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we don't value rest...

and we are in trouble.


You crave a life without pain, exhaustion, anxiety or illness.

You are not alone. 

I’ve been there – and it was brutal.


Life was a roller-coaster.

I was a highly-strung, hyper-sensitive, socially-anxious misfit, and eventually my body began to break down….

I had this pattern of taking on the world – then I’d crash and burn.


Life has become a balancing act of relentless to-do lists. We have a chronic perception of urgency – of not having enough ‘time’. Absorbing information and being exposed to environmental stressors at an unprecedented rate – has us stressed and stretched like never before. And you’re feeling the effects. We all are. Fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, digestive issues, chronic pain and a host of other serious stress-related illnesses are on the rise. It’s an epidemic…

Natural human movement has been engineered and time-managed out of existence. We spend loooong hours sitting and we are out of sync with our biological rhythms. This all takes a toll on our nervous system. At some point, the body starts to break down. And often, because we really are amazingly resilient and adaptive beings – we tend to miss the signals. Until it’s too late…

Sound familiar?


What this work delivers:
  • learn how to move out of a stress response – and get your nervous system purring.
  • recognise the signs of stress, nervous system dysregulation and (hyper) arousal – and what to do about it.
  • self-regulate, reset, regenerate and re-build your nervous system and health.
  • interrupt stress patterns and improve your sleep immediately.
  • learn the true value of rest – and tend to your self in new ways, that deeply honour your innate need for replenishment.
  • understand the ‘anatomy’ of the stress response and trauma – how it manifests and why this beautiful work actually works.
  • potent re-patterning techniques to re-wire your mindset and change your neurology.
  • activate a physiological relaxation response with ease – to experience unprecedented levels of safety – enabling you to truly ‘let-go’.
  • redefine ‘self-care’ and cultivate a deep and non-negotiable commitment to your own sweet care. On your terms.
  • activate the fluid-body to initiate the parasympathetic (relaxation) response – and fast-track cellular repair.
  • release the Psoas in non-intrusive ways – to reduce pain, insomnia, anxiety and a host of other aliments – without activating your instinctive fear reflex or old trauma.
  • dissolve chronic pain & long standing stress and holding patterns.
  • learn how to sit, walk and move with integrity and ease. This is a game changer for anyone who sits more than 5 hours a day – which is most people.
  • celebrate this one precious life. This body. Just as you are. You belong here, darling.


Rebecca Henry

You will be in great hands. Kylian is compassionate, bold and spot-on in her coaching support. Some days I needed gentleness – others I needed to be challenged. I felt like I could bring anything to our sessions – and she could work with it. She wouldn’t let me flake-out. And her voice! Her words – like healing love letters… I listened to her audio’s every day – and still do. It’s like she’s right here with me.

The perfect combination: practical, restful, overwhelm-free tools; beautiful, soulful support – as well as theoretical, nerdy info – which I really need. I noticed an immediate shift in my pain levels, my anxiety and sleep. I now understand why I got so sick – and how to avoid another stress related burnout! I have loads more energy too. She has taught me things that I wish I knew 20 years ago! Who knew this stuff existed? My cells are grateful every day. “

– Rebecca Henry, Equestrian Centre Manager, Topanga, California.



Why Nervous System Repair?


Stress has become the new ‘norm’. Yet most people don’t even know they’re stressed.


But the body knows. In fact, the body speaks  v o l u m e s .


Your Nervous System is complex, and the effects of stress on your body can be too.

The symptoms can show up in four ways: cognitive, emotional, physical, and behavioural.


S i m p l y   p u t :   C h r o n i c .   S t r e s s .   B e c o m e s .   D i s e a s e . 


Yet there’s a lot of focus on ‘fixing’ the symptoms. It rarely works.

We need to get to the root of it. To uncover and resolve the source of the illness.


Kylian’s Nervous System Repair work does just that.

 It’s beautiful and powerful. And it works.

It’s not for the faint of heart. It requires courage, and a deep commitment. To show up differently, for yourself.

To receive your own care.


Are you ready to rest like your body aches to?

Are you prepared to take a loving stand?

For your Nervous System and your life?



Effortlessly nourish your Nervous System and Psoas...

for the Rest of your life.

emily web“I used to think ‘self-care’ was about getting a massage, going to the gym or taking a bubble bath. (LOL!) Something other women did, not me. Just another thing on my ‘to-do’ list. But now I feel like I have a secret power or knowledge. It’s actually about ‘owning’ myself. Being so in tune with myself. It’s about celebrating myself, and trusting the immense wisdom of this body I live in. 

