Calm Sandbag


For effortless yielding – from feeling stressed, over-stimulated and restless – to mental and sensory calm.

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Part of the Restorative Bio-Technology range, this 1.8kg Sandbag is pre-filled, with Love, in Byron Bay. Made with soft yet durable fabric, these bags can be placed on the body (across pelvis, diaphragm, chest, feet, hands or forehead) for instant release and relaxation. The weight cultivates sensory integration processing and proprioception (your sense of body orientation). This facilitates effortless yielding from sensory overload and restlessness – to mental and sensory calm. Using several smaller bags rather than one heavy bag – allows for greater safety, ease and variety in your practice. The compact size and weight makes it easy to use without the bulk and strain, which can occur with larger 5kg bags. These sweet companion props will add layers of bliss and creativity to your practice. Your Nervous System will thank you, immediately.

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Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 2 × 1.60 × 0.35 cm

Maroon, Black