A   h i g h l y   s p e c i a l i s e d ,   y e a r – l o n g   M e n t o r s h i p   P r o g r a m  |   F o r   W o m e n   w o r l d w i d e    

F O R   W O M E N   W H O   A C H E   T O   R E S T   A N D   T O   L I V E   L I F E   O N   T H E I R   O W N   T E R M S .  W I T H O U T   T H E   B U R N  – O U T


[ W E   B E G A N   I N   J A N U A R Y   B U T   Y O U   C A N   S T I L L   J O I N ] . 











A n   e x t r a o r d i n a r y   w o m e n ‘ s   d e e p – d i v e   i n t o   e v e r y t h i n g   I   t e a c h .   T h i s   i s   a b o u t   p e r s o n a l   m a s t e r y . . .

A n d   i t   w i l l   b e   y e a r s   b e f o r e   t h i s   i s   o n   o f f e r   a g a i n .



C o l l e c t i v e l y   w e   a r e   b e y o n d   r e a d y   f o r   t h i s   w o r k .    W o m e n   a r e   S T A R V I N G   f  o r   i t . 

O u r   M o d e r n   l i v e s   h a v e   b e c o m e   c h r o n i c a l l y   i n f l a m e d ,   t e t h e r e d   t o   t e c h n o l o g y ,  s i t t i n g   m o r e   t h a n   e v e r .
O u r   P s o a s   i s   p i s s e d ,   o u r   b r a i n   a n d   s y m p a t h e t i c   n e r v o u s   s y s t e m   i s   ‘ a l w a y s – o n ’ .
W e ‘ r e   f l o o d e d   w i t h   s t r e s s   h o r m o n e s ,   r e s t – d e p r i v e d   a n d   b u r n t – o u t   l i k e   n e v e r   b e f o r e .

I t ’ s   a n   e p i d e m i c . 



T h i s   i s   f o r   w o m e n   w h o ‘ v e   d e p l e t e d   t h e m s e l v e s   b e y o n d   m e a s u r e ,   w o m e n   w h o   a c h e   t o   f i n d   a n o t h e r   w a y .
T o   c l o s e   t h e   g a p   b e t w e e n   t h e   p o t e n t i a l s   t h e y   s e n s e   f o r   t h e i r   l i v e s   a n d   h o w   l i f e   i s   a c t u a l l y   s h o w i n g  u p .

W o m e n   w h o   w a n t   t o   r e c l a i m   a n d   e m b o d y   f e m i n i n e   v a l u e s .






“A l l   t h e   W o m e n .   I n   m e .   A r e   t i r e d . ”   

– Nayyirah Waheed




Sadly, when it comes to rest, women are chronically malnourished. We live in a masculine culture where productivity trumps self-care. Tethered to technology and worshipping at the alter of ‘busy’ – our nervous systems are “always-on”. We are flooded with stress hormones and rest deprived like never before. Little wonder an epidemic health crisis is unfolding. Anxiety, adrenal fatigue, pain, sleep and digestive disorders, autoimmune diseases, burnout… Sound familiar?


We ache for permission to ‘ s l o w – d o w n ’  so we can simply relax into our own lives. This is your permission slip. You’ll get to make amends with your body, renew your ‘self-care’ vows and steward your own wellbeing. This brave and potent body of work gently interrupts the status quo and profoundly nourishes you on a cellular level – in a soulful kind of way. It is also incredibly beautiful. You will see why Kylian is also affectionately known as: The Queen of Lush.






T h i s   i s   h o l y   g r o u n d .   A   b e a u t i f u l   1 2 – m o n t h   j o u r n e y   t h a t   w i l l   g e n t l y   a n d   d e e p l y   r e – w i r e   y o u .




T h i s   i s   S o m a t i c a l l y   b a s e d ,   s o   i t   t r a n s f o r m s   u s   a t   t h e   d e e p e s t   l e v e l :
You’ll receive expert teaching, and love-soaked support to live in a restful, sustainable and juicy way.
I will teach you everything I know. For a whole year…

And it will change you. I promise.





Here’s why: Great things happen when we’re parasympathetically dominant (relaxed). Our breath is full, slow, and deep. Our sleep is sound. We’re less busy in our minds, less ‘wired’ in our nervous system. The adrenals are plump, our digestive system works well, inflammation reduces, tissue mends, hormones balance and pain decreases. We become more resilient so we’re more stress-hardy, less flappable. Ahhhhhh……

The immune system purrs. There’s more space and calm around things. Even the challenges, because we’re more like ‘teflon’. So we can regulate and bounce back with ease after stress and illness. Cellular repair fast-tracks. We have more energy during each day and feel more present and alive, aligned. Our relationships and self-expression flourish. Life becomes more easeful. We stay juicy as we age.

Kylian’s work is about Nervous System Repair.
So you can live the life you dream of – without the burn-out.







W e   a r e   W o m e n .   N o t   m a c h i n e s .   I t ‘ s   t i m e   t o   l a y   e x h a u s t i o n   t o   r e s t   &   m i d w i f e   t h e   l i f e   y o u   a c h e   f o r .

A n d   i n   d o i n g   s o   w e   p a v e   t h e   w a y   f o r   o t h e r s   t o   d o   t h e   s a m e . 

W e   c o – c r e a t e   a   w o r l d   w e   w a n t   t o   l i v e   i n .





” K y l i a n   i s   ‘ T h e   N e r v o u s   S y s t e m   W h i s p e r e r . ‘ “

– Alison Vickery, Holistic Health Coach




I See You…

You’ve spent time in the trenches of motherhood, or trauma or chronic illness (maybe all three at once). You’re tiiiiired of feeling tired and busy and stretched and depleted. Of course you are! Modern life is exhausting.

And there’s a new kind of subterranean anxiety (which will soon become pandemic) because we live in increasingly uncertain political and social times. Climate change is real. And our body knows it. It shows up in the collective nervous system (and psoas and adrenals). Women are feeling it the most.

And even though you’ve done all that self development work? Despite doing all the right things (yoga, bodywork, smoothie and self-care)? You still ache for something else. Something deeper. And it’s getting louder. It’s waking something up in you, sweetheart. A deeper wisdom. A readiness to reclaim something. A different pace. More joy and ease and juice. You want to bridge this gap between the potentials you sense for yourself and how life is actually showing up. I get that too! I’ve sooooo been where you are.

You dream of a life that truly belongs to you. To reconnect with your own values and heart and body and to make them a priority. To have your sensitivities, your desires, your body and your deeper needs at the helm. Front and center. To live from a place of deep listening, a place of aliveness rather than depletion.

You recognise whats at stake. You’re ready for all the work you’ve done on yourself to matter, to count.

I’m so glad you’re here.

Yes, this work is counter-culture. It interrupts the status quo. It gives women back to themselves.

It comes down to being a choice you get to make. To get out of your own way. To really back yourself and make amends. To deeply restore, and change the trajectory of your own life.

Can you imagine what might be possible for you if you were to commit to yourself like this for a whole year? To really back yourself and get this kind of deep and consistent support? To learn simple, beautiful and practical ways to nourish your body in the day-to-day?

Think of it as a dress rehearsal for the life you really want. A time to anchor it into your cells, your bones, your soft flesh until it’s as natural to you as breathing… To be free of chronic pain and the burn-out cycle and the not enoughness that keeps you over-stretching. To be free. Sovereign.

I want this for you.

I know this stuff in my bones. Because I’ve come through the trenches. From a highly anxious, over-achieving insomniac in chronic pain and a decades-long burn-out spin-cycle with a terror of being seen or speaking up – to living a spacious restful and creative life. So you can trust that I’ve got this. If you’re ready to really take yourself on and take your wellbeing into your own hands, I will support you with unwavering ferocity and love (for a whole year!) to live into a hand-crafted life that is waiting for you… to flourish. How would that be?

So, the question is:

Can you afford not to do this work?




M E N T O R S H I P   S N A P – S H O T : 


This exquisite year-long program is designed to liberate your body and deeply rewire you. A delicious fusion of PSOAS LOVE® and DEEP REST® turns up the love and taps into the regenerative powers of the body by weaving together Fluid-Body and Fascia For-Play with no-nonsense Anatomy For Daily Life that will blow your mind with body wisdom and fill you with feminine juju and wellness. We bring together pieces that are otherwise missing in the recovery-and-womens-health conversation. Like the bio-chemical factors that impact our anxiety and hormones, and the connection between the bio-mechanics of our posture and movement habits (AKA functional movement and sitting too much/poorly) of our lifestyle. These things impact our nervous system, psoas, sleep, brains, adrenals and health (a lot) yet most women don’t even know it – let alone how to course-correct.

