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So without further ado, here is my first gift to you – my delicious audio to reset your nervous system and nourish your psoas – in 12 beautiful minutes.

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How to use the Reset audio:

Many of you will already be familiar with Constructive Rest Pose.
You can do what I call the “bare bones” version:

·     Lay on your back with knees bent a little less than 90 degrees

·     Feet and knees are hip width apart

·     Arms semi-wide – palms open to the sky (if this is comfortable), or face down

Or you can really “lush it up” – for a much deeper and more healing experience. This is a ritual of kindness and self-love…

Here are some tips for optimal results:

·     Wear stretchy comfy clothes – no bar, belts etc

·     Lay down on folded blankets to be super comfy

·     Place a heavy folded blanket across the knees

·     Make sure you are warm (socks and layers) and undisturbed

·     Place a small sandbag (such as my 1.8kg Calm Sandbag) on top of each foot

·     Place a warm water bottle or small sandbag on your heart or abdomen

·     Place a folded towel underneath your head

·     Place a warm eye-pillow on your eyes for weight and darkness

·     Stay a while beyond the recording – see where it takes you.