I am just loving my new relationship with myself! I finally know what it means to look after me! To borrow Kylian’s words: “I am a stand for myself – like no one ever was.” I am still amazed at how good I feel, how much less ‘busy’ and frantic I am. People comment about how great I look too, how they can’t believe it… My husband and kids are loving it too. They’ve got me back after years of chronic unwellness.

Don’t hesitate. Kylian’s work is invaluable. Go get your life back! I got mine, and it’s sweeter than ever.” 

– Emily Hart, Bookkeeper and Mother, Sydney


Your Psoas is a master communicator. Your body is an oracle....

What is yours telling you?


By learning to listen to your body as a messenger, and honouring its innate intelligence and wisdom, you can begin to restore balance, so your body can release, replenish, repair and thrive. This beautiful multi-disciplinary approach to wellbeing profoundly resets your nervous system and enables age-defying cellular regeneration. It keeps the joints and tissues juicy and mobile, sustaining pain-free, easeful movement as you age. It has you redefine rest – on your own terms. It shows you how be a stand for yourself – so you can create whatever you most desire in your life.

And if you think you don’t have time, then you are the perfect candidate for this potent work! By taking regular time to slow waaaay down – even if its just 10 minutes – and reset your nervous system, you literally change your neurology. You start to see how doing less creates more time – not the other way around! Life starts to show up very differently! It gets more spacious – it opens up, becomes more delicious, flowing and easeful – and the body heals itself!


A little about my role:
  • I am your midwife. Together, we rebuild your nervous system.
  • I educate and empower you with tools to create profound and lasting change.
  • I initiate new evolutionary conversations around stress, injury and illness.
  • I give you permission to rest deeply – without apology.
  • I teach you how to really receive: deep, nurturing, unconditional support.
  • I plug you in to your body’s innate regenerative (super) powers.
  • I guide you through Soulful inquiry, revelation, recalibration and restoration.
  • I support you all the way – with compassion, ferocious love, insight, playfulness and bold truth-telling.
  • I facilitate the strengthening and stabilisation of an unstable pelvis where required.


tracyk“I came to Kylian overwhelmed with pain, and at how restricted in movement my life had become. I am 36 and have been in extreme pain since I was 7. I have had a lifelong journey exploring every available options for relief… and had no reprieve. Within a week I was off pain medication. I am eternally grateful for her passion and commitment to this work, as it is without a doubt the most profound bodywork I have ever experienced, and my searching for relief has come to an end. – Tracy Kvassay-Bell, Family Support, Separation and Single Parent Specialist. 


           Kylian talks about the work:
kylian talks about her work
Talk to Kylian now


Why I am qualified for this role…

Hey there, I’m Kylian. A slightly neurotic A-type, turned beach-dwelling, napping expert. Renowned for living courageously, my work with the Psoas and teaching the art of Deep Rest. I specialise in Nervous System Repair. I believe your body knows how to heal itself. I am living proof.

I am a Master of Arts, Dance and Movement Therapy, a Restorative Yoga Teacher, Somatic Educator and Biomechanist, with Soul. This (r)evolutionary work was birthed through my own chronic illness and injury, culminating in a complete breakdown in 2011. Paradoxically, it was also my breakthrough. I was forced to stop. And 20 years working with thousands of people in the fields of trauma, creativity, Restorative Yoga and Mindfulness – unwittingly informed my own triumphant recovery. It also transformed my old, old pattern of taking on the world and burning out. I now live a spacious and creative life in a sub-tropical paradise, near Byron Bay, Australia. I recently celebrated working with 1000 Psoai in my role as Nervous System Repair Strategist.


Whilst perfecting the art of self-care, I tenaciously investigate (between naps) what it is to be human, and what it takes to truly thrive. As a teacher – I soulfully weave together the biomechanics of anatomy, biology, movement, creativity, deep rest and play. This interplay all comes through in my teaching. I support you with ferocious love, insight, playfulness and bold truth-telling – as I plug you into your body’s innate regenerative powers.

This is a profoundly nourishing and kick-ass healing modality. It’s all about embracing our own humanity, our vulnerability, whilst living with intentionality and courage. Essentially cultivating integrity in your body and life. And together, we mid-wive new possibilities for your wellbeing. So you can go forth – to live the life you (secretly) want to live… I am deeply committed to show up for you, and for humanity – as I share this extraordinary medicine. I call it Love in Action.