This work will get you back in tune with your primal instincts and biological intelligence. It interrupts what you are doing (or not doing) to exacerbate your own symptoms. It resets and rewires your Nervous System, gets you back into postural alignment, transforms your pain and your sleep, saves your pelvic floor and hips, plumps up your adrenals and empowers you to change the course of your body narrative. By asking all the right questions and pressing love into all the right places. This is my personal experience and promise. It’s about re-aligning with your heart AND finding structural and functional integrity. This is the groundwork for healing. Together we will restore from the inside out.

I am a truth-teller. I’ll shine light on the things you didn’t even know were impacting you. And that translates to less pain, less Chiro/Dr/massage/treatments. It’s not a quick fix – it’s about taking yourself on. Really backing yourself. Changing the way you show up in life (the way you spend your days), slowing the tempo and re-aligning with what matters. For a whole year. And you will be blown away by the changes that can occur in a year. This work delivers secret arsenal. You get to make amends. To get present and complete with stuff you’ve been ‘carrying’ in your body for years, decades even. You then get the chance to re-orient and move closer to resolution, cohesion and healing. It’s a portal into profound parasympathetic states which is the only way the body can heal. So you can live a hand-crafted life brimming with joy. 




O N E   W O M A N S   S T O R Y :    

I’ve worked with lots of entrepreneurs, ex-corporates, and Mothers over the years. They’d come to my classes or workshops because they were burnt-out, depleted, exhausted. They’d come to rest. To learn about their psoas and nervous system, to replenish, rewire, breathe… It was a kind of sanctuary for them – separate from their mothering, their work and their lives.

Since my sabbatical ended I’ve been working with a mother who just turned 40 who’s all three! An ex-corporate, entrepreneurial mother of an 18 month old. She and her husband moved to Byron from Sydney for a sea-change following her corporate burnout-induce illness forced her to stop. She said she missed my Sunday DEEP REST® classes terribly and wondered if I could help as her health has declined into a chronic illness since the birth of her child. And although she really loves her life, she was struggling daily with chronic pain and anxiety, stress, insomnia and exhaustion.

As a stay at home Mum (with an online business) taking long naps isn’t an option for her, so we worked together to rewire the ‘way’ she moves through her day-to-day. Slowing the deeply ingrained frantic pace, cultivating self-compassion and letting go of her trauma-driven perfection and drive – which she now recognises is what created her burnout. She’s had years of hip, back and shoulder pain since her 18-hour corporate days and it would flare up if she worked on her computer. So I taught her how to sit and stand well and how to set up and use a standing desk correctly and incorporate more dynamic movement in her online work days. I also taught her how to protect herself from harmful technology radiation and we did a total overhaul on her sleep hygiene. I taught her everything I know over the course of 8 months.

The results have been profound. Her sleep transformed instantly, as did her physical pain. She sleeps well again for the first time in almost 2 decades, her hips are pain free and her back and shoulders are great. If they ever begin to complain she listens and knows what to do to interrupt that old pattern. She has more energy and focus, way less stress. She said: “I feel like I am actually present in my life, and enjoying being in my body – for the first time”. And she said she feels much more present for her daughter and her man. That her anxiety has been replaced (for the most part) with a new sense of self-compassion. 

By tending to the underlying ‘pattern’ of burnout, reframing the sense of urgency and living from a more restful and self-loving place – she can see how her old behaviour impacted her health. Like a destructive cycle. And although she still finds the demands overwhelming at times, she now catches herself, and knows what to do. She tends to her Psoas and sensitivities with new appreciation. Resting is no longer something separate from her life. 

So, whilst I may not have any personal authority as a mother, I wanted to share this with you. Because I get it. I do.

And what my client is experiencing – these big shifts, great sleep, less pain, moments of space around things, more presence and way less anxiety?

I want that for you too, sweetheart.


Is this Mentorship for me?   

Collectively we are in real trouble. The stats are in. There’s a kind of urgency here now. I can feel it. So many women are getting sick from stress, living chronically inflamed lives. Modern life has us sitting way too much and exposed to increasingly harmful technology. It’s wreaking havoc on our health. This program will educate and train you how to live in a modern world in a sustainable, juicy and joyful way:

If you’re highly sensitive or you’ve seen the signs of burnout? If you’re alway busy? Chronically rest-deprived? Sitting more than 6 hours a day? Anxious or exhausted? If you are so busy taking care of everyone else that you don’t even know what your needs are? If you make (false) promises that you’ll slow down… one day?

…then yes. This is for you, baby.

Women are more stressed and stretched than ever before. And yes, we are resilient. We adapt. So it feels ‘normal’. But the body tells a different story sweetheart.

Having worked with thousands of women in the role of Somatic Educator and Therapist for 23 years, I have seen the cost of women overriding themselves. I know what’s at stake: Anxiety, adrenal fatigue, unresolved trauma, chronic pain, insomnia, digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances, autoimmune diseases, burnout…

Because trust me. Resting NOW and learning how to master sleep, self-care and how to sit, stand and work in ways that cultivates integrity and cellular repair – is much easier than having a health breakdown. Becoming so unwell you can’t even function really sucks. I know because I’ve been there. It was brutal.

This mentorship/training is for exhausted mothers, grandmothers, professionals, insomniacs, peri/menopausal, entrepreneurial, creative, spiritually enlightened, tantric healing, fast-paced trail-blazing, and slow-loving modern women, everywhere.

It is for all ages. It is also for women who already rest, who know self-care. You will LOVE this sweetheart. Every woman I know will get great value from this deeply healing and empowering year-long journey. You will perfect the art of rest and be armed with things that will literally transform your future wellbeing. You get to re-write the narrative. And you will be unrecognisable. That’s a promise.






D  E  E  P  L  Y   R  E  W  I  R  E  :

W h e n   s c i e n c e – m e e t s   S o u l . . .
w e   g e t   i n   u n d e r n e a t h   w h a t   d r i v e s   t h e   b u r n – o u t   c y c l e   –   w e   d i s c o v e r   d e e p   s e l f – c a r e   &   c e l l u l a r   r e p a i r .

We re-orient to create new possibilities, resolution. We midwife another way of living, working and loving.
A way that keeps us full, juicy and well. So when an emergency does come we are resilient and ready.

It’s about deeply supporting your nervous system, adrenals, Psoas and sleep – for the rest of your life.

It’s time sweetheart. To make amends – and finally transform this cycle into a super-power.

This is the year to rewire.




What is DEEP REST® and PSOAS LOVE®? 

It is a brave act, to rest.
A deeply loving way of ‘pushing-back’ and reclaiming our sovereign selves as women, in a masculine world. 

It is also the pre-requisite for restoring your nervous system and health.


DEEP REST® is a beautiful cross-pollination:

This is a space to come back to what is truly important. Because so little of our lives is an actual emergency, right?

Here, you get to reclaim and celebrate your feminine. Your deeper needs. Your desires for yourself, your life. Kylian has the secret-sauce to dissolve long-held tensions and patterns that get in the way of having what we truly want. Like the way you ache to rest. It enables your system to settle and regulate effortlessly. You will experience unparalleled states of bliss. Put simply: You will not recognise yourself.

Self-compassion, somatic education, guided meditation, stillness, unplugged silence, napping, slow movement, playful re-patterning and soulful, mindful inquiry. It’s soulful and cellular Nourishment. I weave it together in a uniquely loving way that results in profoundly restorative parasympathetic states. And when you anchor that with functional movement, soulful anatomy and no-nonsense bio-mechanics for daily life – along with demystifying the bio-chemicals that effect our anxiety, hormones and sleep – you’ve got the ingredients for my secret-sauce modality PSOAS LOVE®.

Often misunderstood and therefore controversial – the Psoas is more enigmatic & problematic than any other muscle in the human body. With good reason, people are starting to pay attention.

PSOAS LOVE® is a brave and potent body of work. I demystify this elusive ‘holy grail’ – by interrupting the status quo with my love-soaked teaching and exquisite knowledge. This work is a much needed intervention and panacea for our overrated-cultural-glorification of ‘busy’.

I’ve come through the trenches. I developed Psoas issues. I had chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety that was off the chart, gut issues, adrenal burn-out. I was a wreck. But I kept on going, like so many women. Until I had a full breakdown in 2011. That got my attention. It was a pivotal moment. I developed this work in the years that followed. So I know my stuff. It works. I live and breathe it. And I feel better at 48 than I did at 30. I’ve got this.

When we orient ourselves with the truth we get to experience a deep, felt sense of internal alignment and integrity which in turn registers in your system as cellular safety. THAT is the key to rest and cellular repair, sweetheart.



W H O   I S   T H I S   Y E A R – L O N G   P R O G R A M   F O R ?

