Life is fuller than ever! Unlimited lifestyle choices, technology, and freedom – like never before in human history. The rate of change we have seen in the last hundred years is staggering. With the world literally at our fingertips, anything is possible! Yet the paradox is, these massive lifestyle changes are stressing our bodies. Big time. The rate of illness is on the rise, at an alarming rate.

We want to have it all. But our attempts to fit it all in bring stress. Responsibility. Pressure. Deadlines. Planning. So juggling and micro-managing our lives has become a necessary art. Collectively, we are more financially stressed and ‘time-poor’ than ever. We tend to revere ‘success’ and glorify ‘busy’. Having lost touch with our innate need or appreciation for down-time, it’s not surprising that people are at breaking point. Stress is the new norm. It’s now the number one killer in developed countries. Yet when asked, most people say they are not stressed. Something doesn’t add up.

People, just like you, who come to this work, are generally experiencing some kind of breakdown in the body. A mysterious ‘injury’ or pain that can’t be explained, or a chronic condition that was once manageable, is now beginning to create chaos – making life somewhat mediocre. Millions of people are experiencing anxiety, digestive disorders, insomnia, fatigue – and plenty of new cognitive, physical, emotional and behavioural symptoms are emerging. All stemming from stress.

We are adaptable creatures. Yet the lifestyle changes we have adapted to have been rapid! Just look back one generation. You’ve got to agree that its mind-blowing. We truly are blessed! But something’s gotta give. I don’t want to be a downer, but the stats are in folks. If we continue to override, push through and man-up – without giving ourselves time to replenish – we are literally killing ourselves. We need to honour our biological needs. Get educated. Learn to read the signs. Recognise our limits and needs – and tend to them. Our lives, and our evolution, depend on it.



The Statistics: Stress related disease is on the rise…

I’ve collated these stats from my work with clients over the past few years.
The majority have several stress related ailments: 

79% pelvic or SIJ instability

68% anxiety

52% digestive issues

83% back or hip pain

Resonate? How is stress showing in your body?


about stress

 Facts we should all know – especially people living with Pain or Illness

I’ve broken it down into digestible bites for you…

Your body is hard-wired to respond to stress for survival. When you encounter a perceived threat, a surge of hormones release, including adrenalin and cortisol. This response creates substantial changes in the body. The reproductive, digestive, growth and tissue repair functions shut down – ensuring all reserves are available for action. Commonly known as the “fight-or-flight” (sympathetic) response – we stand our ground, readying to fight or flee. It translates into a high-energy boost. We’ve all experienced it – it’s as though your super-powers are activated! Hyper-alert, bionic vision and hearing, increased blood pressure, rapid breathing, dry mouth, sweaty palms… Hey presto! Ready for combat! Hell, you could lift a bus if you needed to!

What an amazing human phenomenon! Luckily however, this primal reflex is self-limiting, and things generally return to normal within minutes, once the threat has passed. However, because we are over-filling our lives – achieving and juggling more, absorbing unprecedented amounts of information, being exposed to screens and sitting for long hours, and being exposed to electro-magnetics and numerous toxins – people are not completing this cycle. So our bodies continue, on a less dramatic level, to stay activated.

This is what’s called cumulative stress. And the body is continually acclimatising, so that eventually people are stressed without knowing it, because it feels ‘normal’. Are you with me?

Simply put – we are not designed or equipped for this kind of prolonged or compounded exposure to stress. Inevitably our Musculoskeletal, Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Endocrine, Gastrointestinal, Reproductive and Nervous Systems are all compromised. Add to this an unresolved trauma or a major life transition – such as moving house or a new job, or a more dramatic crisis like losing a loved one – and it isn’t long before the body begins to break down.

Even though we may seem to be ok – surviving, getting on with it, adapting – our resilience is low, our immune system fragile, our adrenals fatigued. So when stress does hit – and it will inevitably strike – we no longer have the reserves to meet it with the resilience, stamina or grace required.

Survival is our most primitive instinct – stemming from our reptilian brain. This was essential to survival thousands of years ago – and still has its place in today’s world for sure. However, when we get locked in survival patterns as a way of life, then life gets pretty damn hard. We begin to feel hemmed in. We lose our edge. Get out of sync. The joy wanes…

Somewhere along the way, it starts to show up in your body. Your energy wanes, your posture and cognitive capacities suffer. Perhaps you develop insomnia, headaches, food allergies, chronic pain, anxiety or overwhelm, mood swings, relationship issues, eating disorders, irritability, turning to drugs or alcohol, memory loss, high blood pressure, frequent colds, depression, procrastination – or other more debilitating and serious diseases.

Unfortunately most people override the early signals, only beginning to pay attention after things get pretty serious. I’ve been there, and yes, it was brutal.

But there is good news. With the right support you can begin to recalibrate, restore and replenish to cultivate resiliency on a cellular level. The key is to listen to the wisdom of the body and accept what is showing up – whether it is mild stress or a total breakdown – rather than turning away from our experience. We are human, not machines. The innate intelligence of our organism is priceless. The signals are there for a reason.

Fundamentally, this work is about getting out of our own way. It’s about creating ease, and receiving deep support and inducing the ‘relaxation response’ (para-sympathetic), which brings the whole system back to balance (homeostasis). This enables our body to self-repair. It’s a bit like re-booting your computer when it gets overloaded. We too have a reset button! And when we locate and activate it, things get quiet, the nervous system settles, the body floods with calming hormones, and our cells begin to regenerate. The body heals itself.

