W H O   I S   T H I S    M E N T O R S H I P   F O R ?


Highly Sensitive and introverted women.
Stress, Trauma and Anxiety:

You are highly sensitive, prone to overwhelm. Perhaps you have PTSD. You will learn unique and powerful ways to regulate and instantly find deep calm. 

Chronically stressed and highly sensitive people often have a disruption in their sensory integration processing. Stress, illness, hyper-arousal (of the nervous system), and trauma can create a chronic ‘restlessness’ or baseline anxiety. This impacts your ability to relax, focus, unwind and even sleep. What is often overlooked is how everyday things like sitting long hours and technology compound our symptoms. My body of work teaches you life-changing anatomy for daily life that cultivates integrity to support your sensory processing. It integrates various tools that initiate a biological relaxation response and deep sense of safety – for instant calm. In turn – this can radically improve the quality of your rest practice, naps and sleep. Not to mention your work, hormonal balance, energy and relationships! It also helps to fast-track cellular repair and the recovery from a host of illnesses.

If you’re familiar with the term “sensory overload,” you have an idea what sensory processing issues are, and how it might ‘feel’ in this busy sensory-rich world. People with sensory processing issues can be oversensitive to sights, sounds, textures, flavours, smells and other sensory input. Disturbances in our ability to process this information can seriously affect how we cope with our day-to-day life. Sensory processing sensitivity is a complex neurological condition (not just a personality thing) that happens because the brain has trouble ‘organising’ information from the senses. In effect – we can become overstimulated, uncomfortable and overwhelmed, or if we are hypo-sensitive we can seek sensory experiences. Most common in my clients is a hyper-sensitivity. It presents as an over-arousal in the nervous system and can make day-to-day living overwhelming and challenging, and many people live with anxiety and other complex issues, and will avoid certain situations and experiences to modify or avoid overstimulation.

This work is liberating and empowering. And it’s body based, so you literally ‘feel’ the effects of it. Immediately – and over time. It’s gold.



Women recovering from Adrenal Fatigue and burn-out:

You have or have had adrenal fatigue, exhaustion, burnout or some kind of breakdown. Maybe you’re on a spin-cycle. We will nourish, tonify and begin to heal your adrenals.

Are you always tired? Trouble sleeping? Do you prop yourself up with stimulants? Or maybe you’ve had a full-blown burnout or been diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue? I’ve been there, and yes, it was brutal.
It can be a long recovery, but it is possible. Having recovered from advanced adrenal burnout myself and working with many women in recovery I can tell you that all the supplements and rest and organic wholesome food in the world won’t lead to recovery if you keep living like a machine darling. By that I mean A-types, over achievers, perfectionists. Women who live at a fast-pace, overstuff their lives, push, hustle, over ride their need for rest, down-time and integration. If you don’t get to the ‘root’ of your adrenal fatigue everything else is simply a band-aid. What is often missing from the Adrenal recovery conversation is how everyday things like sitting long hours impacts our adrenals and our ligaments to exacerbate our symptoms. I will teach you life-changing anatomy for daily life that cultivates integrity to support your adrenals.

We do a post-mortem and get to the truth of the burn-out cycle. To resolve it, for good. What is uniquely potent about this work is the way it educates, rewires and recalibrates you. The way you ‘do’ your life actually changes. It invites a different pace, chills you out, slows you down, has you get really honest. We get in underneath whatever has been keeping you from really resting the way you yearn to rest. Recovery from adrenal fatigue must also include recalibrating our patterns, our mindset, how we regard ourselves. Reducing stress, aligning with our hearts desire, our values, eliminating toxins and replenishing the body and mind with healthy food and self-compassion and care are imperative. Kylian holds the perfect space for all of this re-patterning to occur – to help tonify and heal your adrenals.

I’ve developed some beautiful and specific rest practices to help plump up your adrenals, boost your endocrine system and strengthen your immune system.

