I am a Big-Hearted Biological-Alchemist. A Nervous System Repair Strategist.

 I believe wholeheartedly in the intelligence and regenerative powers of your body.
If you create the right conditions – fully aligned with your deepest needs and desires – your body can thrive.

A L L .   B Y .   I T S E L F . 

I also believe that radical self-responsibility and a generous dose of loving kindness will change the world.
It changed mine.



And your Soul is calling (or perhaps screaming! through your body) for you to listen.

 Allow me to introduce myself!

I’m a highly sensitive, introverted A-type turned napping expert. Renowned for my work with the Psoas and teaching the Art of Deep Rest, I specialise in Nervous System Repair. I am an Arts, Dance and Movement Therapist, Somatic Educator and writer. My (r)evolutionary work was birthed through my own chronic illness and injury, culminating in a complete breakdown in 2011. Paradoxically, it was also my big breakthrough. Since my triumphant recovery, I now live a spacious and creative life in a sub-tropical paradise, near Byron Bay, Australia. Teaching across the country and around the world – from an authentic, playful and deeply embodied place. I weave together the biomechanics of anatomy in daily life, biology, movement, creativity, DEEP REST®

and play. This is a profoundly nourishing and kick-ass healing body of work.

Informed by my work with thousands of people in the fields of trauma, creativity, Restorative Yoga and Mindfulness – whilst perfecting the art of self-care, I tenaciously investigate (between naps) what it is to be human, and what it takes to thrive. As I take a stand for humanity, I invite a courageous yet intelligent inquiry, whilst midwifing transformation and deep flourishing.

I believe your body knows how to heal itself. I am living proof. A pain-free, vibrant body – and a clear and peaceful mind – are your birthright! I work with people who want that. It’s potent, pioneering, life-changing work. It’s about creating alignment and integrity in your whole being. Perfect health. Body, mind and Soul. Yep, I am deeply committed to show up for you, and for humanity – as I share this extraordinary medicine. I call it Love in Action.


The Lowdown: How this work was birthed.

Life is really, Really good!

And I feel incredibly blessed and grateful.
Yet it wasn’t always like this…

I was a highly-strung, hyper-sensitive, overtly-anxious misfit, and eventually my body began to break down….

I had this pattern of taking on the world – then I’d crash and burn.

Life was a roller-coaster.

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Chronic Anxiety, Insomnia, Adrenal Fatigue and acute pain did not, a juicy life make!

Yet I had this insatiability for life! I felt things so deeply! And I wanted to have and experience it all!

Sure, I had glimpses of liberation, when I experienced the deep joy and perfection of life…

And I wanted more of that!

I ached to live fully, but without compromising my wellbeing!

Well into my 30’s, I was doing everything ‘right’.
I’d done years of therapy, was teaching and practicing yoga religiously, eating well, being creative, as well as having lots of down time.

From the outside my life looked perfect.
But it was like a house of cards, and it was crumbling. As much as I’d grown and softened, I was still neglecting my deepest needs.
My deeper knowing.

You see, I was doing everything 110%. To my detriment, I was ferocious – in life, love and work…

I had some questionable higher allegiances, a mortgage and some fierce-independence pride,
which meant I wasn’t really listening to the signals.

Unbeknown to me – I would endure a lot more suffering, ’til I really got it!!

I became sooooooo unwell. I was living with impossible physical pain and anxiety… and then it happened.

A complete breakdown.
That got my attention.

And when I started to really listen, I knew I must let it all go. To save my life. Literally.

I walked away from my dream life and business. Everything I’d worked so hard to build. Phooof…

It might sound melodramatic, but it was very real. I had no idea what would eventuate.

And I was shit scared.

Then my beloved niece got sick, and I was with her when she died.
It was the single most profound experience of my life.

I surrendered to it…

To God, to love, to life, the divine. Call it what you will. You know what I’m talking about.

A n d   t h a t ‘ s   w h e n   m y   l i f e   t u r n e d   a r o u n d .

