$697.00 / month for 18 months




$697 x 18-Month Training Mentorship and Live Training Immersion.

Begin’s January 1st 2020.
An intimate Women’s only training with Kylian to learn how to teach this beautiful work.

N.O.T.H.I.N.G else like this exists. Anywhere. This exquisite Level 1 year-long program is designed to liberate your body and deeply rewire you. A delicious fusion of PSOAS LOVE® and DEEP REST® taps into the regenerative powers of the body by weaving together Fluid-Body and Fascia For-Play with no-nonsense Anatomy For Daily Life that will blow your mind with body wisdom and fill you with juju and wellness. We bring together pieces that are otherwise missing in the recovery-and-womens-health conversation. Like the bio-chemical factors that impact our anxiety and hormones, and the connection between the bio-mechanics of our posture and movement habits (AKA functional movement and sitting too much/poorly) of our lifestyle. These things impact our psoas, nervous system, sleep, brains and health (a lot) yet most women don’t even know they exist.

We dive deep into the Methodology in the training immersion in Byron Bay. Hands-on, live teaching. This will be the bomb, where it all comes together. There’s lots of tools and props involved. It’s super-lush. Profoundly potent. I’ll teach you how to weave classes together using the elements covered in the Mentorship. 

It’s this perfect marriage of sciencey, truth-telling, educational, soulful and loving that makes this work so unique and so unrivalled.

It’s body based. It’s potent. That’s why it works.

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