Often misunderstood and therefore controversial –
the Psoas is more enigmatic & problematic
than any other muscle in the human body.
With good reason, people are paying attention.



Psoas Love™ is a brave and potent body of work. Kylian demystifies this elusive ‘holy grail’ – by interrupting the status quo with her love-soaked teaching and exquisite knowledge. This work is a much needed intervention and panacea for our overrated-cultural-glorification of ‘busy’. A unique cross-pollination of somatic education, deep rest, playful repatterning and soulful inquiry – has us slow waaaaaay down, and come back to our deepest center – so we can make contact with what is actually going on. It enables our system to settle and assimilate and regulate – by pressing love into all the right places. It delivers secret arsenal – to soothe even the most restless minds and overwhelmed nervous systems – with assuredness. This work is a portal into profound states of rest, relaxation and letting-go. We get to make amends. To get present and complete with stuff we’ve been ‘carrying’ in our bodies for years, decades even. We then get the chance to re-orient ourselves and move closer to resolution, cohesion and healing. This opens up possibilities of creating a juicy life, brimming with joy.

Sounds good huh?

Kylian will be a stand for you – as she shows you how to listen in new ways. So you can unfurl, deeply release, replenish, repair and thrive…

Psoas Love™ will change you.

It will recalibrate your ideas about the human body. And it will inspire you to renew your (science-based – LOL) self-care vows – as a matter urgency.




At our very core, bridging the legs to the spine, live the psoas (so-as) muscles. Whilst primarily considered a hip flexor, the Psoas is also renowned for its instinctive nature. Author Liz Koch describes the Psoas as “an organ of perception”. A master communicator – this primal, expressive and intelligent tissue, reflects the state of our nervous system – through the way we live, relate and express in the world.

Tight, overused and exhausted – or supple and dynamic – the Psoas intrinsically connects our sense of Self – with much of our biological human experience, including: sleep, movement, posture, pain, pelvic integrity, anxiety, flexibility, digestion, sexuality, immune, adrenal and hormonal function.

Our bodies are designed to move – a lot, but today’s sedentary lifestyle has people sitting for long hours or engaging in repetitive movements, impacting our posture, spinal health and the state of the psoas. Add to this some unresolved trauma, a highly sensitive system, a never-ending to-do list and the effects of our modern hyper-connectivity to wifi, screens and artificial light – and we have a psoas, brain and nervous system that are ‘always-on’. And we are all feeling the gravity of it. It’s wreaking havoc on people of all ages like never before. No one it seems – is left unscathed… There’s little wonder that we have a global sleep deprivation crisis. Exhaustion and stress related illnesses have reached epidemic proportions. We harbour a kind of self-deception – disguised as indestructibility and a modern-day ‘liberation’. It’s a little ironic: the very life we chase and worship, it seems – is causing our own demise. Humanity is at a cross-roads. Sounds disheartening doesn’t it…

So yeah, collectively – we are totally beyond ready for this work.


 “The psoas literally embodies our deepest urge for survival, & our elemental desire to flourish”

– Liz Koch, author of Core Awareness & The Psoas Book.

If the main conversation of the psoas is of a disruption in the system,
what is your Psoas communicating to you?


psoas release, nourishment & repair

If you love your psoas - it will love you back.

That’s a promise.


Statistics for Stress + Psoas-related ailments: 

I’ve collated these stats from my work with clients over the past few years.
The majority have several stress related ailments:


79% pelvic or SIJ instability

68% anxiety

52% digestive issues

83% back or hip pain

Meet your psoas

As we grant ourselves permission to rest deeply – we meet our longing for real, cellular rejuvenation. And as we trust our instincts to ‘move’ – we begin to honour our basic primal needs. This helps us to bridge and integrate the upper and lower bodies – the spiritual with the physical. More specifically – this enables the Psoas itself to function as it were intended – rather than merely surviving the continual assault of stressors, overuse and misuse – which has us in a perpetual stress-response. This is a big factor as to why sooooooo many people become depleted, and sick – and then stay sick.

Ahhhaaaa! You can begin to ‘glimpse’ how this soulful-yet-sciency work creates new possibilities for your health – and your life, right? It literally changes our neurology and our biology. It enables our body to release, replenish, repair and thrive. All. by. Itself. So the cells can regenerate. Pain and illness dissolve – keeping you juicy and mobile as you age. You become more attuned with your core, your intuitive and instinctive nature. Time slows down, things begin to shift, and life. Just. Gets. Better….

Overwhelm-free, experiential anatomy – applicable to everyday life – shows you how to move and sit with integrity – to avoid exacerbating a host of conditions that tend to show up in the Psoas (in cahoots with other key players). Kylian breaks it down for you in a way that captivates both anatomy-nerds and non science-y, spiritual seekers.

