Here’s more detail about what we’ll cover during the year-long RESTORE Mentorship:

This is the work we simply cannot bypass or outsource any more…





RESTORE engenders a deeper place of regenerative power, self-love & devotion. 

I’m not interested in the kind of self-care I see in glossy magazines or on perfectly choreographed Instagram accounts. I’m into a much deeper kind of self-care. The kind that’s steeped in integrity and desire and power. It tells the truth. It’s grounded, nourishing and strengthening. It’s all about cultivating functional and structural integrity. It’s science based AND soulful.

From a total breakdown in 2011 this is where I am. Listening to my body, my nervous system, my heart – and responding with love. My sensitivity at the helm. And what steers me is the health of my future self. She keeps me in a place of unwavering clarity because I know that I want to be well. And it feels amazing to make that powerful choice. That deep commitment, and to fully participate in my own wellbeing (today, tomorrow, 5-10-20 years+ into the future). With clear and defined boundaries. My needs.

It’s no longer negotiable.

I used to reject so much of myself. And renewing and refining my self-care vows continues to be an act of courage. It becomes a way of life. A joy. A way of being. Not something else to put on my ‘to-do’ list.

I know my bandwidth. My non-negotiables. I know how profoundly sensitive I am. And I am deeply committed to my attunement, my deep listening, and deep honouring of my needs. It’s THE priority. So I am clear I am willing to do whatever it takes.

This is the nectar that my entire body of work is marinaded in. It’s about getting resourced as an act of self love. It’s about checking in rather than checking out. It’s really about how we show up for ourselves.

This year-long Mentorship is fundamentally about cultivating the self-agency to become the authority of your own life, having your own back in the most profound sense. When we truly have ourselves – we live powerfully.



R E S T O R E   C U R R I C U L U M :



Groundwork & Course Guide. Evolutionary experiential education online. 

Somatic learning is felt, experienced and integrated through the body via movement, the senses, emotions, and/or our spirituality. That is, Kinesthetic, Sensory, Affective and Spiritual learning. It is the body itself that continuously appears as an ever-changing constellation and medium for our learning, our lived experience and reflection. Consider that to embody something is to give it a body, and therefore, embodied learning literally means giving a body to learning (Horst).

RESTORE is steeped in somatic education. It is primarily experiential. The body is therefore the ground, the process AND the medium for the work. It is only truly in the body, that we may begin to see, feel, experience and integrate new possibilities for ourselves. This provides the body and mind with the opportunity to meet itself in a new way.

This approach allows for varying bandwidths, sensitivities and capacities. The on-line format allows you to go at your own pace, which is perfect for us sensitives and introverts. You can revisit, take it slow (think slow-cook), digest, embody and integrate the work as slowly as you need to. And if you prefer working in a community or group – there’s regular live calls and the optional FB group for support and connection.

The content on offer is process based, experiential. Based on the embodiment and application of anatomical, physiological, psychophysical and developmental principles, utilising movement, sensation, inquiry and various forms of expression and reflection. The work invites a state of opening, honesty and deep listening, to support you to step into deep contact with yourself and your lived experience. This creates a fertile space for women to access their body’s innate intelligence and agency to heal and repair. It’s uniqueness lies in the specificity with which each of the body systems can be personally embodied and integrated, the fundamental groundwork of developmental re-patterning, and the utilisation of a body-based language to describe movement and body-mind relationships.

It’s body based. It’s potent. That’s why it works.


Cultivating deep cellular safety in uncertain times: Proprioception is the key. Soulful, liberating, portable, science-based, life changing.

I teach women to locate safety in themselves. Because until we do – how can we truly expect to feel safe at all? And if we don’t feel safe, how can we rest?

In this Mentorship, it all begins with safety. We investigate the metrics of safety and learn real-time ways of locating and developing a deep unwavering sense of safety in ourselves. It’s an inside job, sweetheart.
A deep felt sense of safety is foreign to most of us. Yet safety precedes rest, nervous system health and wellbeing. Lack of safety is pandemic, it’s collective, and it stems from somewhere. Trauma, modern life, uncertain times, conditioning. We have plenty of reasons not to feel safe. Absolutely. And we’ve developed lots of coping strategies. Because to feel how unsafe we really feel would be too much to bear.
While a sense of safety is very personal and subjective – we also all have collective experiences of safety, or lack of it. Most people don’t realise the level of innate lack of safety in their system. It’s become normalised, like stress.

