About the teacher training scholarship

It’s worth $6600 including GST! Anyone can apply.

Here’s what it includes:
– 12 nights twin share accommodation and breakfast at Barefoot, valued at $1997
– $4000 towards the cost of your 3 month Training and Mentorship fees.
You then decide how you can pay the balance (SEE BELOW). The terms will be the same as for other payment plan options. See the question about payment plans in the FAQs.

How to apply

You MUST follow the instructions as stated in the application process to qualify. If you do not meet ALL requirements you will NOT qualify for the scholarship.

  • Make a 3 minute video telling us why you want to do this training, and why you want the Scholarship.
  • You must mention that it is “Kylian’s DEEP REST™ & PSOAS LOVE™ – Nervous System Repair Teacher Training and Mentorship.”
  • Post on your feed on Facebook and TAG the following: KYLIAN | Psoas Love | Kylian Martin
  • Join my private Psoas Love Facebook Group and POST it there too.
  • Make sure you have actually ‘tagged’ the required tags (they show up as a clickable live link
  • Make sure it’s a PUBLIC post not just to your friends
  • Add the following hashtags: #the_kylian_method #DEEPREST #PSOASLOVE #RestRevolution
  • Post it by 21st Dec 2016.

In return for this amazing Scholarship you will provide certain support to Kylian during the Immersion as required. She will talk to you about that in your conversation.

Here’s the breakdown of costs, once the scholarship amount is applied:
A) If you want the Earlybird price then you will need to pay the balance of $3497 + GST by Jan 10th, or

B) We skip the $1000 deposit
Instead – you pay 5 x $799 + GST
– the 5 payments will be spread out between Feb 2017 and September 2017, or

C) We skip the $1000 deposit
Instead – you pay 10 x $449 + GST
– the 10 payments will be spread out between Feb 2017 and September 2017.