Did I mention that your adrenals will give you a standing ovation when we’re done?



Menopausal/peri-menopausal women:

So many women struggle with it because they resist what they have no control over. We age. This is an inevitable fact. It’s happening. So when we welcome our natural biological peri and menopausal process then things can shift in our favour.

It can be a challenging time for us, am I right? I’m mid Peri, and it continues to challenge much what I do and teach because well, a lot of it flies in the face of these big hormonal upheavals! But I believe my symptoms are mild, mostly because I have been living in sync with my innate biological needs for many years. So I’m having an easy time of it.

During Perimenopause, hormone levels fluctuate. A lot. The transition to menopause can be smooth and easy for some – whilst for others this period in a woman’s life can be a living hell. The hallmarks of the menopause transition include increasingly irregular periods, hot flashes and night sweats – bringing sleeping difficulties. We can also experience fatigue, depression, irritability and mood swings, anxiety, memory difficulties, weight gain, and urinary incontinence. It is important to appreciate that the entire reproductive system and body, not JUST the ovary, is undergoing change during this transition. It can be helpful to understand the bio-chemistry of peri/menopause and what you might be able to do to ease your transition.

This is not my area of expertise, but my guest teachers and contributors will shine a light on this stuff. Samantha is an incredible beacon of hope and her knowledge will blow your mind. Liz Koch is well beyond Menopause and she says that once you’re through its the juciest and most empowered time of a womans life. We will jam with them and get the lowdown.

And rest assured sweetheart – all that we cover in this year-long deep-dive will benefit you through this transition, and beyond.



Women who crave better Sleep:

Sleep disruption: Insomnia, broken or light sleepers. You dream of better sleep. This program delivers.

How is your sleep? I am referring to nutrient-rich, adequate, sound, good quality, unbroken, consistent, reliable, satisfying and revitalising sleep. The kind of sleep healthy humans need and are designed to get each night so that we wake up consistently with a sense of “get-up-and-go”. Many people don’t even realise their sleep is compromised, until their body breaks down. If you spend long hours sitting or looking at screens, if your sleep pattern is irregular or just plain shit – this is gonna change your life.

In the face of our burgeoning global sleep-crisis – sleep is fast becoming one of our most valuable currencies. And what people don’t realise is that the capacity to rest well actually precedes the ability to sleep well. I will share my expert Sleep Therapy tips and we will put them into place so you can see for yourself. What is often missing from the Sleep crisis conversation is how everyday things like sitting a lot and technology and the way we actually live inhibits our sleep and exacerbates our symptoms. I give you the most comprehensive information about what’s in the way of sleep and how to remedy it that exists. Anywhere.

It promises to interrupt insomnia and liberate your sleep. You will sleep (and nap) like a pro during and after this. Promise.



Women in Pain.

Soooooo many women live with pain! Sacro-iliac or pelvic instability, tight or painful hips, groin, Lower back, shoulder or neck pain. Perhaps you sit a lot or you have an old injury?

This work will begin to liberate your psoas and nervous system simply by learning to slow down and rest. PSOAS LOVE® is a whole stand-alone and very juicy science-meets-soul body of work that we will cover here too. Most women I meet need it! Because we sit too much and carry trauma and live in a modern world. And well, who couldn’t do with a happier pelvis and more space and ease in your hips and lumbar? Done. Easy.