I’ll teach you how to locate and cultivate cellular safety. It’s portable, powerful, liberating. A boon in increasingly uncertain times.


Cultivates moment-to-moment awareness, with curiosity & compassion. So we can welcome ourselves as we are, whatever arises.

Mindfulness is a process of self-inquiry. It is a way of being deeply present and alive – aware of our body sensations, thoughts and feelings. It involves self-regulation through our attention which is maintained on immediate experience, thereby allowing for increased recognition of mental events in the present moment. Living mindfully adopts a particular orientation toward one’s experiences in the present moment. It’s about paying attention to whatever is happening in our lives – moment-to-moment – without judgement. With curiosity and kindness. By taking regular time to practice you can calm a busy mind, which enables you to recognise and step away from habitual, often unconscious emotional and physiological reactions, to everyday events. And by staying present to the now – we regulate our anxiety and nervous system. In turn you can begin to respond to life in new ways. Ways that benefits your heart, mind, and body.

Mindfulness develops an intimacy with our lived experience. It is a profound way to enhance safety, resilience, tranquility and wellbeing.

We will jam with Belinda about all things Mindfulness. She IS Mindfulness.


How to change the tempo & birth a new way of being: the art of Slow Living. 

Going slow goes hand-in hand with Safety. If we hope to really rest, rewire, be energised or pain-free – we need to turn our attention to slowing down.
As we begin to slow the tempo, we initiate a kind of re-wiring in our whole biological system.
I teach the Art of slow. And you will love it. I promise.
It supports us to rest more deeply by creating more receptivity in our body, mind and heart. Our cells and tissues and nervous system become ripe for rest and repair. And, we give others permission to go slow by BEING it. And people love it, because they need it.
And the irony is we discover more time to do what we love.
How would your life look then, sweetheart?


We do a post-mortem of adrenal burn-out & get to the root of this womens epidemic.

When I ask women what’s in the way of resting (or living a life they ache for) I get the same response: not enough time, too much stress, looking after everyone else, exhaustion. And I get it. We are all busy. But there’s more to it. I’m more interested in what’s underneath all of that. Living in a way that depletes our adrenals – we can get in a ‘spin-cycle’ of adrenal exhaustion and recovery – or part recovery. Rinse. Repeat.

I can tell you that all the supplements and rest and organic wholesome food in the world won’t lead to recovery if you keep living like a machine. If we insist on overstuffing our lives, pushing, over-riding the need for rest, down-time and integration – we burn-out. If we don’t get to the ‘root’ of our adrenal fatigue, everything else is simply a band-aid.

WE WILL FOCUS ON NOURISHING YOUR ADRENALS: Your kidneys govern your adrenals. So we will be nourishing your kidneys in new and delicious ways. I have my own tools. But it’s a very individual combo for each woman. Just know that ALL of this curriculum deeply nourishes the adrenals.

When you work with me long-term the way you ‘do’ your life actually changes. We unearth whatever has kept you from having juicy adrenals. Recovery from adrenal fatigue must also include recalibrating our patterns, our mindset, how we show up, regard ourselves and respond to life. Reducing stress, aligning with our hearts desire, our values, eliminating toxins and replenishing the body and mind with nourishment, self-compassion and exquisite self-care are imperative. It can be a long recovery, but it is possible. And it has the potential to transform your health, life and way of being. For good.

Break the burn-out cycle for good. Your future health depends on it.


We are Women. Not machines. It‘s time to lay the hustle, push and exhaustion to rest & midwife the life you ache for.

RESTORE is founded on feminine values and steeped in feminist principles. This provides an empowering, generative, sustainable and evolutionary framework, lifestyle and leadership model.

We’ll level the playing field for ourselves and the collective. We’ll debunk the myth that women need to live or compete inside the outdated white male patriarchal capitalist system. A system that drives us into the ground.

We’ll re-orient to our deeper values and desires to create new possibilities, resolution. By midwifing another way of living, working and loving we get to stay juicy and well, into the future.

And in doing so we pave the way for others to do the same.

It‘s about co–creating a world we want to live in…

By reclaiming AND embodying feminine values for personal AND social transformation.  It‘s a new paradigm.


A game-changer. Biochemical impacts on all things women’s health:

Women’s bio-chemistry is a biologically based science that brings together biology and chemistry. I know – you’re thinking HUH? Why include this? Because biochemical processes give rise to the complexity of life. Proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates and lipids provide the structure of cells and perform many of the functions associated with human function (such as Metabolism), and effects almost everything when it comes to women’s health. Biochemical imbalances and deficiencies therefore have the power to hijack or accelerate our healing and wellbeing.

