™ is a portal into profound and unprecedented parasympathetic states. This is where the body heals itself.

Her renowned non-intrusive sloooow-cook Psoas releases and secret-sauce Nervous System Repair methodology – bring profound and instant relief (even to the most stressed out, A-type person). Kylian will get your whole system purrrrring. She personally promises your Psoas, nervous system and adrenals will give you a standing ovation. Sounds good huh?

Collectively – we are beyond ready for this work. Amidst modern life and a global health crisis of epidemic proportions – we’re chronically rest deprived. Our nervous systems are “always on”. We ache for permission to slow down. This work is your permission slip. Kylian shows you how to listen in new ways. Overwhelm-free, experiential anatomy – shows you how to move, sit and live with integrity inspiring a deep reverence for your Psoas and nervous system. By cultivating safety and hydrating our tissue we begin to regulate, recalibrate and expedite cellular repair. The body regenerates, pain and illness dissolve – and life (and the hips and lumbar) get more spacious and easeful. So you can unfurl, deeply release, replenish, repair and thrive… Life on your own terms. Without the burnout, baby.

It will recalibrate your ideas about the human body. And it will inspire you to renew your (science-based – LOL) self-care vows – as a matter urgency.

Feel the Love, baby.


Read more about PSOAS LOVE™ here.


D A T E S : Sept 21 – 22

T I M E S : Sat Sept 21st: 11.30am – 5.30pm  +  Sun 22nd 11.30am – 5.30pm

V E N U E : Ocean Shores Community Center Hall

C O S T : $445 full


This is your only opportunity to work LIVE with Kylian in 2019. It will book out.


Depending on numbers you may be asked to bring certain props (firm yoga bolster, yoga/heavy blankets.) An email will be sent closer to the date with how to prepare and what to bring, but if you are travelling in don’t panic. We’ll make sure we have everything we need. Easy.


Kylian Martin is a recovering perfectionist turned napping expert. A Nervous System Repair Strategist, Somatic Educator, Creative Arts + Dance Movement Therapist she is the founder of DEEP REST™ and PSOAS LOVE™. She holds space for people who are ready to rest, and reclaim their lives.

She lives near subtropical Byron Bay + is holding her maiden voyage Teacher Training in September 2017. Her profound and juicy work was birthed through her own breakdown, triumphant recovery and 20 years experience in the fields of Trauma, Creative Arts and Movement Therapy, and teaching people to rest. She supports you with ferocious love, insight, playfulness and bold truth-telling, as she plugs you into your body’s innate regenerative super powers. That’s why people travel from far away places to work, play and train with her. See her website, bio + praise. You can join her e-mail list + receive her beautiful free ‘Reset’ audio to begin now.


“Years of chronic lower back pain gone! Powerful work. Amazing Teacher… I am sleeping soundly for the first time in years.” – Liz Morgan, Registered Nurse

See more praise for Psoas Love here.


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