The real healing began.
I said no a lot. I prayed. I ended a long-standing destructive relationship with my Self and my body.
I took a fierce and LOVING stand, for myself.

And inside of this in-depth recovery, and this new way of being, my new work gestated.

I grieved. I rested like my life depended on it. It was literally a labour of love.

And my nervous system gave me a standing ovation.

My entire life suddenly made sense. My childhood trauma, all those years of work – on myself and with others – came together.
It turned out I had been preparing for this my whole life!

It was no longer all about me. I was being called. To step up. To make a difference.
To share my profound experience and knowledge – with people like you.

N o   m o r e   h i d i n g ,  K y l i a n .

It’s time to shine sweetheart! Loud and proud.

No more chronic self-abandoning or playing small. I swore on my life. And I promised my niece when she died.

And I was ready.


H e r e ‘ s   w h a t   I   d o :


  • I teach people to rest. Deeply.
  • I initiate new empowering conversations around stress, injury and illness.
  • I reveal your inner ‘pause’ button.
  • I plug you into your body’s innate regenerative powers.
  • I am your midwife. Together, we rebuild your nervous system.
  • I support you with ferocious love, insight, playfulness and bold truth-telling.
  • I teach the art of embodiment (how to live in a body) – without the new-age tantric-spiritual frou-frou.
  • I demystify everyday ailments and show you how to create corrective and lasting change.
  • I empower you to stand, sit, walk and move with integrity, intelligence and ease.
  • I facilitate the strengthening and stabilisation of a compromised sacro-iliac joint and unstable pelvis.
  • I am the Permission Slip.

How people are describing me and my work:

The Nervous System Whisperer. – Alison Vickery, Holistic Health Coach.

Extraordinary. Exquisite! – Kathy Newman, Pro Surfer

Warm, playful and professional. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience. – Madhu Honey, Performing Artist

Profound on all levels. – Lisa Fitzpatrick, Soul Purpose + Professional Coach 

Presence. Courage to hold a spaciousness, stillness, silence and depth. – Belinda Lloyd, Yoga + Mindfulness Teacher.

An inspiring example and teacher. – Michael Shaw, Anti Bullying Educator + Somatic Experiencing practitioner.

She brings a warmth and heartfelt regard for all. – Merri Hughes, Psychologist.

A gift. Obviously coming from an embodied place. – Kimberley Roberts, Your Peace Within Yoga and Wellbeing

Dynamic wisdom, gentle guidance and loving support. – Cathy Lee, Mother + Medial Assistant

Authenticity, compassion, playful, quirky. The real deal! – Ernst Dams, Relationship Coach

I am hungry for more! – Ngaire Stephenson, Pilates Instructor + Health Coach

Uniquely grounded and intuitive. Inspiring! I’ve waited a long time for this. – Star Rumble, Yoga Teacher + Teacher Trainer.

Powerful work. Amazing teacher. – Liz Morgan, Registered Nurse
Carefully crafted. Genuinely easeful and relaxed. She had me floating on cloud 9! – Andrew, Journalist.
Direct, gentle, powerful, personal. – Nikki B


 S o m e   t h i n g s   a b o u t   m e   t h a t   I   d o n ‘ t   u s u a l l y   s h a r e :