Psoas Love hydrates your whole system to harness sensory awareness – whilst profoundly regulating the nervous system. A seamless combination of revolutionary tools expedite sensory processing integration (which becomes disrupted in our ‘always-on’ stress response) to leverage unparalleled para-sympathetic states – that our whole system deeply craves and depends on for cellular repair.

Her delicious passive Psoas releases – bring profound and instant relief – by creating space in the hip sockets and lumbar spine – and balance to the pelvis. This is imperative to supporting the resolution of pelvic and SIJ instability.

This work cultivates coherency and resiliency, and redefines ‘self-care’. It shows us stuff we instinctively know – but have forgotten. Once we ‘get out of the way’ – the body regenerates on a cellular level, pain and illness dissolve. Clients consistently report that life gets more spacious and easeful, that their sleep improves, pain reduces. They begin to heal.

So they get to live life on their own terms.

I want that for you.

Sound good?

See how you can experience this beautiful and potent work here.

 Bio-mechanics with Soul.

This juicy body of work, was birthed through my own chronic Psoas-related injury and illness, and my triumphant recovery – returning to full health. Informed by working professionally with thousands of people, spanning 20 years, as a Creative Arts and Movement Therapist, and Somatic Educator working in the fields of trauma and illness, body-work – and teaching and practicing Restorative Yoga and Mindfulness. The result: a potent experiential body of work, which is accessible, practical and revolutionary.

You can read more about my personal journey: get the lowdown

I have also been privileged to have had wonderful teachers along the way. My greatest teachers have been my own body, and lived experience, Gerry Katz (MCAT), Linda Murrow (Dance Movement Therapy), Liz Koch (Core Awareness), Anna Halprin (Tamapla Institute), Elizabeth Cameron Dalman (Mirramu Creative Arts Centre), Jaime Nisenbaum (Tamapla Institute), G Hoffman Soto (Sotomotion), Donna Farhi, Alice Cummins (Body-Mind Centering) Belinda Lloyd (MBSR), Judith Lasater (Relax and Renew), Martha Peterson (Essential Somatic’s) and Jo Cobbett. Their invaluable work and teachings have informed and enriched my work.


Interested in knowing more about the work?

What else is on offer for your Psoas:



Deeply re-wires you. Cultivates resiliency, biological integrity + the self-agency to steward the life you deeply desire. Fills you with juju as you age.



14 Days of Permission to Rest & Nervous System Nourishment. For an overwhelm-free end of the year and a deep re-set.



These sessions are game-changers. Fast-track postural + biological integrity, repair your Nervous System + liberate your Psoas.



Unprecedented womens–only somatic education. There‘s an application process. Spaces are limited. I'll teach you everything I know.



Become a certified teacher of this profound Nervous System Repair work. The ultimate womens–only somatic education program.



Experiential anatomy for daily life. Movement education, body-work, re-patterning, postural alignment & home practice development.



Unleash your imagination! Movement, sound, art & play become allies to powerfully create the life you yearn for.



Here are some of my favourite tunes to nap, rest, write, paint, potter to. I made it just for you, sweetheart. Enjoy.



Tracy Kvassay-Bell

Tracy Kvassay-Bell

Family support, separation and Single parent specialist.

I came to Kylian overwhelmed with pain and how restricted in movement my life had become. I am 36 and have been in extreme pain since I was 7. I have had a lifelong journey exploring every available options for relief... and had no reprieve. Within a week I was off pain medication. I am eternally grateful for her passion and commitment to this work, as it is without a doubt the most profound bodywork I have ever experienced, and my searching for relief has come to an end.

Cathy Lee

Cathy Lee

Mother and Medical Assistant

This psoas work has something for everyone. It can relieve your headaches, soothe your aching back, calm your nerves, allow you to move with ease and comfort throughout the day. However if you choose to let it, a whole new world can be opened up for you. It can touch your heart and soul in ways that you never imagined possible and allow you to explore a whole new perspective on life…all through the dynamic teaching, wisdom, gentle guidance and loving support of Kylian Martin.

Star Depres

Star Depres

Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer specialising in Women's Health.

Kylian's teaching is uniquely grounded and intuitive. I’ve waited a long time for this work - which is having a profound healing effect on my whole body and being.

Ernst Dams

Ernst Dams

Relationship Coach

Kylian’s passionate, playful and fluid teaching style makes for a profound and transformational experience! She facilitates with clarity and direction and simultaneously meets the individual with her deep presence and compassion. She will surprise and delight you with her authenticity and quirkiness. She’s the real deal!


Save my Psoas!