Women who are exhausted, stuck in a burn-out cycle or live with adrenal fatigue.
Women in recovery.
Highly Sensitive introverts.
Women recovering from Trauma, PTSD or illness.
Women living with chronic or recurring illness and auto-immune disease.
Menopausal and peri-menopausal women.
Women prone to anxiety or overwhelm.
Women who craaaave better Sleep (without big pharma): insomniacs, broken or light sleepers.
Women in pain with sacro-iliac or pelvic instability, tight or painful hips, groin, chronic lower back or neck pain.
Highly stressed women (who maybe don’t know it.)
Women who sit or drive a lot – or who work on a computer or who are mostly desk-bound or sedentary.
Women who are ready to create a hand-made life that really belongs to them. Women who are (beyond) ready to rest, replenish and rewire.
Women who keep getting blocked by their health issues
Entrepreneurs, busy, A-type women who struggle to stop, switch-off or wind down. This is a MUST for you, sweetheart.
Health practitioners who are readying to teach this work (this Mentorship is the foundation of the Teacher Training).
Women who are ready to rest, to really ‘have’ themselves and to be well, to be a role model for her children and loved ones – well into their future.
Women who are ready to play a bigger game. One that includes social change.




C l i c k   t h e   M o o n   t o   r e a d   m o r e   a b o u t   h o w   t h i s   m e n t o r s h i p   a d d r e s s e s   t h e s e   t h i n g s :










P R A I S E   F O R   T H E   W O R K :


“For the first time in 10 years I am consistently without pain.” – Kate Veitch, Writer


“Your online Deep Rest retreat was a game changer for me. So powerful. I love that you made it accessible online because I live in woop woop – so thank you for expanding into this realm!” – Avalon Darnesh


“Thank you for being so real and raw so that we can now learn from what’s not working for us/me and re wire our system to finally heal inside and out!! Such wisdom Kylian! xx” – Sarita Veitch


“Years of chronic lower back pain gone! Powerful work… I am sleeping soundly for the first time in years.” – Liz Morgan, Registered Nurse, Byron Bay.


“Kylian is a pioneer in healing trauma. A beacon of hope. Life changing skills for us ‘sensitives’.” – Susan, New York.


“Your work is an inspiration. Your words have a huge affect on me and I truly look forward to your morning post. I’m tired all the time and it’s like you’ve given me permission to rest. Just rest. And it’s a blissful feeling. The guilt is gone and my psoas thanks you for it.” – Alyson Clayton


“A gift. Obviously coming from an embodied place.” – Kimberley Roberts, Your Peace Within Yoga and Wellbeing


“You inspire me to be bigger than I currently show others. Seeing you shine bright has shown me what it looks like and I admire you so much for that.
I also love seeing your humanity. No one ever gets to the top without human struggle. Sharing your humanity helps others/me to own mine out loud too.

Your courage to show up, no matter what, to ask for what you need, to share what you’re passionate about…are all gifts to this world.” – Monique Rutherford


I’ve always had this feeling of being late, having something to do. And my meditation practice was not giving me the kind of full rest I need. Physically I was struggling with pain. Wow. Proprioception! No wonder I was soooooo tired. My system was (of course) disrupted. Totally awesome work Kylian! I love the theoretical part!! And the way everything seemed so simple and easy to do and yet was soooo absolutely profound and transforming. …Sooooo liberating. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  – Cynthia Resendiz, Consultant, Mexico City, Mexico





A s   w o m e n   s e l f – a c t u a l i s e ,   s o c i e t y   e v o l v e s . . .





T h i s   i s   a b o u t   w a y   m o r e   t h a n   r e s t .   I t ‘ s   a   h o l i s t i c   a n d   f e m i n i s t   a p p r o a c h   t o   N e r v o u s   S y s t e m   R e p a i r :
s a f e t y ,   s e n s i t i v i t y ,   b i o – c h e m i s t r y ,   a d r e n a l   c a r e ,   s l e e p   r e s c u e ,   p r o p r i o c e p t i o n ,   f a s c i a ,
p a n d i c u l a t i o n ,   p s o a s   l o v e ,   
f u n c t i o n a l   a n a t o m y   i n   d a i l y   l i f e .


I t ‘ s   a b o u t   d i s s o l v i n g   t h e   c a l c i f i c a t i o n   t h a t   k e e p s   y o u   s i c k ,  d e p l e t e d ,  e x h a u s t e d .

Y o u ‘ l l   l e a r n   t h i n g s   t h a t   p l u g   y o u   i n   t o   y o u r   r e g e n e r a t i v e   s u p e r – p o w e r s ,

n o u r i s h   y o u r   b i o l o g y   A N D   y o u r   s o u l . . . 

A n d   w h e n   w e   h e a l   o u r s e l v e s ,   w e   h e a l   t h e   c o l l e c t i v e .













Y o u r   b o d y   k n o w s   t h e   w a y .   I t   c a n   h e a l .   I t   w a n t s   t o   h e a  l .

B y   l i s t e n i n g   t o   o u r   i n n a t e   b o d y   w i s d o m ,  w i t h   t h e   r i g h t   t o o l s ,  w e   c a n   f a s t – t r a c k   c e l l u l a r   h e a l i n g .



“I would do this DEEP REST® program again and again. Such ground breaking, unique, exciting and necessary work.

I was feeling exhausted and concerned about the online thing (overwhelm). I barely have time for my own story let alone others, but one of the most comforting things you offered at the start was the permission to not be ‘in the stories’ of others. I would have found that way too much.

My big Aha was that “I am safe in my body”. A profound realisation that much of my energy is devoted to the task of feeling safe in the world.

You are a super generous and knowledgeable teacher. Kylian your offer was from the deepest part of you, authentic and real and I felt held in such an individual way even though we were a group. I loved that you lived the practice. That was an unexpected lesson for me that enriched my experience. I wish I lived closer to do more 1:1 and classes with you.

I really miss the dive in everyday. It was lush and wonderful.”    Lindy Schneider, Writer and Mother, Warburton, Australia








S L O W   D O W N .

M A K E   A M E N D S   W I T H   Y O U R   B O D Y .

R E N E W   Y O U R   S E L F – C A R E   V O W S .

R E S T   U N A P O L O G E T I C A L L Y .   P R O F O U N D L Y   –   F O R   A   W H O L E   Y E A R .

R E C O G N I S E   T H E   S I G N S   O F   S T R E S S   &   A C T I V A T I O N .

L E A R N   T H E   S C I E N C E   O F   S A F E T Y   A N D   S E N S I T I V I T Y .

U N D E R S T A N D   T H E   A N A T O M Y   &   I M P A C T   O F   S T R E S S   &   T R A U M A   O N   T H E   N E R V O U S   S Y S T E M .

L I B E R A T E   Y O U R   P S O A S .

F A S T – T R A C K   C E L L U L A R   R E P A I R   B Y  L E A R N I N G   T O   N O U R I S H   T H E   F A S C I A  ( S E C O N D   N E R V O U S   S Y S T E M )  A N D   F L U I D – B O D Y .

R E P L E N I S H   Y O U R   A D R E N A L S   &   R E S O L V E   T H E   B U R N O U T   C Y C L E .

P R O F O U N D L Y   C U L T I V A T E   Y O U R   P A R A S Y M P A T H E T I C   C A P A C I T Y .

R E G U L A T E   R E W I R E   R E C L A I M   R E A L I G N   R E C A L I B R A T E   R E P A I R .

T R A N S F O R M   Y O U R   S L E E P   Q U A L I T Y .   F O R   L I F E .

L E A R N   H O W   T O   S I T ,   W O R K   &   M O V E   I N   W A Y S   T H A T   D E E P L Y  S U P P O R T   Y O U R   B O D Y   &   W E L L B E I N G .

P R O F O U N D L Y   N O U R I S H   &   R E S E T   Y O U R   N E R V O U S   S Y S T E M .




Because  N.O.T.H.I.N.G  else like this exists. Anywhere.

And it’s the only way you can work with me personally in this way for the next 2 years.

You get to work with me LIVE for a whole year! With my personalised expertise and deep support. 

You’ll learn life-saving and soulful anatomy and techniques to liberate your body, and get your life back.

Reframe your deep sensitivity as a super-power.
I’ll teach you the science of sensitivity and how to live with your sensitivity at the helm.

It’s body-based. You learn it by embodying it, living it. That’s why it works. It’s potent. Unprecedented.

It will change you. I promise.

The way you recognise and tend to your own needs.
The way you move, the way you breathe, the way you live, work and love.

How might your life, health and future look then?




 G U E S T   T E A C H E R S :


T h e s e   w o m e n   k n o w   a b o u t   r e s t ,   r e c o v e r y   a n d   d e e p   f l o u r i s h i n g . . .
W e   w i l l   j a m   w i t h   t h e m .   T h e y   a r e   a h – m a z i n g .   L e a d e r s   i n   t h e i r   f i e l d .   T h i s   i s   g o l d . 