We will unpack the biochemical and physiological impacts on women who live a stressful, busy life versus those of a slower, saner and well-rested woman. Nervous System, stress, chronic illness, adrenals, anxiety, sleep, hormones, weight, brain, gut and reproductive function.

The body is magnificent – yet so many women are depleted or chronically unwell. The scientific reality is that 90 percent of the signs of ageing and disease are caused by lifestyle choices, not your genes. In other words, you have the capability to overcome and transform your genetic history and tendencies. We will jam with Samantha who knows more about this stuff than anyone I have ever met. She is an amazing Naturopath & Botanical Alchemist with 30+ yrs of experience in caring for women & families.

This is a must for peri and Menopausal women.


Learn the key to structural & functional pelvic integrity for happy SIJ, hips, lumbar & pelvic floor. Ground, stabilise, nourish, thrive.

Adrenal health and proprioception are key.

Soooooo many women live with pain! Sacro-iliac or pelvic instability, tight or painful hips (hello hamstrings), groin, Lower back, shoulder or neck pain. Perhaps you sit a lot or you have an old injury?

As long as I can remember I’ve lived with varying degrees of SIJ (sacro-iliac joint) ‘issues’, pelvic instability, pain. Hyper-extension, severe damage from over-stretching my ligaments in competitive gymnastics as a girl followed by years of dynamic yoga. Early sexual violence and trauma had me in a perpetual stress-response and hyper-vigilance which in turn created adrenal exhaustion… for decaaaaades. This pervading disruption was wreaking havoc on my psoas, nervous system and health… Until I had a complete breakdown in 2011.
It took a long time to address. It’s still not perfect (my period can bring instability), but recent years have seen vast improvements. I barely recognise my body.

What is often missing from the bigger self-care and wellness conversation is how everyday things like sitting long hours and sitting incorrectly as well as technology impact our adrenals and our ligaments (SIJ) and our tissue to exacerbate our symptoms and create pain. All of the other modules are relevant for SIJ health (ie Psoas Love, fascia health, cultivating the fluid-body and nourishing the adrenals (governs fluids/psoas), sleep, adrenals, slow, sitting etc). And when we combine these aspects of my work the results are exponentially fast-tracked. Resting is key. Regulating and repairing your nervous system. Changing the tempo to a human pace. Living with your sensitivity and needs at the helm instead of continually overriding them. Looooong deeeeeep passive psoas releases. Recalibrating the way you show up in life… Living your values.

We investigate what keeps the disruption alive. Getting really honest about our higher allegiances. Then making a deep commitment to clean it up, resolve it. You’ll I need to back yourself.
Interrupting the status quo, changing the body narrative is not for the faint of heart. Good things take time. This is not a quick fix. There is no magic pill. It’s about taking ourselves on. Cultivating structural and functional integrity. So we can be free.


A groundbreaking & comprehensive guide to transform your sleep without big-pharma. For life.

The quality of our sleep reflects the state of our nervous system. So if your sleep is compromised we have some work to do.

Most people survive on inadequate sleep. It’s become the ‘norm’. Sleep disorders are on the rise due to increases in stress and prolonged disruption in circadian rhythms. Exacerbated by modern lifestyles and technologies. We sit waaaay too much. Our melatonin levels suffer from exposure to artificial lighting and harmful EMFs (electro magnetic fields) are wreaking havoc on our biology. Our brain and nervous system is ‘always-on’. So even when we do sleep – it’s not the kind of sleep we need. And if your sleep is not consistently adequate nutrient-rich sleep, your body Body Systems become compromised and eventually things begin to break down.

The long-term biochemical impacts of being busy and ‘always-on’ are not to be underestimated. It doesn’t discriminate, baby – so it effects us all. Even if you are only 22 and feel like you’re indestructible. This modern way of living greatly compromises our capacity to sleep, regenerate and repair. It is cumulative. Our immune, hormonal, reproductive, digestive and nervous systems all eventually begin to deteriorate because our body is doing what it was ‘designed’ to do in the face of stress and having less sleep: survive.

We will interrupt insomnia and transform your sleep. For good. I teach you how to create a Sleep Sanctuary, we clean up your Sleep Hygiene and up the ante on healthy sleep habits. We will cover Supplementary supports and bio-hacking by looking at all the things to avoid or minimise. We will also cover napping myths, science and secrets.


