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This book is not a how-to-rest guide, fyi. This book is the foundation of my work.

It’s about what it means to rest – and why we need to rest now more than ever…
It’s a self inquiry. It asks all the right questions – so you can redefine rest.

On your terms…

I t   g i v e s   y o u   F U L L   P E R M I S S I O N   T O   R E S T .

You’ll love it sweetheart.


So take a look at the 3 design finalists below:

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O H .   M Y .   G O D .

B e   s u r e   t o   i n c l u d e   i n   y o u r   e m a i l :

1. Your Preference for cover design (A, B or C)
2. Tell me your name
3. What’s in the way for you
(not enough time, don’t feel deserving of rest, don’t know where to begin…)

Thank you!

I will announce the winner next week….

All love,

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