Liz Koch

Liz Koch

Somatic Educator, Leading Authority & pioneer on the Psoas, Author of Core Awareness & The Psoas Book. www.coreawareness.com

Monique Rutherford

Monique Rutherford

Trauma & Attachment Psychotherapist & Trainer. Somatic Attachment Focused Expressive Therapy. www.moniquerutherford.com.au

Samantha Bulloch

Samantha Bulloch

Specialist Naturopathic Care & Integrative Medicine Women | Biochemistry for Wellness. www.thealchemiststree.com.au

Belinda Lloyd

Belinda Lloyd

Mindfulness, MBSR & Self-Compassion Teacher
Director of the Wellspring Warburton. www.wellspringwarburton.org

Lotus Indigo Shakti Kruse

Lotus Indigo Shakti Kruse

Women’s Sovereign Leadership Coach & Mentor Financial Sovereignty and intuitive leadership www.lotuskruse.com

Kimberley Roberts

Kimberley Roberts

Yoga Nidra & Gentle, Nurturing, Restorative Women's Yoga Teacher | Mentor & Mother. www.yourpeacewithin.com.au







T h i s   p r o g r a m   i s   f o u n d e d   o n   f e m i n i n e   v a l u e s   a n d   f e m i n i s t   p r i n c i p l e s :

W e   l e v e l   t h e   p l a y i n g   f i e l d   f o r   o u r s e l v e s   a n d   t h e   c o l l e c t i v e .   I t ‘ s   a   n e w   p a r a d i g m . 

I t ‘ s   a b o u t   c o – c r e a t i n g   a   w o r l d   w e   w a n t   t o   l i v e   i n . . .   

B y   r e c l a i m i n g   f e m i n i n e   v a l u e s   f o r   s o c i a l   t r a n s f o r m a t i o n . 



Oh yes! I've been waiting for this...



“The Psoas is an organ of perception composed of bio-intelligent tissue and literally embodies our deepest urge for survival – our elemental desire to flourish.”

– Liz Koch, Author of Core Awareness and Stalking the Wild Psoas.






How the Mentorship and Teacher Training works:

Master the art of DEEP REST® in the 12 month Mentorship.

You’ll fall in love with your Psoas. Recalibrate at a new pace… in every aspect of your life.

Applications for the Training open in month 9 of the Mentorship.

Not sure about becoming a Teacher? No problem. You can decide as you go. But spaces are limited.


A unique, love-soaked cross-pollination of somatic education, DEEP REST® and PSOAS LOVE®, playful re-patterning and soulful inquiry promises to challenge your ideas about the human body and its capacity to self-repair. And not only will you be learning to help others – it will inspire you to redefine your values and renew your self-care vows. As a matter urgency.

MENTORSHIP: Initially it’s about showing up for yourself like never before. It invites you to challenge the status quo. To choose to go at a different pace, a human pace. It may require you to change your life. To get out of your own way, perhaps welcome the challenges you face as the very catalyst you’ve needed to bring you back to your own true North. To learn to say YES to you. To receive the goodness of life. To feel safe. To belong. To feel deeply supported. Seen. Here. Now. Where you are. Ahhhhhh….. you will deeply recalibrate, step into wholeness and live a life of your own making. No more playing small or being at the mercy of the relentless to-do list… No more burn-out.

It’s time to take your power back and rest into your own skin.

It’s about choosing to prioritise rest and understanding the messages of your infinitely intelligent and instinctual body. And recognising yourself as the source. It’s about making amends with ourselves on a very deep, cellular level. To live in alignment with your innate human biological nature and needs. Your deep desires.

You will become the authority of your own body and life. You will master self-regulation and deep listening. You will begin to love your sensitivity and worship your nervous system as the super-power it is. This is what somatic sovereignty looks like.

I promise your Psoas, nervous system and adrenals will give you a standing ovation at the end of this Mentorship. And the Training, if you choose to do it, will be a game changer. It will transform your health, rewire your neurology and enrich your teaching/professional practice and your relationships – for the rest of your life. You will graduate laden with tools to empower and liberate yourself and your students – in the world of busy…

You will be unrecognisable. And your future self will thank you.

That’s my personal promise.

The TEACHER TRAINING will deliver the ‘science’ of the work as well as the secret-sauce formula for my exquisite and renowned teachings. It weaves specific tools together that recognise the connection between the psoas, nervous system, fascia and fluid-body, the importance of sitting well and sitting less – with compassionate psychology that together initiates a cellular response that is unparalleled. I have developed this body of work over my 20+ years of teaching and holding space for people to transform their lives in various professional roles.

It’s this perfect marriage of sciencey, truth-telling, educational, soulful and loving that makes this work so unique and so unrivalled. It gives people back to themselves.

I guarantee you (and your students) will leave purring like a cat.

Every. Single. Time.

This training is about more than just teaching people to rest for a few hours in a class.
It is a pre-emptive strike AND it presses LOVE into all the right places.

Your way of being will touch lives. You will be a role-model…

For yourself, your beloveds, and your community.

Read more about this game changing training here.



What can I expect during the Mentorship?    


When you see what we cover (scroll down under my bio) you will get an idea of how juicy this work is. It’s about way more than rest. It’s the ‘whole’ picture of Nervous System Repair: bio-chemistry, adrenal care, sleep rescue, proprioception, fascia, pandiculation, functional anatomy and loads more. This is about dissolving the calcification that keeps you stuck, sick, depleted, exhausted. It delivers secret arsenal that literally changes your tissues and cells and renews your energy and clarity…

Clearly marked content will be easy to access in the Membership Site – without needing to join the FB community conversation – especially for the lone-wolf, digital-detoxer and highly sensitive introvert. Perfect! You will get emails to notify you when new content becomes available and when a guest teacher or live call is coming up. Sweet.

While it’s somatically based the delivery includes various media including downloadable PDF’s you can print and read offline (the theory), sweet audios you can listen to either on-the-go or laying on your bed, instructional videos to optimise your rest/practice/posture as we work through the juicy curriculum.

This is not a quick fix or magic pill. I work with women who are genuinely curious and interested in taking their own health narrative into their own hands. A year working with me will transform the way you ‘do’ your life, and that’s my personal promise.

Oh, and be sure to read the FAQ’s at the bottom of this page for more information.



Although there will be many shared reasons for signing up, we will all have varying needs. Some of you will be utterly exhausted, in chronic pain or totally burnt-out. Others will be in dire need of nutritious Sleep or desperately seeking ways to ease your anxiety or to learn ways of sitting that don’t hurt your body. Maybe all of these at once. Given this is a dense body of work it can take time to get to the parts you really need now. So, you will fill out the application questionnaire to inform me of where you are and what you need most urgently. You’ll also get to talk to me 1:1 at the beginning so I can meet you personally and hear your story to determine what you need from the work as we begin. This is how I always work. With 1:1 clients and in workshops and retreats. This informs where I begin with a few introductory group lessons where I cover the critical parts of the work so you get what you need right up. That way – you get to make the really necessary changes from the beginning instead of waiting for the parts that are most relevant to you personally.

  • I gently introduce the work in a non-overwhelm kind of way.
  • It’s a time of prep and getting oriented. We cultivate safety so you can go deeper.
  • We begin to s-l-o-w – d-o-w-n and co-create an exquisite community (or a sweet solo) sanctuary. You decide how you want to participate! But we will create a safe online container in the Membership Site and on our Zoom calls to gently redefine and embody what it is to reeeeeally tend to ourselves, to rest.
  • I will guide you through some processes that literally create more space and time in your busy life.
  • There will be some gentle yet powerful inquiry and journalling, with optional juicy conversations and sharing in the online zoom and group to celebrate and champion each other as we go. Some of it will be fun. Some might be challenging. All of it will be a relief. Necessary. Empowering. Yes.
  • I will offer gentle self-care prompts and permission slips as we make amends and renew our self-care vows.
  • It’s all about slowing the tempo to truly rest and to make the big changes you yearn for in your life.
  • This is the ground-work before we go deeper. This is what is often missing for women who don’t know how to stop, let alone rest. It’s the crucial missing piece. It’s about aligning with your deeper desire for your life, creating safety, staying true, integrity. You’ll love it.


  • We’ll dive in a little deeper as we go. Some of it will be familiar from the intro lessons, but we’ll spend time embodying and perfecting each part of the work.
  • You can still work and be a Mum and do all that needs doing (life will go on!). But I will teach you how to create houurrrrs every week that you didn’t think you had. For resting, restoring and recalibrating. Promise.
  • We nap and rest and repair on a cellular level, yet it also heals the heart and soul as we begin to make amends.
  • This is YOUR process. You are the Steward. I’m your live, real-time midwife and guide.
  • You are all welcome, just as you are.
  • Our live Zoom calls are the perfect time to ask questions, get support, troubleshoot and refine your experience.
  • You will rest deeply into the buoyancy, companionship and support of the online group as you feel to – and celebrate your sweet solitude as you need it.


