“We are sick and Tired of being Sick and tired.”

– Brené Brown




I ‘ M   S O   G L A D   Y O U ‘ R E   H E R E . . .



D O   Y O U   A C H E   T O . . .

R E S T   U N A P O L O G E T I C A L L Y .   M A K E   A M E N D S   W I T H   Y O U R   B O D Y .   L O V E   Y O U R   P S O A S .   R E P A I R   Y O U R   N E R V O U S   S Y S T E M ?


I   C A N   S H O W   Y O U   H O W .




What an incredible time to be alive! Soooo many choices! You find yourself fitting more into each day. You’re “plugged-in”, striving and busier than ever. Life has become a balancing act. And you’re feeling the effects. We all are. Fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, digestive issues, chronic pain and a host of other new stress-related disease is on the rise. It’s an epidemic. And although you enjoy the many delights and privileges of modern life (who doesn’t?) – you are stressed and stretched like never before. Life isn’t quite going to plan. So how can this be?

We are absorbing information at an unprecedented rate. Natural human movement has been engineered and time-managed out of existence. We spend long hours sitting. We are out of sync with our biological rhythms. This all takes a toll on our posture, energy and nervous system. Our Soul shrivels. At some point, the body starts to break down, then life becomes lacklustre. Resonating? Quite the conundrum, ’cause you’re doing everything right. Right? Yet all is not well. You deeply crave the time and space to relax into your life.


Y O U   A R E   N O T   A L O N E . . . 

W h e n   i t   c o m e s   t o   r e s t   –   w e   a r e   c h r o n i c a l l y   m a l n o u r i s h e d .

 Modern science concurs: we need rest in order to thrive.

Yet with our modern Superhero-complex – most people don’t prioritise rest.

When we don’t take time out to regulate our nervous system each day –

it eventually shows up as stress and illness.

Things get compromised. Messy.

S i m p l y   p u t :   C h r o n i c   R e s t   D e p r i v a t i o n   B e c o m e s   D i s e a s e . 


A r e   y o u   r e a d y   t o   r e s t ?  



Begin where you are…
Click on the link below to listen…

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 11.28.56 am




In our pursuit to have it all – we surpass the whole point of life:
Which is to feel good. Really, really good. Alive. Joyful. Juicy. 

So what really matters to you? Doing or getting more stuff? Or living a beautiful life?

What would make you feel contented to your bones?

A pain-free body? A peaceful mind? Time to create? Easefulness? Connection? Abundance? Adventure?

Feeling jazzed, joyful, zen, opulent, authentic, radiant…?

The Paradox: to create something new – you must first create more space.

When you create space – then you can create with ease. Life gets better. It flows.

So you gotta let some things go, honey. Cease striving.

Sound scary? Foreign? Unorthodox?

It’s actually very simple. Primal, even.

I   c a n   s h o w   y o u   h o w . 

It’s time to evaluate things.
To do a metaphorical stocktake. A courageous life-style overhaul. To lean in, with curiosity. Kindness. Willingness. Intent.
To renovate, recalibrate and restore your cells into joyful wellbeing.

s p a c i o u s ,   e a s e f u l ,   s o f t  ,   e x p a n s i v e ,   r a d i a n t . . . .  a h h h h.

Once your cells are there – the rest of you will follow. I promise.

It’s all about receiving, rather than striving and overriding.

Nurturing your cells increases your capacity to receive the goodness of Life.

So you can start to embody the Life you want. Whatever that looks like, baby.

Yep, we gotta work from the inside out.

Taking on more just won’t cut it.

There is no other way.


It’s time to heed the warning signs. The moment of empowered self-intervention is here.
With me as your guide and midwife, you can rebuild your nervous system.

For life.

And birth new possibilities.

I   w i l l   s h o w   y o u   h o w . 


“Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?”  

– Mary Oliver 


Sound scary? Exciting? Have you been struggling so long you’re not sure what that even means? I hear you. Take a breath… We begin where you are, just as you are, with loving kindness. Let’s lean in close, and get to the heart of it. Whatever you need. But a gentle caution: even the most deliciously nourishing parts of this deep work may not be for the faint-hearted. It takes courage, readiness and a deep commitment, to wholeheartedly face your Self. And even greater courage to begin to take some responsibility for winding up here. But with me as your big-hearted guide, I promise you’ll love what you find…

These tools and practices teach you how to  s l o w  d o w n, so you can rest. Deeply. Empowering you to make some necessary changes – on a cellular level. And to open you to unforeseen delights.

By listening to your body as a messenger, and honouring its innate intelligence and wisdom, you can begin to restore balance, so your body can release, replenish, repair and thrive. This multi-disciplinary approach to wellbeing profoundly resets your nervous system and enables age-defying cellular regeneration. It keeps the joints and tissues juicy and mobile, sustaining pain-free, easeful movement as you age. It shows you how to create whatever you most desire.

And if you think you don’t have time, then you are the perfect candidate for this potent work! By taking regular time to slow waaaay down, and reset your nervous system, you literally change your neurology. Life starts to show up very differently! It gets more spacious – it opens up, becomes more delicious, flowing and easeful – and the body heals itself


Are you ready to dive in?

Introducing the cornerstones of the work:



The perfect antidote for modern life. This Psoas Love-soaked work delivers secret arsenal to profoundly reset your whole system. Here - we rest. Unapologetically.



Dive in deep to embody, nourish, demystify & integrate the “muscle of the soul”. Cultivating resiliency, integrity & profound nervous system repair.



Experiential anatomy for daily life. Movement education, body-work, re-patterning, postural alignment & home practice development for deep flourishing.



Unleash your imagination! Movement, sound, art & play become allies to powerfully create the life you yearn for. Let your life be a masterpiece.

reclaim your vitality and live your radiant life.

Work with me.
Star Depres

Star Depres

Yoga Teacher Trainer

Kylian's teaching is uniquely grounded and intuitive. I’ve waited a long time for this work - which is having a profound healing effect on my whole body and being.

Liz Morgan

Registered Nurse

Years of chronic lower back pain gone! This is amazing work. I am sleeping soundly for the first time in years.

Kathy Newman

Pro Surfer / Coffs Coast

"What an extraordinary space you create! This allowed my heart to feel so held and for the first time, grounded, not hiding, feeling safe. The Aha moment was seeing how much my psoas hangs on to my ribs - claws of fear holding me back. It's one thing to talk to a friend to release stress and anxiety, but this workshop is so exquisite! One day opens up a can of vegan worms of warmth. And my breathing has returned to normal! AHHH!!"

Tracy Kvassay-Bell

Tracy Kvassay-Bell

Family support, separation and Single parent specialist.

I came to Kylian overwhelmed with pain and how restricted in movement my life had become. I am 36 and have been in extreme pain since I was 7. I have had a lifelong journey exploring every available options for relief... and had no reprieve. Within a week I was off pain medication. I am eternally grateful for her passion and commitment to this work, as it is without a doubt the most profound bodywork I have ever experienced, and my searching for relief has come to an end.