“Years of chronic lower back pain gone! Powerful work. Amazing Teacher… I am sleeping soundly for the first time in years.” – Liz Morgan, Registered Nurse




    Let's get your whole system purring...




  • chronic stress and long term ‘holding’ patterns
  • a busy mind and lifestyle
  • overwhelm, anxiety and panic attacks 
  • fatigue, exhaustion and immune depletion
  • burnout or breakdown
  • nervous system overload, dysregulation and hyper-arousal 
  • insomnia and sleep disturbance
  • pelvic or sacro-iliac instability
  • trauma and PTSD
  • postural alignment imbalances 
  • hormonal imbalances
  • toxin and medication detoxification
  • chronic pain – in particular pelvic, hip, back, foot and neck pain
  • digestion and reproductive issues




“Kylian is the Nervous System Whisperer.” – Alison Vickery,
Holistic Health Coach.


“This is the most divine experience of unwrapping what limits your body and psyche (all wrapped in together)… I now have the tools and joy to let go. Watch out people, she’s coming your way.” – Avalyn Doyle, Professional Artist

“This work is so profound on all levels of healing. It has the capacity to reach in and caress chronic conditions that have been resistant to other forms of treatment, to deep wellness and resolution. If you would like to experience the ultimate restoration of wellbeing, this is the perfect remedy for you.” – Lisa Fitzpatrick, Soul Purpose + Professional Coach 



More About the Nervous System Repair Package:

This work is for people who are ready to commit to themselves – and to creating new and powerful possibilities, in their bodies and lives. It’s a bit like changing the course of the otherwise almost certain future. We dive in deep together to explore, nourish & repair the nervous system. Yet much of the potency of this work, begins with cultivating safety on a deep, cellular level. So even though many people may work with me to learn practical ‘tools’ they can use in their daily lives (of which you get many) – first we need to breakdown this longstanding relationship with how they care for themselves. Or not.

Sound familiar? I will support you to interrupt the habituated conditioning that got you here in the first place. Often it’s stress, an outdated ‘mindset’, exhaustion, depletion – as we all carry and do, more and more. Or it’s a never ending ‘to-do’ list, an A-Type or push-push-push personality or a past we’ve not made peace with. It may be some long ago trauma or an old, old story you carry – that you are not enough, you don’t belong or that there’s never enough time or space for you. Whatever it is – is often then exacerbated by an increasingly sedentary life, poor posture and movement habits. We can then spiral into illness rapidly – or simply not ‘recover’ as the body can and should…


I will help you identify whats really going on – so you can get complete with it and make a new and powerful possibility for your life. If we need other practitioners – I have a list of incredible people specialising in various fields. Whatever you need – so that you can finally make corrective change and begin to receive the profound nourishment and repair, that your body craves and deserves. Sound good?

These packages offer a delicious and unique fusion of theoretical, biomechanical, experiential and somatic learning. Anchored by powerful yet loving weekly inquiry and ‘homework’ processes for your own exploration, journalling and reflection. My radically loving and Soulful methodology – infuses this potent body of work. It is informed by my 20 years working as a Creative Arts Therapist, Somatic Educator and teacher with thousands of people.

Our time together is held inside a new paradigm for how we see and experience the physical body, and its capacity to self-heal. We can do weekly or fortnightly 1:1 sessions (skype for remote clients). You will receive personalised emails and audios to follow up the material covered in our sessions, with inspiration, resources and support – to form your very own “Psoas Love – Nervous System Repair Manual”. The 1:1 setting ensures your individual needs are deeply met. Essentially you have your own “Nervous System Repair and Psoas Love Coach” for the duration of our time together. We will co-create your intention and develop your personalised home practice, and integrate a new way of being and relating to your innate needs – into your daily life. This beautiful and profound process is inquiry based, and requires courage and a deep desire to live into an empowered future for yourself. So it tends to enrich and transform people’s lives in more ways than they can imagine when they register… (just read the testimonials!)

I continually receive feedback from clients about how differently life now continues to show up for them. Reductions in pain, improved sleep, increased joy and expression, sensuality, feeling like they have more ‘time’ or space in their lives – and how they now prioritise rest and sweet self-care. They feel more at ease and more present in themselves and their relationships. Often their loved ones start noticing the shifts too. It really is wonderful to witness…

And I want that for you, sweetheart.