  • I’ll run the odd weekend retreat. They will be recorded so you can do them in your own sweet time. So you can really have it.
  • Each retreat will have a self-determined theme (I provide suggestions) and comes with a list for personalised prep. I’ve been working with women virtually for almost a decade so I know the tricks, how to make your personal retreat as juicy and luxe as any you will attend.
  • You can do it at home in your bedroom, in a yurt in the forest, or in a luxe hotel room or cute beach house.
  • Loads of solo off-line time for long stretches of sleep, napping, making wholesome food, journaling, soaking in the bath and self pampering however that looks for you.


There will be integration as we go along. This is big stuff. By month 10-11 you will be really embodying this stuff.
You’ll be witnessing yourself in the world of work and family and commitments from a new way of being. This is in some ways the best bit. Because you get to see how much you’ve let go of, how far you’ve come. How juicy you feel. How delicious the world is when we are deeply rested and resourced. Living life on your own terms. Sound good?




You ache to live a slower, hand-made life. A life that truly belongs to you. 

This is your permission slip and blue-print…

How will your life look 5 years from now if you don’t do this Mentorship…?
If you don’t stop making false promises? If you keep sitting for 50 hours a week in ways that are hurting you?
If you don’t slow down to a more feminine pace, that honours your sensitivity, your biology and your deeper needs?

What will become of you, sweetheart?

Ask your future Self. She knows.






    Receive my invaluable expert teaching and personal support for a whole year.

    You will rest deeply into the buoyancy, companionship and support of the online community
    and resources - and deepen your exploration in sweet solitude as you need it.

    This is about personal Mastery sweetheart.

    T H I S . I S . G O L D .





L e a r n i n g   t o   r e s t   d e e p l y   t r a n s l a t e s   t o   a   n e w   w a y   o f   b e i n g .   W h e n   y o u   m o v e ,   w o r k   a n d   l o v e   i n   a   r e s t f u l   w a y . . .

L i f e   j u s t   g e t s   e a s y .







Oh. My. God...


I promise your nervous system, adrenals and psoas will give you a standing ovation at the end of this year-long journey with me.

With my expert support you’ll champion your own wellbeing, by deeply tending to your own devotion and care. We will lovingly interrupt the tendencies to push your needs aside. I will show you how to make rest a priority and give you life-changing anatomy tips for daily life that will transform how you move and work whilst nourishing your whole system – rather than depleting yourself.

It’s powerful. Liberating.

And your future Self will thank you.





“Unlike self-criticism, which asks if you’re good enough, self-compassion asks what’s good for you?”

– Kristin Neff



“I loved Kylian’s approach – highly insightful, no bullshit. I felt held, yet very much empowered to drive my own healing journey and how this relates to nourishing rest. For whatever reason (and embarrassingly) I had missed the correlation between truly coming into relationship with self and how this relates to deep, nourishing rest. I now realise that I had been viewing and practising rest at a surface level – clearing the calendar when needed, and inviting self-care in the essence of baths, walks, nature etc. All such wonderful and well placed practices, however, this work came with an element of depth and exploration that was missing. How can we possibly sink into the body and self if we are constantly turning away from triggers and living from the surface?! 

I feel a greater sense of space, less rushing, more time…space between my thoughts and actions. Undoubtedly, I feel a greater sense of connection and with this a new found love for my self. I am softer and my perception of self has expanded. I feel a greater sense of self, of boundaries, of owning what belongs to me and gently pushing back on the stuff that doesn’t belong to me. The energy leaks are fast becoming rectified. 

I am clear on how I would like to be in this life, how this inter-relates with my young family and my future aspirations. 

Thank you for such a brilliant, thought provoking and body sensing offering.”    – Kristie Kelly, Restorative Yoga Teacher and stay at home Mum, Melbourne, Australia.












Bridging Somatic Education and Online Technology:

I have worked with thousands of people – mostly women. Facilitating groups, classes, workshops, retreats and individual sessions as a Somatic educator and therapist for three decades. So it’s fair to say I’ve seen a lot. I’ve witnessed people, ailments and lives transform. Yet I must admit this digital realm is pretty new to me! To be honest, I’m still wrapping my head around how I’ve managed to translate somatically based work to an on-line forum. Working with a 1:1 client on skype is one thing but how to teach a group of women remotely? Because sooooo much of how I teach is dependent on the co-creative relational and energetic field. The continual interplay between myself and other humans: flesh, bone, nervous system, energy, heart, soul. The cellular wisdom of the body, and what’s showing up for you guides my teaching. I teach from a place of deep attunement. So how does one even begin to bridge that great divide? How will it all translate?

How will I know if or how it’s landing in you?

But bringing my work online is waaaaay overdue. I resisted for years, and finally took the plunge in January 2019 and worked with 97 women from 13 counties in my online DEEP REST Retreat. They loved it. The feedback speaks for itself.

Since then I began building my new on-line courses. Drawing from tombs of writing from the past decade, and mountains of teaching experience. And I realised as I was creating that what I really want to do – what i’m really good at – is working with women live.

And although it might seem a bit paradoxical (I’m all for getting unplugged). We must unplug (from technology AND from the busy non-stop life) if we truly hope to rest and rewire. But I want to make my work accessible. To serve more women. To take down the geographical barriers. And yes, we will be getting plenty unplugged. And I’ve been listening to what you want. You want to work with me – from there. And so here we are. I want every woman I know to be deeply rested. Because we are gonna need it. We’re absorbing information at an unprecedented rate. Natural human movement has been engineered and time-managed out of existence. We spend long hours sitting at glowing screens under artificial lights. Flooded with stress hormones we’re chronically rest deprived like never before. And you’re feeling the effects. We all are. Little wonder an epidemic health crisis is unfolding. and well, we need this now.

But also because I am an introvert and as my business started expanding in the last couple of years I recognised I needed to create new ways to bring this important work to you. Ways that were less demanding and depleting of my own nervous system. It’s important for me to practice what I preach! Touring year round, running retreats and endless classes and workshops and seeing clients and being so busy in response to the dire need is not sustainable for me. It might sound glamorous, but it’s brutal for an introvert! That’s why I went on sabbatical. To get really clear about just how to move forward with the work. In a new and deeply sustainable way.

This is it.

This is my way of interrupting the status quo and serving more women. An honest expression of my own self-care.







“The things that women reclaim are often their own voice, their own values, their imagination, their clairvoyance, their stories, their ancient memories. If we go for the deeper, and the darker, and the less known we will touch the bones.

– Clarissa Pinkola Estes







What qualifies me for this role? I experienced a full breakdown in 2011, which got my attention. It was brutal. The inevitable result of overriding myself – on the brink of burnout, living inside the legacy of trauma, anxiety, gut issues, in chronic Psoas pain – for a really long time. Until I reached my breaking point. I was so angry at my body (and Psoas), how could my body do this?

It was a kind of initiation. The biggest breakthrough of my life. At 40, I packed up my life and relocated to Byron Bay to rest. I did a post-mortem and got really present to how I was the source of my own health breakdown and burn-out. And in doing so I began to heal and transform my life and health. It was time to atone, to graduate from this self-destructive pattern, and unwittingly birth something new. This beautiful work is the result.

I’m the poster-girl for Rest and Deep Self-Care. This is a my life’s work. Informed by my years working as a Creative Arts and Movement Therapist. Then as a passionate yoga teacher. I’ve been teaching people to rest for 11 years.

I’m an oracle. I live by example and hold space for people who are ready to give up the glorification and cultural captivity of busy. People who are ready to rest and tend to their own devotion and care. To slow down and resolve the burn-out cycle for good, and midwife the life they deeply ache to live.

I embody what I teach. I bring all of myself to the work – and in doing so – I give you permission to do the same. I have this uncanny ability to usher people into profound states of relaxation, rest and safety. To truly ‘see’ people, and to gently call them on their self-deception – whilst inspiring a deep reverence for their own devotion and care. I also tend to engender a genuine interest in anatomy for daily life.

I’m finally comfortable in my own skin – so I allow ALL of myself (not just the shiny bits) to show up here in this role. I am also a straight-talker, feisty, playful, and big-hearted. I’m no longer hiding from the world. And I no longer need you to like me. I have Superpowers, and I own them. That’s why people travel from far away places to work – and play – with me.




  • You might want to sit down for this next bit darling...


    This expert content is extraordinary and juicy.
    It will change the trajectory of your life and health.
    And you will love it.