  • I start every day with Gratitude, a cup of Lady Grey tea and an oracle. By candlelight.
  • My practice has completely morphed from a strong yoga regimen, to an instinctive, playful, improvisational exploration. It feeds my Soul.
  • I’m a Gemini. A Chinese Pig. Pigs love opulence. Known by many as the Queen of Lush. Oh, so I tend to snort when I laugh… which makes me laugh (or squeal) even more!
  • I’m done censoring & watering myself down. I’m a BIG, expressive energy. I swear.
  • I rest each day, which often turns into a luxurious nap. This is non-negotiable.
  • My church is the beach. I love to walk, barefoot & reconnect.
  • I can be unreasonable, perfectionistic, obsessive, bold & outspoken. I heard these were good leadership qualities?
  • I am still a country girl at heart. And a tom-boy. Sometimes, I listen to country music & holler when I’m driving. It’s awesome (unless you are my passenger).
  • I’m still a recluse. I love living on my own with my cat Jupiter. He is my teacher. (Cats have napping down pat!)
  • I lost a bunch of hard-earned cash on a bad investment. Ouch. I eventually let it go.
  • I believe radical self-responsibility & forgiveness will change the world. It changed mine.
  • Turns out, I love sex. This was quite a great discovery in my late 30’s. Yay!
  • I am deeply committed to my healing path. I am breaking the co-dependant-serial-monogamist groove at the mo’.
  • I’ve been described as a fiercely-loving trailblazer.
  • I love to buy myself jewellery. The real stuff, gemstones, diamonds. Oh dear….
  • I love my perfectly imperfect, big-hearted parents – more than I could have imagined.
  • I can change a tyre, paint a masterpiece, transform a scrappy house into a beautiful home, speak (& sing) in front of 400+ people, look my demons – & death in the eye, write a thesis, grow vegetables, design a website, do a handstand & ride a motorbike. Well. (Not at the same time. I gave up multi-tasking a few years back.)
  • I give thanks for everything that I have ever experienced. All of it. ♥




Here are some of the ways you can work with me:



The perfect antidote for modern life. This Psoas Love-soaked work delivers secret arsenal to profoundly reset your whole system. Here - we rest. Unapologetically.



Science meets soul to profoundly nourish the adrenals, liberate the psoas and rebuild the nervous system.



Experiential anatomy for daily life. Movement education, body-work, re-patterning, postural alignment & home practice development for deep flourishing.



Unleash your imagination! Movement, sound, art & play become allies to powerfully create the life you yearn for. Let your life be a masterpiece.


Professional Stuff: – A synopsis

  • Age 15-19. A double Diploma. Interior Design and Graphic Design. CIT.
  • Age 22. Graphic designer. Sydney Opera House. Dream job and locale. Wooohooo!
  • Age 25. Founded my own design company, Art and Soul.
  • Age 29. Began my Masters in Creative Arts Therapy. RMIT.
  • Age 30-39. Worked as a Creative Arts Therapist. Private practice, educational and clinical settings.
  • Age 37. I completed my Masters research project and thesis. I painted, danced, researched and wrote for six months.
  • Age 38. I started making Art professionally. Nexus Modern Art Melbourne began showing and selling my work.
  • Age 38. Did my Yoga Teacher Training at Byron Yoga and opened my Studio in the Yarra Valley. Yoga Art Play.
  • Age 38. Completed Thai Yoga Massage Certification Training, Trinity Yoga.
  • Age 39. Completed Level 2 Teacher Training, Being Yoga.
  • Age 40. Did a week training with Donna Farhi.
  • Age 41. Had a nervous and physical breakdown. Went on Sabbatical. Turned out to be my biggest breakthrough.
  • Age 42. Completed a Business Management course.
  • Age 42. Started teaching, touring and sharing the work that is here on the Kylian website.
  • Age 43. Signed up with a business coach extraordinaire, Lisa Fitzpatrick.
  • Age 43. Trained as a Somatic Exercise Coach.
  • Age 43. Trained with Judith Lasater. Relax and Renew Restorative Yoga. The Queen of Restorative Yoga.
  • Age 43. Built and launched this website – the fab new home for all of my work.
  • Age 44. Expanded my studio. Went global with the work. Oh-yeah.
  • Age 46. Took a year long sabbatical.
  • Age 47. Fast forward! I am resting every day. Teaching people to rest. Loving it…



Here’s where I tend to hang out and deliver the goods:

As a Creative Arts and Movement Therapist, Restorative Yoga Teacher, Creativity Coach, Nervous System Repair Strategist and Somatic Educator, Artist and Speaker – I have developed and delivered creative, therapeutic and community development projects, workshops and educational and therapeutic services for the following clients:

– The Department of Veterans Affairs, VIC
– The Gawler Foundation, Yarra Valley, VIC
– Warburton Yoga and Mindfulness Centre, VIC
– Nexus Modern Art, South Melbourne, VIC
– The National Home Truths Conference, Melbourne, VIC
– Sex and Consciousness Conference, Byron Bay, NSW
– Yarra Valley Community Health Service, VIC
– Eastern Family Violence Network, Melbourne, VIC
– Anglicare, Victoria, VIC- CASA House, Melbourne, VIC
– Yarra Vally Community Health Service, VIC
– Shire of Yarra Valley Youth Services, VIC
– Ranges Community Health Service, VIC
– Women’s Health East, Melbourne, VIC
– Rivendell Community Center, VIC
– Grampians Community Health Service, VIC
– Canberra Rape Crisis Centre, ACT
– ADFACT Karralika Therapeutic Community, ACT
– Windana Therapeutic Community, ACT
– Women’s Information & Referral Service, ACT
– ACT ADHD Support Group, ACT
– ACT Community & Disability Care, ACT
– Drug Referral Information Center, ACT
– Innana Women’s Refuge, ACT
– Canberra Institute of Technology, ACT
– ACT Family Planning, ACT
– Sydney Opera House, NSW
– 3M Australia, NSW

Exhibitions and Performances: (1999 – 2010)

– Resident exhibitor: Nexus Modern Art, Melbourne, VIC
– “Self Portraits” Expressive Arts Performance, Tamalpa Institute, California
– “Re-enchantment in the Studio”, Solo Masters Exhibition, Redhouse, VIC
– “Art of Wellbeing – Exploring the Process of Arts Therapy, Manningham Gallery, VIC
– Curator: “Young Women’s Studio”, Warburton Mechanic’s Hall, VIC
– “Thriving Through Art – Women Survivors of Sexual Violence”, Tuggeranong Arts Centre, ACT
– Opening Speaker & Exhibitor: “Bigger than the Box – Women Survivors of Sexual Violence”, Tuggeranong Arts Centre, ACT
– Dance Performance: “From the Source, Through the Present, Toward the Future”, Mirramu Creative Arts Centre, Bungendore, NSW
– Solo Performance: “A Personal Madness”, RMIT, VIC
– “A Visual Voice”, ArtSpace71, Kingston, ACT


Phew, I think it’s time for a nap….

You can read more about my personal journey below.

After all – it’s this stuff that made me who I am, and profoundly informs this work…

Why I am qualified for this role: my Soulful journey

Unabridged Life Resume
Star Depres

Star Depres

Yoga Teacher Trainer

Kylian's teaching is uniquely grounded and intuitive. I’ve waited a long time for this work - which is having a profound healing effect on my whole body and being.

Liz Morgan

Registered Nurse

Years of chronic lower back pain gone! This is amazing work. I am sleeping soundly for the first time in years.

Kathy Newman

Pro Surfer / Coffs Coast

"What an extraordinary space you create! This allowed my heart to feel so held and for the first time, grounded, not hiding, feeling safe. The Aha moment was seeing how much my psoas hangs on to my ribs - claws of fear holding me back. It's one thing to talk to a friend to release stress and anxiety, but this workshop is so exquisite! One day opens up a can of vegan worms of warmth. And my breathing has returned to normal! AHHH!!"

Tracy Kvassay-Bell

Tracy Kvassay-Bell

Family support, separation and Single parent specialist.

I came to Kylian overwhelmed with pain and how restricted in movement my life had become. I am 36 and have been in extreme pain since I was 7. I have had a lifelong journey exploring every available options for relief... and had no reprieve. Within a week I was off pain medication. I am eternally grateful for her passion and commitment to this work, as it is without a doubt the most profound bodywork I have ever experienced, and my searching for relief has come to an end.