    Liberate your Psoas.
    Master the art of Deep Rest.
    Repair your Nervous System.
    Live life on your own terms...
    ...without the burnout, baby.

    i'll show you how


“Kylian is a pioneer in healing trauma – through the somatic release of stress stored in the tissues of the body.
Working with Kylian during my withdrawal from a prescribed anti-depressant allowed me to develop a routine of
nurturing practices, that I hope to continue for the rest of my life. Through the ease of our Skype sessions,
she has opened my mind up to what a fascinating and telling roadmap the human body (particularly the psoas muscle)
can be in maintaining good health. Life changing skills for us “sensitives”!” – Susan, 
New York.



Included in the Package:

– A powerful 7-week transformational healing process. Resetting and rebuilding your Nervous System, cultivating a profound commitment to self-care;

– Invaluable experiential, educational & therapeutic learning experience with Kylian Martin, renowned pioneer and specialist in the field;

– 8 contact hours either face-to-face or on Skype over 8 weeks (or fortnightly by arrangement);

– Unlimited between-session support emails with rich resources, support, guidance & inspiration;

– Laser coaching support between sessions with Kylian as required;

– Breathtaking audio files of Kylian for your home practice and support. She gives you full and unconditional permission to rest;

– Preview editions of Kylian’s highly anticipated e-books – including her essential guide exploring why rest is essential for healing the effects of stress, illness and trauma – and her jam-packed Sleep Protocol.

– A beautiful customised recording made by Kylian just for you, following your first session. Kylian will craft an audio that you can carry with you everywhere… She speaks lovingly to you and your specific needs, assisting in dissolving blockages and moving with ease into your intention – as you birth a new way of tending to you own needs. You will feel like she is right there with you in your practice, and you can listen anytime, anywhere.

– Instructional Video files for home practice determined by your individual needs;

– Weekly guided inquiry worksheets for written and embodiment home-play and practices. These form your personal workbook – an invaluable map and resource beyond your time together with Kylian;

– Weekly in-depth follow-up emails after each session – to help you document, map and anchor the work we cover together;

– Membership to my Facebook Group forum for sharing & support with other course participants & graduates. (Optional);

– A wealth of techniques & tools for developing a sustainable home practice – which eventually permeates your life as a new way of being. – for Profound Nervous System Repair and optimal Psoas health.

– Kylian is essentially your ‘Midwife’ for the duration of your package (7-8 weeks). It’s intimate and profoundly supportive and potent. Together we co-create rich new ways of identifying and reposnding to your deepest needs. You will birth unprecedented levels of self-compassion and kindness. This manifests as a genuine self-responsibility – a way of receiving your own unwavering care.

– It changes lives.


Cost: $2997 AUS  (Approx $1900 US)



Kylian’s evolutionary Psoas Love, Rest Revolution and Instinctive Body streams
form a potent modality to repair the Nervous System and slow the effects of ageing.

psoas screen shot

INSTINCTIVE screen shot

Rest Revol Screenshot


The body never lies. – Martha Graham.



Pre-signup procedure:

We begin the conversation with email contact to arrange a time to have a 20 minute consultation. I then email you an application form so you can tell me about your history, what is showing up for you, and what your intention might be for working with me.

This initial correspondence helps to inform us both in recognising our compatibility for working together over several months. It enables us to hone in on your individual needs & goals in preparation for getting the most from your work with me. I can then advise if this work is suitable for you and how it can help, what to expect, and explore any other concerns you might have. If it’s a “yes” for us both – I send you an agreement for you to sign, I invoice you via paypal, and we get started!

During this process we discern what household items, yoga props or specialty products you will need to gather before we begin. Then we make a time to meet at my studio or to connect on Skype with video linkup. Skype sessions are a great way of working with me when you don’t live nearby. We are so fortunate to have this awesome technology, which brings me right into your home! The video technology provides remote clients the opportunity to work with me face-to-face ‘virtually’, as well as benefiting from helpful visual aspects of the work – such as setting up, demonstrating how to come into, and move through various practices. As you come into each practice I can actually see you – so I can direct you with instructions and modifications as required. It really is awesome.

Audio files can be collected on a USB in person or accessed on Soundcloud or Dropbox.

The first session entails an intake process – where we go into a more thorough exploration of your current issues and concerns, specific ailments, history and other relevant information.





“For the first time in 10 years I am consistently without pain.” – Kate Veitch, Writer


“My work with Kylian gave me a fresh perspective on the intelligence of my body.” – Tom Langley, Entrepreneur 

“Kylian’s teaching is uniquely grounded and intuitive. I’ve waited a long time for 
this work – which is having a profound healing effect on my whole body and being. Well worth the investment” – Star Depres, Yoga Teacher and Trainer specialising in Women’s Health.


“What you seek is seeking you.” – Rumi



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