    [Drum Roll.......].




Here’s what we’ll cover during my year-long Mentorship:

I’ll gently deliver my entire body of work. It’s Somatic. Science-meets-Soul.

It’s my secret-sauce recipe for the deepest levels of change.
It cultivates resiliency, biological integrity and the self-agency to steward the life you deeply desire.

And it keeps you juicy and well as you age..


This is the work we simply cannot bypass or outsource any more…




Groundwork & Course Guide. Evolutionary experiential education online. It's body based. It's potent. That's why it works.



How to locate & foster deep cellular safety in uncertain times: Proprioception is key. Portable, science-based, life-changing.



Cultivates moment-to-moment awareness, with curiosity & compassion. So we can welcome ourselves as we are, whatever arises.



How to change the tempo & birth a new way of being: the art of slow living. The irony is we discover more time to do what we love.



We do a post-mortem of adrenal burn-out & get to the root of this womens epidemic. Break the burn-out cycle for good.



Feminine values and feminist principles provide an empowering and generative framework, lifestyle and leadership model.



A game-changer. Biochemical impacts on all things women's health: stress, chronic illness, adrenals, anxiety, sleep, hormones.



Create structural & functional pelvic integrity for happy SIJ, hips, lumbar & pelvic floor. Understand the pelvis-jaw connection.



A groundbreaking & comprehensive guide to transform your sleep without big pharma. For life.



The anatomy & impact of stress and trauma on the Nervous System. Learn the biological building blocks.



Reframing anxiety & overwhelm with the science of sensitivity & sensory processing. Own your super-powers.



Life-saving essentials for sensitives to keep yourself safe with 5G, EMF radiation & technology.



Sitting is killing us, literally. Learn the real impacts on your whole system. Anatomy for sitting well. No modern-day woman can miss this.



How to transition to a dynamic work space. Natural Human Movement: this is Dynamic Rest. A must for all modern-day humans.



The second nervous system.
A master communicator & superconductor for cellular repair & mobility as we age.



The secret-sauce to hack your parasympathetic system & fast-track cellular repair.
Dissolve pain. Move with ease.



The anatomy of trauma. How its legacy keeps us stuck in a loop. How to move towards resolution. This is self-compassion school.



Our intrinsic biological re-set button. One of the best kept somatic secrets. Especially for sedentary women. Keeps you juicy & mobile.



Redefine rest. Renew your self-care vows. Rest unapologetically. Profoundly cultivates your parasympathetic capacity.



Demystifies this holy grail. Learn my renowned slow-release series for profound nourishment. The "Pièce de Résistance", baby.



A measure of joy, our capacity to play reflects our resiliency & wellbeing. Playful re-patterning rewires your neurology.



Delicious functional human movement & no-nonsense anatomy for daily life. The catalyst & key for postural & biological integrity.



The body knows the way. We'll get fluent in the language of authentic full-body expression. Watch your body respond with juju.



This is how it all began for me. Learn the art and simplicity of Deep Relaxation Meditation.



I’ve seen a lot of women wreck their health whilst transitioning to entrepreneurship or running/growing a business. I’ve been there. It was brutal.

This module will transform the way you do business. We’ll debunk the old masculine paradigm that drives entrepreneur’s into the ground.
We’ll redefine our metrics of success and amplify all that is nourishing and generative to create an evolutionary, sustainable, feminine business model.
That way you get to serve your bottom line AND your body/health/relationships.

I’ll share my key business smarts from 30 years in business, which translate to Nervous System Repair for your business. It’s the missing piece in Business School.

It’s time to do what you love in a WAY that you LOVE doing it. Without wrecking your health.

Oh, and your deeper needs, sensitivity and intuition will be the new CEO. Of courrrrrse! Sound good?






O h .   M y .   G O D !   T h i s   i s   s p e c t a c u l a r .   S c i e n c e – m e e t s – S o u l   p e r f e c t i o n .

I ‘ v e   b e e n   w a i t i n g   f o r   t h i s   m y   w h o l e   l i f e . . . 



I’m a busy and burnt-out CEO/business owner. This program really changed something for me.

I learn to listen to my body (not ignore and override it), tending to myself, feeling the weight lift off my shoulders. I love how you are, how you live Kylian. So authentic, embodied. You teach from there. It’s so real.

You inspired me to take 4 weeks off. It never occurred to me as a possibility. Will my business go bankrupt without me? (hehe probably not).

I want every woman experiencing anxiety, stress, the feeling that nothing can be changed, overcoming (old) trauma, mothers with busy lives, people leading heavy businesses etc etc to have this work. Just go for it, but experience it fully, surrender to the DEEP REST programme and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

– Suzanne, Business Owner & CEO, Netherlands


Kylian’s DEEP REST course changed me at a cellular level. From the first moment, I knew I couldn’t stay the same. Her content and nature are so generous, supportive, warm and full of ease. So that we could grasp the humanity and resistance that goes with rest. I can’t recommend this course enough. Everyone should know this stuff. 

– Lauren White, Sexologist, Brisbane



I was in a state of chronic fatigue and nervous exhaustion. I experience exquisite alone time and nourishment during your course where I finally felt my heart again and realised how far away from it I had been. I love the thought that there is nothing wrong and we can welcome it all. I have had such a struggle with liking myself and seeing my value and somehow or other my juicy gorgeousness came to me.!!!!!

I really enjoyed the embodied emotional intelligence which you model and the information you gave us and the generosity of all the love you did it with. This was so profound for me and to see the results of your sabbatical and how much integrity has come as result of taking this time for yourself Kylian.

Lastly I would recommend it to EVERYONE – especially my menopausal friends. I LOVE YOUR WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– Joanna Zielinska, Shiatsu Therapist, Fashion Sales and Customer Service, Melbourne








T h e   w o r l d   n e e d s   u s   n o w .   W e l l – r e s t e d ,   j u i c y   w o m e n   t o   l e a d   t h e   w a y   f o r w a r d   f o r   h u m a n i t y .





    When we're deeply rested and resourced we have more juice for the things we love.
    Life becomes a deep joy.





T h e   u l t i m a t e   w o m e n s – o n l y   s o m a t i c   e d u c a t i o n   p r o g r a m .   T h i s   i s   m y   l i f e s   w o r k .   Y e a r s   i n   t h e   m a k i n g .

Y o u r   n e r v o u s   s y s t e m   &   a d r e n a l s   w i l l   b e   p u u u r r r i n g .









Y E A R – L O N G  M E N T O R S H I P  D E T A I L S :


• $3990AUD ($3200US approx) paid in full (earlybird price – never to be repeated).

• Or $399AUD ($278US approx) per month x 12.

• QUARTERLY 1:1 call/session with Kylian (4 x 1 hour)

• Intimate in-depth 12 month mastery immersion with Kylian.

• Access Kylian’s entire body of work content for 12 months.

• Expert content: reading, inquiry, video lessons & practice.

• Monthly Zoom calls (x12).

• BONUS videos of Kylian’s interviews with the guest teachers.

• LIVE calls with the expert guest teachers.

• Membership site.

• Virtual DEEP REST® Retreats.

• Optional private FB group membership and support.

• Hang out with me for a whole year. I’ll teach you everything I know.

• 50% off 1 live event.





Oh yes! I've been waiting for this...


Ah-mazing right? Want to join me?   

This is not a mediocre run-of-the-mill, over crowded online training with impossible deadlines and objectives that push you to your limits.

I’m done with that old paradigm. I’ve resolved my own decades-long burnout cycle. It’s been over 8 years since I last cooked my adrenals.

So this work is birthed from my own lived experience, and decades of working with women as a therapist, advocate and educator. So it’s steeped in feminine values. I’ve mastered this stuff. I live and breathe it. It’s not another thing on my to-do list. Some ideal for my life that lies in the future. It’s a way of being. Now. And I can teach you how to live the way you ache to live…

This is love-soaked, generous, juicy, intuitive, compassionate, fortifying, healing, liberating, empowering and deeply restful.

And just like my other offerings it will be exquisitely lush and transformational.

I am committed to this work. We need it now more than ever. Our future selves are depending on it.

I look forward to working and playing and resting with you, sweetheart.

Have a question? There’s a comprehensive FAQ’s section (scroll down).





C e l l u l a i r   r e p a i r   r e q u i r e s   c u r i o s i t y   a n d   c o u r a g e .   

T h i s   w o r k   a l i g n s   y o u   w i t h   y o u r  d e e p e s t   v a l u e s   t o   c u l t i v a t e   i n t e g r i t y .    

T h a t ‘ s   w h e n   t h e   b o d y   h e a l s .   A l l   b y   i t s e l f .







