Let your life be a Masterpiece.


This uber-juicy work is a breakthrough in reclaiming your creative power. It’s for people who are ready to make a deep committed – to creating new possibilities in their lives. We dive in deep – to explore together – and come up with gold. That’s a promise!

Creativity Lab offers a powerful portal into your subterranean psyche. A seamless multi-modal dialogue methodology – provides a unique way of inquiring into your lived human experience. It evokes intuition and body-wisdom – through art, dance, gesture and play. It’s a new paradigm for how we see and experience the physical body and its capacity as messenger.

You will (re)awaken your deep creative impulse, and nourish your Soul-life. It is a potent vehicle through which to encounter yourself, and wake-up dormant aspirations, gifts and strengths – that otherwise remain hidden. This interplay enables you to tap into your full potential – as well as sharpen your creative sensibilities. The medium is instrumental in facilitating the breakthrough, the shift, the “AHAaaah” moment. We work creatively with whatever shows up, and you will be empowered to live a deeply authentic and inspired life – by unleashing the full power of your Soul, into the world.


Workshops & Courses:

Workshops & Courses:

Unleash your imagination, ignite your creative fire & create the life of your dreams. Coming soon! Contact me here for more details.

1:1 Sessions & Packages:

1:1 Sessions & Packages:

What do you want to create? Customised sessions and packages with a multiplicity of mediums to draw out your vision, iron out your kinks & manifest the life you yearn for.



Weaving together deep nourishing rest, playful inquiry & creative expression to rejuvenate the body & inspire the Soul. I have a lush retreat brewing in Byron later in 2015 - so shoot me an email if you'd like to know more.

Creativity Coaching:

Creativity Coaching:

Create new possibilities: What do you ache for? What are you called to do or be or have in your life? This work will take you there, baby... Face-to-face & Skype sessions & packages available.


This is a breakthrough in reclaiming our innate power to create . . .
. . . in Art and in Life.

The expressive arts emerge as a powerful ally in our human flourishing. . .



This, my friend, is the epitome of my work. It’s why I do what I do, for you. It’s kind of like the advanced course – where you get to bring it all together. All that juice you’ve cultivated by showing up in your life with love and devotion and sweet sweet self-care? The integrity, resilience, intelligence and vitality that you now are? Well, now you get to live from that place, sweetheart, and create whatever your heart desires! You get to dream-up what it is you really want to be, do, have, experience or contribute – so you can live fully, or boldly – into the next phase. Sound good?

Through a new, creative conversation – between your deepest yearning, and the way your life is actually showing up – we can begin to reveal and unpack this thing you’re grappling with. Through an interplay of spontaneous art-making, movement, sound and play – within the context of Soulful inquiry, deep support and unconditional witnessing – your dormant powers will re-awaken – making visible, the greater potentials you sense – for yourself, and your life. This can be a place of great un-tapped power, aliveness and creative juice.

My role is midwife, as you charter unfamiliar territory. I will coach, co-create and deeply support you through this wondrous process. As sparks fly, power surges and -unfamiliar parts of you come out to play – I will be by your side…. cheering you on, all the way. As your big-hearted guide – I will get down and dirty with you – if it’s needed. Whatever it takes to birth this, baby.

Yeah, It’s a bit like birthing. Sometimes your’e soooo ready! It’s swift, easy, heroic. Other times, it’s a labour of love, or even heartache – reluctant, slow, and painstaking. But rest assured. It will come, in it’s own time. And I will be there, as your champion – welcoming all of it. All of you.

It takes courage to dive-in to this kind of creative and Soulful inquiry. You see, the expressive arts don’t lie. Can’t lie. That’s why this method is so potent. It’s all about transparency, full disclosure, being real. By nature – the creative act is unwaveringly honest. If there’s something you’ve been running from – it’s gonna be there in the room with us. If you’re telling yourself that your life is right on track – but you secretly ache for a different course – guess what?

The very act of creating draws out the subconscious. And because of this – it gives you access to things that may otherwise never surface. Your Soul speaks. It’s a direct line, to God (the divine, spirit…). So you get to be authentic like never before. How liberating! And then, we can run with it. See where it takes you. Hell yeah!!!

You then have the opportunity to either get fully-fledged with it (“I LOVE this super-power!”) – or toss it out, put it in it’s rightful place (“I’ve been carting around this guilt for 33 years! I’m soooo done with it”)…. and try something new. Risk showing up in unfamiliar, authentic ways! ‘Try it on’, give it a whirl, see what fits. You might just surprise yourself!

So, what would your life look like, if you made a commitment to no longer censor yourself or take on other peoples stuff? To lay-down the burden of some ‘false’ belief that you’re not worthy? Show up fully as who-you-really are? And I swear, you can get complete with that old, old story – that’s been holding you back all these years.

So whatever your pattern or constraint – hiding, pleasing, procrastinating, fear, chaos, overachieving – it becomes visible in this work. You get to put it out there – on the canvas, pour it out, shake it off, let it go, magnify it or transform it….

Are you ready to dive in?

