Praise for Kylian:

You will be in great hands. Kylian is compassionate, bold and spot-on in her coaching support. Some days I needed gentleness – others I needed to be challenged. I felt like I could bring anything to our sessions – and she could work with it. She wouldn’t let me flake-out. And her voice! Her words – like healing love letters… I listened to her audio’s every day – and still do. It’s like she’s right here with me.

The perfect combination: practical, restful, overwhelm-free tools; beautiful, soulful support – as well as theoretical, nerdy info – which I really need. I noticed an immediate shift in my pain levels, my anxiety and sleep. I now understand why I got so sick – and how to avoid another stress related burnout! I have loads more energy too. She has taught me things that I wish I knew 20 years ago! Who knew this stuff existed? My cells are grateful every day. “
– Rebecca Henry, Equestrian Centre Manager, Topanga, California


“For the first time in 10 years I am consistently without pain.” – Kate Veitch, Writer, Byron Bay


“I used to think ‘self-care’ was about getting a massage, going to the gym or taking a bubble bath. (LOL!) Something other women did, not me. Just another thing on my ‘to-do’ list. But now I feel like I have a secret power or knowledge. It’s actually about ‘owning’ myself. Being so in tune with myself. It’s about celebrating myself, and trusting the immense wisdom of this body I live in. 

I am just loving my new relationship with myself! I finally know what it means to look after me! To borrow Kylian’s words: “I am a stand for myself – like no one ever was.” I am still amazed at how good I feel, how much less ‘busy’ and frantic I am. People comment about how great I look too, how they can’t believe it… My husband and kids are loving it too. They’ve got me back after years of chronic unwellness.

Don’t hesitate. Kylian’s work is invaluable. Go get your life back! I got mine, and it’s sweeter than ever.”
– Emily Hart, Bookkeeper and Mother, Sydney


“My work with Kylian gave me a fresh perspective on the intelligence of my body.” – Tom Langley, Entrepreneur, Melbourne

This is the most divine experience of unwrapping what limits your body and psyche (all wrapped in together really: mind and spirit)…  I have the tools and joy to let go. Watch out people, she’s coming your way…x”

– Avalyn Doyle, Professional Artist, Melbourne

“Kylian is a pioneer in healing trauma through the somatic release of stress and painful experiences stored in the tissues of the body. Working with Kylian during my horrible withdrawal from a prescribed anti-depressant allowed me to develop a routine of nurturing practices that I hope to continue for the rest of my life. Through the ease of our Skype sessions, she has opened my mind up to what a fascinating and telling roadmap the human body (and particularly the psoas muscle) can be in maintaining good health. Life changing skills for us “sensitives”!”

Susan K, New York.

“What an extraordinary space you create! This allowed my heart to feel so held and for the first time, grounded, not hiding, feeling safe. The Aha moment was seeing how much my psoas hangs on to my ribs – claws of fear holding me back. It’s one thing to talk to a friend to release stress and anxiety, but this workshop is so exquisite! One day opens up a can of vegan worms of warmth. And my breathing has returned to normal! AHHH!!”
– Kathy Newman, Pro Surfer, Coffs Coast

“After the workshop I slept the best I have in years!! My heart feels nourished, I feel deeply relaxed. I loved your relaxed yet mindful teaching style. I feel excited about doing the next workshop with you Kylian. Big big big thanks!” 
– Emma Wilson, Brisbane

“I felt really “with” myself after our session, and since then some really big changes have occurred. There’s a feeling of much more confidence, and resting into myself. I’ve been playing with the practices in the morning and evening, and I’ve really noticed how I’ve got this, “hey, this is fun” attitude – so refreshing for me!  A few of your phrases have really landed in me – like how my system will trust me if I look after it. There’s heaps to work with.” 
– Rebecca Howie, Feldenkrais Practioner, Melbourne

“I slept amazingly well! I woke up sideways on my bed…never done that before! My body feels free and flexible no issues at all – energy high, nervous system calm. I felt very flexible and unusually free of ANY tension… I felt unusually limber with no aches or pains which I usually would wake with. I got a lot out of this workshop.”
– Rhonda Weatherby, Yoga Teacher, Melbourne

“Kylian’s classes are the perfect remedy to transform pain, melt stress and support healing. This work is so profound on all levels of healing. It has the capacity to reach in and caress chronic conditions that have been resistant to other forms of treatment, to deep wellness and resolution. If you would like to experience the ultimate restoration of wellbeing, this is the perfect remedy for you.”
– Lisa Fitzpatrick, Soul Purpose + Professional Coach 