 “’Restore connection’ is not just for devices, it is for people too. If we cannot disconnect, we cannot lead.
Creating the culture of burnout is opposite to creating a culture of sustainable creativity.
This is something that needs to be taught in business schools.
This mentality needs to be introduced as a leadership and performance-enhancing tool.”

Arianna Huffington, Huffington Post



emily web“I used to think ‘self-care’ was about getting a massage, going to the gym or taking a bubble bath. (LOL!) Something other women did, not me. Just another thing on my ‘to-do’ list. But now I feel like I have a secret power or knowledge. It’s actually about ‘owning’ myself. Being so in tune with myself. It’s about celebrating myself, and trusting the immense wisdom of this body I live in. 

I am just loving my new relationship with myself! I finally know what it means to look after me! To borrow Kylian’s words: “I am a stand for myself – like no one ever was.” I am still amazed at how good I feel, how much less ‘busy’ and frantic I am. People comment about how great I look too, how they can’t believe it… My husband and kids are loving it too. They’ve got me back after years of chronic unwellness.

Don’t hesitate. Kylian’s work is invaluable. Go get your life back! I got mine, and it’s sweeter than ever.”

– Emily Hart, Bookkeeper and Mother, Sydney






“We don’t have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to.”

– Brené Brown, Rising Strong







“All the ‘not readies,’ all the ‘I need time,’ are understandable, but only for a short while.
The truth is that there is never a ‘completely ready,’ there is never a really ‘right time.'”

– Clarissa Pinkola Estes







Be sure to read the Mentorship FAQ’s section so you are really clear.

If you want to do the Mentorship but decide later you want to do the training – you have until month 9 of the Mentorship to sign up.


Go here for the Mentorship. Spaces are limited:


P R A I S E   F O R   K Y L I A N   A N D   T H E   W O R K : 



“Your work is the deliciousness that I have been seeking but never able to find until you showed me how. It adds a quality to my life that I now have within me.” 
– Alison Vickery, Holistic Health Coach.



“Kylian is a pioneer in healing trauma through the somatic release of stress and painful experiences stored in the tissues of the body. Working with Kylian during my horrible withdrawal from a prescribed anti-depressant allowed me to develop a routine of nurturing practices that I hope to continue for the rest of my life. Through the ease of our Skype sessions, she has opened my mind up to what a fascinating and telling roadmap the human body (and particularly the psoas muscle) can be in maintaining good health. Life changing skills for us “sensitives”!”
Susan K, New York.


“This work is so profound on all levels of healing. It has the capacity to reach in and caress chronic conditions that have been resistant to other forms of treatment, to deep wellness and resolution. If you would like to experience the ultimate restoration of wellbeing, this is the perfect remedy for you.” – Lisa Fitzpatrick, Professional Coach


“Kylian’s voice is soothing and her guidance invaluable for Meditators of all levels.
I listen to her often. Doing the practice brings me right into the moment, and my stress simply dissolves.
It soothes my busy mind and creates a feeling of such acceptance, safety and self-love. A gift.” – Kimberley Roberts, Your Peace Within


“An inspiring example and teacher.” – Michael Shaw, Anti Bullying Educator + Somatic Experiencing practitioner.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“I have to tell you Kylian – I’ve done some restorative work in my time… and you’re the best. I felt old abdominal adhesions pulling apart yesterday during that partner exercise. And my belly feels so different today. I’d love to talk about mind entrainment with the sympathetic nervous system – because this morning it feels like my brain won’t switch on while in parasympathetic mode! Anyhow – I’m totally in for the Rest Revolution! Cannot wait to participate and support you as it builds. Big love.”  – Belinda Noakes, Courage Mentor. 


“I would do this DEEP REST® program again and again. Such ground breaking, unique and exciting and necessary work. You are a super generous and knowledgeable teacher. Kylian your offer was from the deepest part of you, authentic and real and I felt held in such an individual way even though we were a group. I loved that you lived the practice. I really miss the dive in everyday. It was lush and wonderful.” – Lindy Schneider, Writer and Mother, Warburton, Australia


“You are living the evolution of the work and that’s so perfect. Having you come into my life has been so much a part of my own healing and moving forward on my path – so often I can hear you saying ‘can you just let yourself have it? Can you let it be easy?’ And those questions have truly transformed my life, as have the deep rest practices.– Ninsídhe Moon 


“Warm, playful and professional. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience.” – Madhu Honey, Performing Artist


“I had some health concerns including anxiety and heart palpitations when I came to work with Kylian. I had a transformational sigh of relief! When my inner knowing – of changes that were needed – was confirmed. Layers of healing rest has deeply settled my nervous system. I can now listen to myself clearly – without the noise or confusion. Each session ‘reset’ my cells.

My home practice tools and repertoire are plentiful. Kylian’s face-to-face and virtual support has deeply supported my journey. Tangible shifts have occurred – both personally and professionally. As a doctor – I can really connect with my patients. I now prescribe ‘rest’ and ‘self-care’ more than medication. All aspects of my life have been renewed since working with her. My four-year-old son values rest. He is adorable. We even rest together. Kylian is a positive force of encouragement, support, understanding and love.

This work is powerfully simple, all knowing – and it embodies self-care in a way that is transformational – in subtle, and deep ways. I recommend this Deep Rest package to anyone who is committed to changing their life. Thank you Kylian for your commitment – to me, and to this important work.”  – Dr Michelle White, GP Coffs Coast. 


“You have inspired me to take an unabashed approach in listening to my nervous system. Self care as a priority. I love it. Imagine what else is possible once I understand it even more!!! – Lisa Bakarich 


“After the workshop I slept the best I have in years!! My heart feels nourished, I feel deeply relaxed. I loved your relaxed yet mindful teaching style. I feel excited about doing the next workshop with you Kylian. Big big big thanks!” 
– Emma Wilson,Brisbane


“This is the most divine experience of unwrapping what limits your body and psyche (all wrapped in together)… I now have the tools and joy to let go. Watch out people, she’s coming your way.” – Avalyn Doyle, Professional Artist



“For me, you are someone authentic who walks their talk. I LOVE the fact you place so much importance on rest, you remind me that I function much better and am a happier person if I make time for rest through my day.
I also love the fact that in an online world saturated with images of sisterhood that are of 23 year old yogini’s, you embody beauty and your truth as a strong beautiful woman in your forties: women our age need to see this! xxx” – Mel Jeffcott


“Extraordinary. Exquisite!” – Kathy Newman, Pro Surfer


tracyk“I came to Kylian overwhelmed with pain, and at how restricted in movement my life had become. I am 36 and have been in extreme pain since I was 7. I have had a lifelong journey exploring every available options for relief… and had no reprieve. Within a week I was off pain medication. I am eternally grateful for her passion and commitment to this work, as it is without a doubt the most profound bodywork I have ever experienced, and my searching for relief has come to an end. – Tracy Kvassay-Bell, Family Support, Separation and Single Parent Specialist.


“Your work has meant the difference between being in recovery and not being for me in my recovery… your passion is on the edge of something yet to be discovered that is bigger than you could ever know.”
– Lisa Rice


“It means so much to me to have a constant support, reminder and excuse to rest… It’s the antithesis of most other messages we get about our lives and the resting,
the slowing, the allowing add so much juiciness and possibility. I’m truly grateful for you and your work.” – Prue Blennerhassett


cheryl s 2“Following a diagnosis of Ross River Fever, and spending a year recovering and changing every aspect of my lifestyle, there was a piece missing. I had poor habits in terms of navigating stress and overwhelm. I did not know how to say yes to me. I knew I wanted a pathway to uncompromising self-care.

Working with Kylian has been profound for me. Learning to show up for myself. Recognising patterns of avoidance. Recalibrating them. Meeting myself where I’m at. This has been a deep anchor in me, moving forward with the work and enquiry. Immediately it removed for me the self-imposed pressure of ‘needing to achieve’ and I treated myself as I would anyone else, witnessing and receiving with love and non-judgment. It was from this point I could move forward. Gently and with grace.

The utter joy of giving myself permission. Permission to rest, to state boundaries, to shine, to love myself, to eat well. To be. Then sensing into the rewards this gives to me physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Yum.

Kylian’s playful nature makes the deep, gritty work needed to do this kind of releasing a pleasure. Her gentle yet direct approach kept me on task, providing a place where I could truly trust, release and rebuild my nervous system. Embodying the deep rest has profoundly changed me.

My life is full, with travel, meetings etc. The tools provided by Kylian are practical and can come with me no matter where I am heading to next! My favourite thing about the work itself is the gentle nature of it. The nervous system repair work is something I can return to time and time again, gently inviting me to play and rest whilst repairing my body at a cellular level. Divine.

I just know if I didn’t do this I would be facing continued fatigue and overwhelm. It’s life changing stuff. It’s the smartest thing I have done… ever.”  – Cheryl Smith, Not for Profit Manager, NSW North Coast.