We’ll unpack the anatomy & impact of stress and trauma on the Nervous System. Learn the biological building blocks.

I’ll give you the easy-to-digest science and theory on all things Nervous System, Stress and Regulation. Once you understand the real impacts of prolonged and chronic Stress, you’ll never look back.

I’ll also weave together the other aspects of the work to paint you a complete and empowering picture of how all of the parts of this work (fluid body, fascia, the psoas, proprioception, etc) all play integral roles in nervous system health and regulation. We explore Vagus Nerve function and stimulation and focus on cultivating our parasympathetic capacity.

We will jam with Monique about how trauma impacts our nervous system and just about everything in our lives. This is her Mastery.


Reframing anxiety & overwhelm with the science of sensitivity & sensory processing. Own your super-powers.

Almost all of the women who come to work with me identify as being highly sensitive or introverted. If you are, then you know how difficult it can be to live in a noisy world that glorifies busy, and rewards the loud and the ‘visible’ achievers. Highly sensitive introverts are easily over-stimulated. We are highly perceptive and empathic, so we often ‘feel’ other people’s energy. We are prone to emotional exhaustion, need to withdraw and have lots of solo time to recharge and we often feel misunderstood.

Highly sensitive people often have a disruption in their sensory integration processing. People with sensory processing challenges experience a general ‘restlessness’ and find it difficult to switch it all off and rest.

I grew up in a culture where hard work and ‘tangible’ accomplishments were the metric for success. Amidst the violence and sexual abuse, my exquisite sensitivity and rich inner world got deeply buried as I simply tried to survive. I turned on myself and hated my own sensitivity. It was a curse.

It has taken three decades to undo the impact. To reconcile and repair. To now love and accept who and how I am. And in letting go of wanting to be somehow different to who I was – I got to feel a profound sense of belonging, OK-ness, safety. I felt at home, safe in my own skin at last. To me – it’s all about having myself. Owning it. And well, life just works! It gets easier, because there’s no more self-induced struggle. I now have a deep capacity and commitment to live my life in devotion to these very sensitivities and needs. They are at the helm, rather than something I disown or curse. I map my future and act in the moment – from a deep connection with my own intuition, needs and guidance. In this way – the very thing I struggled with for most of my life has become my very own super-power. And that’s a reframe that has been life changing.


Life-saving essentials to keep yourself safe with 5G, EMF radiation & technology.

I’ve been researching and implementing changes to reduce and counteract the effects of exposure in my life for years. Preaching about how we are in real trouble and why we need to rest and deeply nourish our collective nervous system. Because we are gonna need it! Being tethered to technology has our brains and nervous system ‘always-on’, flooded with stress hormones. We’re in the midst of a global health crisis. But it’s nothing compared to what’s coming….

I’m highly sensitive to EMF’s (electro magnetic freq) and I posted quite a bit about my own health and the impacts of EMF’s/wifi/lighting/computers/mobile years ago.

I discovered that my brain-fog, fatigue, adrenal health, SIJ issues, chronic pain and sleep were all greatly effected by the very technology we all use and love. The cornerstone of modern life is harming us. Science confirms that the EMF’s emitted from common electronic devices can cause definite biological changes in the body, and mounting research has already shown it can lead to a long list of health concerns – some of which can be serious. It’s one of fastest growing health issues facing humanity. Highly unregulated, this is one of the greatest human experiments in history with many unknown consequences. And yet none of these technologies have been proven safe to humans for long-term exposure. I went on a groundbreaking exposé of the hidden truths of how technology is harming our health. I will share what I know. What I do and don’t do to minimise and counterbalance unavoidable exposure.

This chapter of my work is designed to help you with detection and protection, safeguarding you and your family to re-balance our human body’s biological function – including circadian rhythms, energy production, and reducing inflammation. Fortunately, there are simple and effective steps you can take to minimise your exposure and risks. Particularly with the roll-out of 5G technology, we will see massive increases of inescapable electromagnetic fields (EMF) and radiation in our environment. Experts agree that this proliferation will see a spike in health issues unlike anything seen before in history. Children today are be exposed to much higher doses of EMF radiation than those born just 10 years ago. Science now concurs that this hidden danger is known to cause a range of bio-effects that increase the risk of serious diseases including cancer, neuro-degenerative disorders, sleep disorders and behavioural disorders. What will the effects be on their health in years to come? Education is key to make smart choices to counteract the invisible hazards and stay safe.