“I love your recording of ‘constructive rest’ and I use it often. It has inspired me in my own teaching. Your words are so obviously coming from an embodied place. Doing the practice with your guidance creates a feeling of such acceptance, safety and self love. A gift. Thank you.”
– Kimberley Roberts, Yoga Teacher, Melbourne

“This psoas work has something for everyone. It can relieve your headaches, soothe your aching back, calm your nerves, allow you to move with ease and comfort throughout the day. However if you choose to let it, a whole new world can be opened up for you. It can touch your heart and soul in ways that you never imagined possible and allow you to explore a whole new perspective on life… all through the dynamic teaching, wisdom, gentle guidance and loving support of Kylian Martin.”
– Cathy Lee, Mother

“Having recently incorporated Kylian’s Psoas and Anatomy for Daily Life into my training programs, I can really see the return. In this I do literally mean that I have seen my times drop. I feel more physically balanced and in tune through out training sessions and notice that recovery is quicker. My injury rate is completely nonexistent now with the implementation of this great Psoas work. I use many of the tools throughout my working day also. Which has made productivity on all levels of my life increase. Recently I have found my love for exercise and running in particular come back. 

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and keep up the great sessions.”
– Jules Devlin, Ultra runner and Ironman triathlete 

“This work has opened up a new world of movement for me, and has revealed a new paradigm for seeing and experiencing the Psoas. It has reiterated the importance of slowing down and deep release. Thank you Kylian! I am hungry for more of this work!”
– Ngaire Stephenson, Pilates Instructor and Health Coach 

“Kylian’s teaching is uniquely grounded and intuitive. I’ve waited a long time for 
this work – which is having a profound healing effect on my whole body and being.”
– Star Rumble, Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer specialising in Women’s Health

“This is not to be confused with or compared to any ‘Yoga’ class! These intimate sessions are divine. Kylian offers such wisdom and beautiful personal support that I relax more deeply than I ever thought possible. Making time for this powerful work has transformed my health and my life.

– Tracey Peterson

“Years of chronic lower back pain gone! This is amazing work. I am sleeping soundly for the first time in years.
– Liz Morgan, Registered Nurse

“This was my missing link! After all the emotional work and Yoga – this is the connector! Direct, gentle, powerful, personal.”
– Nikki B, Melbourne

“Kylian’s passionate, playful and fluid teaching style makes for a profound and transformational experience! She facilitates with clarity and direction and simultaneously meets the individual with her deep presence and compassion. She will surprise and delight you with her authenticity and quirkiness. She’s the real deal!”
– Ernst Dams, Relationship Coach

“I can stand up straight, without effort for the first time in 13 years! And driving home afterwards
I noticed such ease in turning to look behind me. I have a big smile on my face!”
– Cathy Lee, Mother and Medical Assistant, Pottsville

“Kylian has developed this work through her own deep process, so she exudes somatic & intellectual understanding of its power. She is an inspiring example and teacher.”
– Michael Shaw, Anti Bullying and Educator & Somatic Experiencing practitioner, Melbourne

“The Psoas Embodiment course was brilliant! Profound. Well worth the investment.”
– Star Rumble, Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer specialising in Women’s Health

“The most joyfully satisfying, healthful experience! I love the ease and beauty of this work.”
– Avalyn Doyle, Visual Artist, Melbourne

“It has enabled a deeper level of ease, flow and healing in my body. Life is better!”
– Joanna Zielinska, Boutique Owner, Byron Bay

“Kylian is a warm, playful and professional teacher, allowing room for exploration and growth in a very supportive and safe environment. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.”
– Madhu Honey, Performing Artist, Byron Bay

“I feel relaxed, fluid and pain free after spending an hour at the beautiful Tea Tree lake with Kylian. The bodywork with noodles was fun and effective, helping to correct my lower back which was out. No more cracking for me! Thank you!”
– Heidi Purdy, Yoga Teacher, Ocean Shores

“Perfect. I always get just what I need.”
– Lesley Elizabeth, Personal Assistant, Yarra Valley

“I am no longer crippled by chronic lower back pain, I rarely have any pain.”
– Cian Sinclair, Byron Bay

“I love Kylian’s style as a teacher, her presence and embodiment of the joys yoga can bring. Her Mindfulness-based Restorative style is truly her own, with the courage to hold a spaciousness in her classes which deeply meets my need for stillness, silence and depth of practice, while at the same time sharing her detailed knowledge of the practices and their effects, variations to suit different conditions, and safety. 
I recommend Kylian’s classes to any/everyone seeking greater ease in their practice and in life. As a yoga teacher I am coming to realise that so many of us have a deep need to be shown how to truly rest, and in particular those of us who don’t realise this.”
– Belinda Lloyd, Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher, Warburton