“I am hungry for more!” – Ngaire Stephenson, Pilates Instructor + Health Coach


“I love your recording of ‘constructive rest’ and I use it often. It has inspired me in my own teaching. Your words are so obviously coming from an embodied place. Doing the practice with your guidance creates a feeling of such acceptance, safety and self love. A gift. Thank you.”
– Kimberley Roberts, Yoga Teacher, Melbourne


“Perfect! Presence. Courage to hold a spaciousness, stillness, silence and depth.” – Belinda Lloyd, Yoga + Mindfulness Teacher.


Rebecca Henry

You will be in great hands. Kylian is compassionate, bold and spot-on in her coaching support. Some days I needed gentleness – others I needed to be challenged. I felt like I could bring anything to our sessions – and she could work with it. She wouldn’t let me flake-out. And her voice! Her words – like healing love letters… I listened to her audio’s every day – and still do. It’s like she’s right here with me.

The perfect combination: practical, restful, overwhelm-free tools; beautiful, soulful support – as well as theoretical, nerdy info – which I really need. I noticed an immediate shift in my pain levels, my anxiety and sleep. I now understand why I got so sick – and how to avoid another stress related burnout! I have loads more energy too. She has taught me things that I wish I knew 20 years ago! Who knew this stuff existed? My cells are grateful every day. “

– Rebecca Henry, Equestrian Centre Manager, Topanga, California.


“Rest, letting go completely and then some. I’d love to do more with you. Your story and work resonated deeply with me. – Ellie Wilson


“I slept amazingly well! I woke up sideways on my bed…never done that before! My body feels free and flexible no issues at all – energy high, nervous system calm. I felt very flexible and unusually free of ANY tension… I felt unusually limber with no aches or pains which I usually would wake with. I got a lot out of this workshop.”
– Rhonda Weatherby, Yoga Teacher, Melbourne


“This work work has something for everyone. It can relieve your headaches, soothe your aching back, calm your nerves, allow you to move with ease and comfort throughout the day. However if you choose to let it, a whole new world can be opened up for you. It can touch your heart and soul in ways that you never imagined possible and allow you to explore a whole new perspective on life… all through the dynamic teaching, wisdom, gentle guidance and loving support of Kylian Martin.”
– Cathy Lee, Mother


“I feel moved by your courage and integrity in your heartfull sharing of yourself and your journey. I feel inspired by your commitment to self care.” – Michelle Callaghan


“Kylian brings a warmth and heartfelt regard for all.” – Merri Hughes, Psychologist.


“Your daily posts of rest for me is a necessary reminder for self inquiry. Rest is not something i do well! I have often thought about writing to you to thank you
for your ongoing humanness and support in times when i feel like I cant even breathe!! I am grateful to you for allowing me permission to “REST” when i most need it.
Thank you for what your work does for me!” – Kath Newman


“You remind me how good and lovely juicy lusciousness is, shared yours with me and reconnected me to my own.” – Belinda Lloyd


“You have reminded me, just through you being you, and your divine openness and honesty, to ‘be here now’,
of the sacred pause between the in-breath and out-breath, to take the time to smell the roses, to dive deeply and live fully, with love <3” – Radha Ixchel


“Perfect. I always get just what I need.” Lesley Elizabeth, Personal Assistant, Yarra Valley


“Aha! Reframing healing to self-care! It was very profound I Had over-ridden my body repeatedly in the past because of the belief I had to keep going, carrying so much. Now I prioritise listening to my body and sensitivity as my basic platform to support a sustainable life. I appreciated the inquiry, I liked your straightforwardness and obvious depth of knowledge and experience. I really enjoyed the audios and the weekend retreat was fab. I went through it all again! 

I’m releasing some really tightly held tension as a result of very old injury (some I hadn’t really ackowledged/known) and have been taking things very gently. I loved that you included the communal aspect of this work and how we can be like ambassadors for it amongst our friends, clients etc – making it ok for us to rest and replenish and deeply acknowledge ourselves and what is required for ourselves and the planet. I sense that the tenderness I am experiencing is mostly in the fascia as it slowly releases from deeply held patterns. 

I would recommend Kylians work to everybody really! Particularly to those recovering from traumatic experiences; anybody experiencing stress and burn out; anybody who realises they require some deep nurturing…” Louise Carpenter


“Direct, gentle, powerful, personal.” – Nikki B


“I’m listening now, I use guided meditation daily and I will run this for A few weeks. Keep you posted, on its impact, however, I love your words and tranquility of your voice.” – Glenn Selig


“Oh how I love what you are saying here in this work… thank you, again.” – Janet McGeever


“Your sweetest and most simple reminder at the end invoked a cascade of tears.
I hadn’t realised I had been holding myself at such a distance….a beautiful realisation to feel. Thankyou x” – Kristie Kelly

“You remind me to rest, that rest is vital part of life and to not feel guilty about needing it. x” – Rivka Worth

Just wanted to let you know I saved this link but only just today listened… while resting my lower back with heat lying on my lounge room floor!
Perfect words to meditate. Some big transitions going on in my and my childrens life right now, 3yo injured and required operation (but all fine now) and then I strained my back.
I’m focused on rest and releasing my psoas. But your reminder to trust and receive support from those around and from the world, and my body/life /energy..to have faith and let go and just rest.
Just be. That was very powerful for me today. So thank you!
I also really enjoyed your voice, pace and your small chuckles. Just right.” – Alexandra MacGibbon


“Jeez. You’re just a total inspiration in everything you do!!!!” – Lisa Grant


“Permission without Guilt to rest >>>> is the biggest for me! gratitude n hugs” – Catherine Swan


“You spread your soft sweet sparkling light from within. And it shines in all its vulnerable lovingly tenderness. I really appreciate it and your honesty, thanks by that you remind me that it’s not necessary wear the armour.
I also love your crazyness and your way of describe things in a juicy way. I’m with you!” – Sara Burzacchini


“So much of your work resonates for me that it’s hard to nail one thing. I think ultimately for me though it is knowing that rest is not wrong, weak or bad. It’s needed. Way more than we realize.” – Georgia Rhodes


“Dearest Kylian, you are such a courageous and inspirational woman. I love reading your authentic sharing here or in blogs/newsletters. I see how much you bring to our wider community through you rawness, passion, kindness and gutsy capacity to show up in all that you are. You remind me to give to myself what I hope to offer others. So thank you with all my heart …” – Coral Nutan Jones


“I love all your sharings and resonate with u deeply .. Looking forward to taking deep rest classes with u someday.. I love your depth .. Your vulnerable and embodied ..
An true inspiration to me .. So blessed to have crossed paths” – Frances Mercer


“Dynamic wisdom, gentle guidance and loving support.” – Cathy Lee, Mother + Medial Assistant


“I discovered that feeling deeply unsafe underlies my busy-ness and pushing through. That it is up to me to give myself what I need and have been lacking. That is an act of deep self care and self love to prioritise my own needs and give myself the care I need. That I deserve it and it’s okay to prioritise my needs over other people’s needs. That it is a journey, not a miracle cure.

I automatically go into pushing, rushing when I have a deadline and I now catch myself when I feel my system go into ‘rushing’ , take a breath, feel my feet and walk with consciousness. To be given permission not just to grab a quick rest when I have time, but to put it front and centre in my life and prioritise it was a revelation. I now know how to calm my stressed nervous system. That it’s not a one off thing, it’s an ongoing necessity to prioritise it.

I enjoyed Kylian’s enthusiasm, passion, authenticity, clarity, warmth, playfulness, insight and depth of knowledge. I liked her ability to articulate concepts and practices clearly and to guide deeply restorative relaxations that really ‘hit the spot’, making me aware of habits of holding in my system that I was not aware of. Her repeated use of kind, caring, loving terms for the self like ‘sweetheart’ was very welcome and made me aware of how enjoyable and relaxing it was to feel cared about. I realised that I  could use those terms with myself to treat myself in a more loving and nurturing away, to aid me in fostering self nurturing. It made me aware that the lack of nurturing I received growing up did not have to continue as I had the ability to nurture myself now and be my own advocate, rather than harsh ‘pushing’ which had been my life conditioning and habit.

It was good to feel a sense of community with the other women and hear their stories and hearing similarities in their experiences to mine. It validated my experience.

I would recommend it to people who have trouble stopping, who have issues with energy, who are highly sensitive, who are healing trauma, who are caught in the ‘busy-ness of life, who want to reconnect with themselves.” – Megan Young, Energy Consultant, Ocean Shores, Australia

“Authenticity, compassion, playful, quirky. She’s the real deal!” – Ernst Dams, Relationship Coach


“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”  

– Mary Oliver