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Great things happen when we’re parasympathetically dominant (relaxed). Our breath is full, slow, and deep. Our sleep is sound. We’re less busy in our minds, less ‘wired’ in our nervous system. The adrenals are plump, our digestive system works well, inflammation reduces, tissue mends, hormones balance and pain decreases. We become more resilient so we’re more stress-hardy, less flappable. Ahhhhhh……


The immune system purrs. There’s more space and calm around things. Even the challenges because we’re more like ‘teflon’. So we can regulate and bounce back with ease after stress and illness. We have more energy during each day and feel more present and alive, aligned. Our relationships and self expression flourish. Life becomes more easeful. We stay juicy as we age. Cellular repair fast tracks.



Translation: when we’re parasympathetically dominant the body can heal. All. By. Itself.
But it’s not always easy to switch-off, or to even know how to cultivate this innate biological capacity…

I can show you how.



This is about way more than rest. It‘s about dissolving the calcification that keeps you sick, depleted, exhausted, in chronic pain. You‘ll learn things that plug you in to your regenerative super–powers, nourish your biology AND your soul.
It's about Nervous System Repair Mastery. It’s Somatically based, so it transforms us at the deepest level. Resolve the burn-out cycle for good.

It will deeply re-wire you.



The world needs us now. Well-rested, juicy women to teach this important work.
Because the future that awaits humanity ain’t so pretty: chronic anxiety, insomnia & nervous system mayhem. This is the antidote.
The ultimate womens–only somatic education program.
This will be an intimate, unprecedented, life changing journey of excellence.  There‘s an application process. Spaces are limited.

I'll teach you everything I know.





T h e s e   p a i n s   y o u   f e e l   a r e   m e s s e n g e r s .   L i s t e n   t o   t h e m . ” 

– Rumi





    When we're deeply rested and resourced we have more juice for the things we love.
    Life becomes a deep joy.


W h e n   i t   c o m e s   t o   r e s t   –   w e   a r e   c h r o n i c a l l y   m a l n o u r i s h e d .


We live in a culture where productivity trumps self-care. Tethered to technology and worshipping at the alter of ‘busy’ – our brain and nervous system are “always-on”. We are absorbing information at an unprecedented rate. Natural human movement has been engineered and time-managed out of existence. We spend long hours sitting at glowing screens under artificial lights. Flooded with stress hormones we’re chronically rest deprived like never before. And you’re feeling the effects. We all are. Little wonder an epidemic health crisis is unfolding. Anxiety, adrenal fatigue, pain, sleep and digestive disorders, autoimmune diseases, fatigue, burnout…

Sound familiar?


You ache for permission to ‘ s l o w – i t – d o w n ’. You deeply crave the time and space to relax into your own life. This is your permission slip, sweetheart. You’ll get to make amends with your body and renew your ‘self-care’ vows. Kylian’s Nervous System Repair work is a brave and potent body of work. It gently interrupts the status quo and profoundly nourishes the Psoas – which is a master communicator and direct conduit to your nervous system. Together Kylian’s DEEP REST® and PSOAS LOVE® create secret-sauce recipe for profound parasympathetic states, unprecedented rest and cellular repair.



T h i s   j u i c y   w o r k   r e s o l v e s   t h e   b u r n – o u t   c y c l e   a n d   r e w i r e s  y o u r   N e r v o u s   S y s t e m . 





Sound good?

This work profoundly cultivates your parasympathetic capacity, by asking all the right questions and by pressing love into all the right places.

It deeply replenishes, recalibrates and expedites cellular rehydration and repair.
It will engender a new found curiosity and respect for your body.

If you’ve seen the signs of burnout? If you’re chronically rest-deprived? If you make (false) promises that you’ll slow down… one day?

…this work is for you, baby.




I ‘ M   S O   G L A D   Y O U ‘ R E   H E R E . . .



A r e   y o u   r e a d y   t o   r e s t ?

To live a life of your own making, without the burnout?


Let’s begin where you are…







Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 11.28.56 am







“This place where you are right now, God circled on a map for you.”

– Hafiz









The perfect antidote for modern life. This Psoas Love-soaked work delivers secret arsenal to profoundly reset your whole system. Here - we rest. Unapologetically.



Science meets soul to profoundly nourish the adrenals, liberate the psoas and rebuild the nervous system.



Experiential anatomy for daily life. Movement education, body-work, re-patterning, postural alignment & home practice development for deep flourishing.



Unleash your imagination! Movement, sound, art & play become allies to powerfully create the life you yearn for. Let your life be a masterpiece.