Women’s RESTORE Mentorship



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A   h i g h l y   s p e c i a l i s e d   y e a r – l o n g   M e n t o r s h i p   P r o g r a m

F O R   W O M E N   W H O   A C H E   T O   R E S T :

Because Kylian wants the world brimming with well-rested women.

I m a g i n e   t h a t . 

Together we will reclaim our natural feminine tempo:  S L O W .

January 2020. The perfect time to re-set.

Because you are ready to rest, sweetheart.

After you pay you will receive a beautiful Welcome letter from Kylian.

This Mentorship is what you’ve been waiting for.
You’ll receive expert teaching, and love-soaked virtual support to learn how to rest more deeply than you thought possible.
And re-align with your deepest desires. Learn the biological building blocks for Nervous System health, structural and functional integrity.

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