INSTINCTIVE BODY 1:1 sessions

    Liberate your Psoas, hips and spine
    Cultivate postural integrity
    Fast track cellular repair
    Stay juicy and pain free



 What’s your story?
What are the current obstacles in your life?
How does it show up in your body?


Do you experience chronic pain, skeletal instability, stress, anxiety, tension or fatigue?

Or perhaps you have some mysterious injury or kinks in your postural alignment?

Whatever is going on – you yearn for more ease and joy in your body…


These sessions are for you.


We will get to the heart of the matter.

I teach you practical and potent tools for your daily life!

…to fast-track cellular repair and create immediate, lasting change.

So you can live the life you want to live.




We assess your posture and gait, and look at how you spend most of your time day-to-day. This determines what the focus will be for our work together. For some it’s about receiving a lavish session, with lots of deep support and kindness – for some profound relaxation and replenishment. Maybe for you it’s simply about calming a busy, overwhelmed mind, and resetting the nervous system. For others, it’s about unearthing what it is they’re doing (or not doing) that’s causing the discord, and learning ways to counterbalance a too-busy overly-sedentary life. To sit and move in their daily lives with integrity – and revive their energy source.

Either way – we will hone in and give you vital tools and education to take your health into your own hands…. It’s all about empowering you to get out of your own way which enables a quantum leap in your physical wellbeing. Sound good?



These sessions are more ‘active’ than the Rest Revolution work. Exploring potent re-patterning, activating the fluid-body and engaging in Somatic inquiry to initiate change. Perfect for new-comers to my work, and as a follow-up from the courses and workshops – to keep the work alive in you, or to develop a personalised home practice.

This is a juicy interplay of the Nervous System Repair work, Psoas Love, experiential anatomy for daily life and Soulful Bio-mechanic’s. It all comes together with hands-on bodywork – forming a potent therapeutic modality to re-hydrate the whole body, increase joint-mobility and postural integrity, dissolve long-held tension and wake up areas that have become less mobile. You will feel years younger and have access to a wellspring of clarity, physical ease and energy: leaving you feeling supple, energised, grounded and completely rejuvenated!





    Re-pattern, recalibrate, replenish & thrive.


Work with me:


We all have different way’s of learning and integrating.
I recommend you begin with a 1:1 or series with me. Then you get a feel for the work, see how it lands in you and how to proceed.

Just follow the links below to learn more about each of the offerings.
You can also send me an email. I’d love to hear from you!

I’m here for you.



1:1 sessions:

1:1 sessions:

Lifestyle, body & holistic assessment to get to the root of your ailment. Hands-on bodywork, movement therapy & somatic re-patterning for improved posture, pain reduction & lasting change. Enquire here.

Courses & Workshops:

Courses & Workshops:

Juicy experiential education for lasting change. Skeletal integrity, SIJ coherency & stabilisation, postural alignment, foot, joint & tissue restoration, cellular repair.

Sacro-Iliac Repair & Spinal Integrity:

Sacro-Iliac Repair & Spinal Integrity:

Get educated about the holy grail of SIJ issues, hip pain, spinal recalibration. Check out the workshop line-up or come for a 1:1 session to get to the heart of the matter. Enquire here.

Psoas Love:

Psoas Love:

Courses, workshops & 1:1 session. Dive in deep to embody, nourish, demystify & integrate the “muscle of the soul”. Cultivating resiliency, integrity & profound nervous system repair.

Instinctive Body covers:


  • Psoas Therapy and Psoas Savvy Body-work
  • Resetting and re-building your nervous system
  • Learning how to sit, walk and move with integrity, intelligence and ease
  • Cultivating pelvic and SIJ stability
  • Re-patterning to dissolve chronic pain & holding patterns
  • Activating & cultivating the fluid-body to initiate the parasympathetic (relaxation) response
  • Melting tension in the connective tissue matrix
  • Re-hydrating and releasing the Psoas
  • Fostering profound inner safety and unprecedented levels of self-care
  • Cultivating Proprioception (your sense of Orientation and Movement)
  • Discover the power of Pandiculation
  • Postural re-alignment – grow taller and iron out kinks in your gait
  • Mindful Embodiment
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Deep Relaxation
  • Stress and Trauma protocol
  • Exploring the ‘partner’ muscles to Psoas
  • Working intelligently with the neck, jaw and lumbar spine
  • Exploring laterally to increase ease and mobility
  • Restorative Bio-technology to fast-track your recovery
  • Gently correct pelvic and sacro-iliac instability 
  • Relieve back, neck, sciatic and sacro-iliac pain
  • Release and nourish the psoas
  • Improve joint mobility and articulation
  • Decompress the joints, neck and spine
  • Stay juicy and hydrated in your tissues and joints 
  • Create ease of movement and physical freedom
  • Cultivate proprioception, rebound and balance
  • Improve posture, gait and grow taller 
  • Create the level of health and vitality you dream of
  • The benefits of the Deep Rest classes also apply

Session length: 90 minute minimum.


STANDARD: 90min 1:1 or Skype: $250 AUS

VIP LUXE: 90min 1:1 or Skype with follow up: $350 AUS  –  you will receive a personalised email from Kylian, including her recommendations and expert follow up notes, practice images and resources. You’ll be invited to check in and either have a brief follow up chat or email with Kylian. This is GOLD.

Ocean Shores Studio

Talk to Kylian about doing a session at your home or when she is in your city or community.

Sessions by appointment. Contact Kylian here.