Who I work with:

This work is not just for artists or creative types. To the contrary – a so called ‘novice’ often has a greater capacity to just go with the process. They’re open to something NEW, they trust the medium, risk getting messy – because there is no ‘expert’ censoring or modifying what comes through. Fundamentally – this is about enabling your Soul to express through your body – via the medium. It’s not about over thinking, getting it ‘right’ or working from your intellect!

Some of the most profound breakthroughs I’ve witnessed include the accounting guy who was told at age 6 he couldn’t draw, and spent the last two decades avoiding anything ‘creative’. Or the painfully shy woman, who believed she could never possibly dance/paint/write poetry… only to a harness her secret desires – and start a public speaking course, to convey her message for a worthy cause!

I have worked with hundreds of people, just like you, who’ve made their mark, beaten their own drum, and unearthed their super-powers – and go on to live remarkable lives. So whilst this is not about creating a ‘masterpiece’, sometimes a masterpiece is unwittingly made… for sure. But it’s about what you discover on the way through, and drawing out those innate gifts and distill them down into a clear and powerful resolution, a strategy for your new creative life. It’s about communing with your Soul, and living a juicy life.



This playful, yet powerful modality, enables you to step-up and live authentically and fully – into your purpose, in your relationships, your work and in the world. It’s a totally organic process. You gotta trust yourSelf, as well as trust the process. In this realm, you can literally begin showing up as the ‘creator’ of your life. The ‘encounter’ with the medium – the paint, the dance, the clay, the blank canvas, the drum – becomes a living metaphor for how you engage with life.


You might begin with words – I’ll gently steer you to a less familiar medium. Perhaps you need to thrash out some rage, then paint out your sorrow? A poem may bubble-up, or some random words or unfamiliar sounds may just spill out of you. A theme might emerge through your gesture – some divine message from a time long past. Or a lump of clay could transform into a remarkable symbol of hope or beauty. Whatever emerges – it’s perfect. Every time. Yep, I’ve seen all kinds of weird and wonderful stuff emerge. It’s not my place – or yours – to judge what comes through the divine creative-act. It’s always perfection. It’s your Souls work.

So, as you become more aligned with, and empowered in, the co-creative process of your life, new possibilities emerge. In some instances – the floodgates open. Things just flow. Access to unprecedented support, wellbeing, self-expression, love, ease and fulfilment is granted. This is when infinite creative energy becomes available to you, and life ‘literally’ transforms.


Ready to begin?

Work with Kylian

Creativity Coaching Packages

Professional Stuff:

As a Creative Arts and Movement Therapist, Restorative Yoga Teacher, Creativity Coach, Nervous System Repair Strategist and Somatic Educator, Artist and Speaker – I have developed and delivered creative, therapeutic and community development projects, workshops and educational and therapeutic services for the following clients:

– The Department of Veterans Affairs, VIC
– The Gawler Foundation, Yarra Valley, VIC
– Warburton Yoga and Mindfulness Centre, VIC
– Nexus Modern Art, South Melbourne, VIC
– The National Home Truths Conference, Melbourne, VIC
– Sex and Consciousness Conference, Byron Bay, NSW
– Yarra Valley Community Health Service, VIC
– Eastern Family Violence Network, Melbourne, VIC
– Anglicare, Victoria, VIC– CASA House, Melbourne, VIC
– Yarra Vally Community Health Service, VIC
– Shire of Yarra Valley Youth Services, VIC
– Ranges Community Health Service, VIC
– Women’s Health East, Melbourne, VIC
– Rivendell Community Center, VIC
– Grampians Community Health Service, VIC
– Canberra Rape Crisis Centre, ACT
– ADFACT Karralika Therapeutic Community, ACT
– Windana Therapeutic Community, ACT
– Women’s Information & Referral Service, ACT
– ACT ADHD Support Group, ACT
– ACT Community & Disability Care, ACT
– Drug Referral Information Center, ACT
– Innana Women’s Refuge, ACT
– Canberra Institute of Technology, ACT
– ACT Family Planning, ACT
– Sydney Opera House, NSW
– 3M Australia, NSW

Exhibitions and Performances: (1999 – 2010)

– Resident exhibitor: Nexus Modern Art, Melbourne, VIC
– “Self Portraits” Expressive Arts Performance, Tamalpa Institute, California
– “Re-enchantment in the Studio”, Solo Masters Exhibition, Redhouse, VIC
– “Art of Wellbeing – Exploring the Process of Arts Therapy, Manningham Gallery, VIC
– Curator: “Young Women’s Studio”, Warburton Mechanic’s Hall, VIC
– “Thriving Through Art – Women Survivors of Sexual Violence”, Tuggeranong Arts Centre, ACT
– Opening Speaker & Exhibitor: “Bigger than the Box – Women Survivors of Sexual Violence”, Tuggeranong Arts Centre, ACT
– Dance Performance: “From the Source, Through the Present, Toward the Future”, Mirramu Creative Arts Centre, Bungendore, NSW
– Solo Performance: “A Personal Madness”, RMIT, VIC
– “A Visual Voice”, ArtSpace71, Kingston, ACT


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