 Read more about stress here.



I take a ferocious, and loving stand for you.

I will educate you, with love – as we midwife a new way of being…
so you can rebuild your whole system, and truly thrive!

When we thrive the possibilities really are limitless…


The good news is that real and lasting change is possible. Your body has the capacity to recover fully from where you are.

This multi-disciplinary work is a deliciously unique fusion of Restorative Yoga, Mindful Embodiment, Somatic Movement and Re-patterning – for profound nervous system repair. Transitioning from an active, doing mode – to a receptive and passive state is not easy for most people. In these classes and sessions, I gently guide you through a seamless process where you can put aside your many stresses and roles, and move into a state of profound stillness and relaxation. The work draws on various tools to create the perfect conditions necessary for your nervous system to move effortlessly out of the stress response (sympathetic state) into the relaxation response (para-sympathetic). Your mind will become calm, your tension will dissolve and your cells will ease into a blissful state of homeostasis. This is when the body repairs itself. These tools combine to create optimal conditions for your nervous system to innervate fully – fast tracking cellular repair.  An evolutionary and potent remedy for a busy modern life, all degenerative & stress related conditions including hormonal and emotional imbalances, anxiety, chronic pain, digestive disorders, injury, sleep problems, fatigue and a host of other ailments.

– induces the relaxation response necessary for cellular repair
– nourishes + balances the nervous system
– calms a busy mind + reduces anxiety
– cultivates awareness + the capacity for stillness
– alleviates chronic + acute pain
– improves sleep quality
– boosts the immune system
– slows the ageing process
– regulates hormones
– stimulates flow of the lymphatic system
– enhances flexibility of body + mind
– improves digestion + elimination
– activates the fluid body to increase mobility, ease + suppleness


Restorative Yoga is a deeply nourishing practice in which the body is well supported by props, to enable extended holds in sweet, effortless poses. Mindfulness cultivates moment-to-moment awareness, enabling you to be more fully present with whatever shows up, with loving kindness and grace. Embodiment is to be fully “in” the experience of being human, with all of the feelings, sensations, joys and challenges of living in a body. Somatic movement activates the fluid-body through playful enquiry and re-patterning techniques, to rehydrate the system and create new neuro-pathways & new possibilities. 

Restorative Bio-Technology range cultivates sensory integration processing and proprioception (your sense of body orientation) for instant release and relaxation. This facilitates effortless yielding from over-stimulation and restlessness – to mental and sensory calm. These sweet companions will add layers of bliss and creativity to your practice. Your nervous system will thank you, immediately.

This unique approach deeply soothes the nervous system, cultivating softness and internal release. From here layers of stress, tension and holding can safely melt away, bringing profound states of relaxation, replenishment and repair. This in turn enables your entire nervous system and body to regenerate on a cellular level.

Everything is provided and your place is set up for you, so you can simply arrive and settle in for a truly nurturing experience! These sessions are complete with luscious soundscapes, aromatherapy & individual support – leaving you utterly rejuvenated.

Sunday Deep Rest in Ocean Shores:

These classes are on hold for new.

Fortnightly Sunday’s | 3-5.30pm
$45-$65 sliding scale. Everything is provided and set up for you.
Bookings essential as spaces are limited.
24 hours notice on cancellations required.

Can’t make the classes but want to experience this profound work?

You can do a 1:1 session in person or on Skype. I also offer workshops in Byron Bay and across Australia. There are retreats, courses and individual packages. Simply email me for details or follow the links below.


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Classes & Workshops:

Join the Rest Revolution! Delicious weekly classes & monthly workshops weaving together Deep Rset & Bio-Mechanics with Soul for profound cellular repair.

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1:1's, Skype & Packages:

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Courses & Immersions:

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Live Events, 1:1 Packages, Online Courses, Audios, Tools, Props and Resources to nourish your nervous system & fast-track cellular repair.

Lisa Fitzpatrick

Lisa Fitzpatrick

Soul Purpose + Professional Coach

Kylian's classes are the perfect remedy to transform pain, melt stress and support healing. This work is so profound on all levels of healing. It has the capacity to reach in and caress chronic conditions that have been resistant to other forms of treatment, to deep wellness and resolution. If you would like to experience the ultimate restoration of wellbeing, this is the perfect remedy for you.

Jennie Sarson

Thank you Kylian for the most devine, sacred, nurturing 2.5 hours this afternoon. Such a beautiful safe space, and your gentle guidance made for a very profound, much needed restful and restorative experience for me. I will see you again next month, please book me in! With gratitude & blessings.

Lesley Elizabeth

Personal Assistant

Perfect. I always get just what I need.

Belinda Lloyd

Belinda Lloyd

Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher

I LOVE Kylian's style as a teacher, her presence and embodiment of the joys such a practice can bring. With the courage to hold a spaciousness in her classes which deeply meets my need for stillness, silence and depth of practice, while at the same time sharing her detailed knowledge of the practices and their effects, variations to suit different conditions, and safety. I recommend Kylian's classes to any/everyone! ~ as a yoga teacher I am coming to realise that so many of us have a deep need to be shown how to truly rest, and in particular those of us who don't realise this!