What is often missing from the bigger self-care and wellness conversation is how everyday things like sitting long hours and sitting incorrectly as well as technology impact our adrenals and our ligaments (SIJ) and our tissue to exacerbate our symptoms and create pain. Your Psoas and fascia are master communicators. The fascia is a super-conductor and master communicator. As is your Psoas: Tight, overused and exhausted – or supple and dynamic – the Psoas intrinsically connects our sense of Self – with much of our biological human experience, including: sleep, movement, posture, pain, pelvic integrity, anxiety, flexibility, digestion, sexuality, immune, adrenal and hormonal function. Our bodies are designed to move – a lot, but today’s sedentary lifestyle has us sitting for long hours or engaging in repetitive movements, impacting posture, spinal health and the state of the Psoas and nervous system. The result? A psoas, brain and nervous system that are ‘always-on’. My delicious sloooooow Psoas releases – bring utter and instant relief – by creating space in the hip sockets and lumbar spine – and balance to the pelvis. This is imperative to supporting the resolution of pelvic and SIJ instability – and a happy, juicy, expressive psoas. It fast-tracks your nervous system repair.

I will teach you simple and delicious ways to nourish your fascia and activate your fluid-body, without blinding you with science. Because when we combine these aspects of my work the results are exponentially fast-tracked.



Women with stress related illness and auto-immune disease:

More and more women are getting sick. Chronic stress is tough – but it gets really tough when it develops into chronic illness.

It’s an epidemic. Gone are the days when we expected sickness to take down women of a certain ‘age’, it seems no one is immune. Young women, teens. Autoimmune Disorders have become much more commonplace. It seems it’s a sign of our times.

Science suggests that genetic, environmental factors and stress can all increase your susceptibility. Learning about stress and how to cultivate resiliency is particularly beneficial when we live with any kind of chronic health condition.
The work we cover in this program will support you to nourish your body and reduce immune system activity in ways that are not common knowledge. For example – when we learn to sit well we begin to nurture our parasympathetic nervous system, psoas, pelvic floor, SIJ and adrenals rather than activating and depleting them. And when we cultivate our parasympathetic capacity we make headway because we are spending more and more time in a state that enables our cells to recover and repair rather than exacerbating our symptoms by activating the sympathetic response.

This work is not a quick fix and it does not specialise in chronic illness but in what assists recovery and improves quality if life. It’s about staying mobile and juicy as we age. Reducing pain. Increasing our capacity to rest. That said, I have also seen extraordinary results. And often the shifts are quite profound within a short amount of time.

Foremost, this is Self-Compassion School.



Entrepreneurs, women who sit a lot, work a lot, are doing way too much:

You are a force, a powerhouse. You work for yourself or run the company. You’re a perfectionist. You sit at the computer a lot. You’re over-scheduled and your body is not happy…..

I see you. I do. This was me – until 2011. A full breakdown will get your attention, believe me. So let’s interrupt the narrative now hey? Before the emergency comes.

When women live inside a masculine paradigm and override our sensitivities and feminine cycles, abandoning our deeper yearnings for a really long time, we get sick. Eventually. It’s exhausting. We are women, not machines, not men. But some of us are wired a little more toward creating big and kick-ass stuff in the world. To getting shit done. Fighting the god fight. I get it. I love that you are here. So this work levels the playing field. We stand with and for each other. We look at the real costs of living in a way that depletes us, and delivers tools and knowledge that no innovative woman can live without.

I have had powerhouse women in tears when I teach them some of this stuff. How immediately it changed their lives. How simple yet profound. It frees up juice for more of what they love to do. Win-win.



Women who live with the legacy of Trauma, who doubt their worth, who push themselves or who can’t say no:

Trauma effects so many of us. It leaves a legacy that can have us stuck in a loop, feeling unworthy and driving us into the ground…

For me, I was just so out of touch with my feminine. I pushed and hustled and over-stretched well beyond my limits. I always under estimated the weight of things I took on. Even after years of therapy and self-development I still found myself inside a repeating pattern of burn-out. Like I had something to prove to the world. But my (last) breakdown was like some sort of divine intervention. An initiation. Forced to rest and re-evaluate I found myself going down a new path. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t easy. I went kicking and screaming – angry at my body. How could it let me down like that?

But I eventually arrived in a place of compassion. I welcomed it. And I got really present to how I was actually the source of my breakdown. The I was free.

I want that for you too.



Oh. My God! This is puuurrrrfect!