Can you see your vision? What’s the setting? But before you go sketching it out, there are a three more points to consider in creating it.

1. Who Are the Players?

Who is involved in your vision? For Dr. King, it was the offspring of slaves and slaveowners. For Mother Theresa it was the “poorest of the poor.” How about you?

2. What conflict or struggle did they have to get through to arrive on this stage?

For Dr. King, they had to overcome racism and bitterness. For Mother Theresa, to see Christ alive in the poor, people who weren’t poor had to see the poor literally as God, to serve them in humility.

What conflict, struggle or reality are your players needing to overcome? Note that it may only be held implicitly in the vision.

3. Is it simple enough to happen at a very small scale, and then scale up by being repeated?

The problem with really big visions is that they can be very far out in the future, seemingly unattainable. And it’s hard to celebrate successes when you’re not there yet.

On the other hand, every time Mother Theresa cradled one of the dying poor in Calcutta, and gave them hope and food and shelter, her heart lit up with joy.

She wouldn’t rest until all the world’s poor were cared for, and yet she could honestly and beautifully celebrate each time an individual was cared for.

Is your vision like that?

Heart of Business’s Vision

My simple vision is for you, as someone doing important work in the world through the vehicle of small business, to experience each act of business, marketing, sales, systems, as an act of love.

I celebrate each time someone gets that their marketing can be an act of love. That writing a sales page for their website can be an act of love. That a sales conversation, that implementing a system, can be an act of love for everyone it touches.




And I’m not resting until there are so many of us that know and live this truth that the economy changes to one based on love.

Hey, thanks for reading!

Epic huh?


You know what? A few years back, I couldn’t have written this for myself – let alone shared it so publicly.

I’d sooner have died!

[Yep, I would have just died…]

It’s been such a transformational and empowering process! Full of insight and ‘aha’ moments, tears, laughter, celebration. Fuck yeah!!

 [I recommend you try it. You just might surprise yourself!]


My intention for sharing so openly – is to be fully transparent about my imperfection and struggles.

As well as my triumphs!

To reassure you that no matter where you are – no matter how difficult life can be, how much of a funk you’re in…

It’s all gonna be ok.

…and to inspire you to take the same risk – of showing up fully in your life. Make peace with that person. Get complete on that tired old story.

Because thats what is showing up in your cells baby.

Just make peace with Life, baby. It’s that simple.

Yep, nourish and love yourself – just as you are. Forgive everyone and everything. Let the past, be the past.

Free yourself.

and find all that you ever dreamed of….


I wish you Peace.