Sitting is killing us, literally. Learn the real impacts on your whole system. Anatomy for sitting well. No modern-day woman can miss this.

Dubbed the ‘new smoking’, sitting has become somewhat of a controversial topic in recent years. With good reason.

We’ve co-created a technology-centered, increasingly sedentary sitting culture. We are sitting more than we ever have before. Much more than the human body is designed to. We quite literally go from one sitting task to another… What most people don’t realise is the serious, cumulative and corrosive effects of sitting. Sitting too much informs our posture, gait and movement patterns in the years ahead. And you guessed it: our Psoas and Nervous System and Adrenals (already) ain’t happy about it!

Our bodies are changing because of our habits. Even young children are developing posture related problems. And that’s just the start. If we could step back and see ourselves we would be horrified.

I’ll teach you ways to counterbalance a seat-centric lifestyle as well as how to sit well to cultivate postural integrity. I reveal realistic ways to sit less while you work as well as keeping your body juicy and mobile on the chair – so you can work and play without wrecking your health.

Our brains are changing, re-shaping. Our nervous systems are being rewired. Our bones are losing density. Our pelvic floor is suffering. The Psoas becomes chronically ‘shortened’ yet then we’re perplexed when we experience things like lower back or neck pain, tight hips and jaw, or our anxiety increases, or our sleep suffers. If we sit poorly (yes there’s ways of sitting ‘well’) then we can then expect to fast-track our way to tight hamstrings, Pelvic and SIJ instability, and a whole bunch of not-so-fun-stuff. All from sitting more than we are designed to, in ways that do not serve us…

However, contrary to popular belief, sitting in and of itself is not really the problem. We’ve been sitting since the beginning of time, after all. What’s missing and misleading in mainstream literature about our sitting induced health crisis, is that a TOTAL lack of movement whilst sitting in static postures for prolonged periods is the real culprit.

We will remedy sitting too much.

We will work out just how many hours you sit. I’ll show you how to sit well. And how to counteract the effects of sitting to begin to undo the damage that’s already done. I will demystifying Ergonomics. I will inform you about the Child and teen Posture pandemic.

I will show you how to live the life you live and run the business you run – even if that means at a desk – in a way that supports your whole system.


How to transition to a dynamic work space. Natural Human Movement: this is Dynamic Rest. A must for all modern-day humans.

If we just replace sitting at a desk for 8-12 hours with standing 8-12 hours a day we will continue to have issues – just some new ones.


Well, yes and no. If you look more closely at the research – it’s not really ‘sitting’ that’s the problem – as we have been led to believe. Sitting disease implies that sitting is the culprit, but in fact it’s the total lack of movement that’s the problem. Of course standing desks are a brilliant ‘trend’ that liberates us from the chair. And it will undoubtedly endure, simply because when integrated in a healthy and intelligent way – they work. But if you have been sitting eight (or sixteen) hours a day for years and suddenly replace your sitting hours with standing, without changing anything else – you are still sedentary whilst standing. So you’re still not moving as your body was designed to. If you simply substitute your sitting time with standing time then essentially you will just be replacing one sedentary problem with another. No wonder so many are still sitting on the fence, so to speak.

Investing in a standing desk can feel daunting. It can be a big investment and in my experience, until you try it you can’t possibly know which one is perfect for you. So if you’re unsure where to begin or you’re sitting on the fence about making the change, its a good idea to create a standing desk to see how it feels and to really get clear on how you work and what you need before tasking the big plunge.

When I set up my DIY desk it was an experiment. I wanted to see how it went before I purchased my dream standing desk. But it’s still functioning perfectly and I haven’t seen the need to invest. Yet. So a DIY can also be the ultimate solution. You could save thousands of dollars and love what you create.

We sit enough doing our lives – eating, pooping, relaxing, commuting – so when we are working we need to stand and move as much as we possibly can. 

If you have not yet made the transition or are struggling with it – you’ll find this module inspiring with tips to make a DIY standing desk. I’ll show you how to transition to a healthy dynamic work space and culture – that incorporates movement – without reducing your productivity using my standing desk formula. Understanding human bio-mechanics and ergonomics is essential if we hope to avoid doing further damage.

Change the course of your posture, pain and wellbeing forever.


The ‘F’ word has become a household word in recent years. Fascia is finally getting the limelight it deserves. Here’s why: This extraordinary connective tissue system not only gives us our physical “form”, crucial for our structure, function, stability and perhaps paradoxically our mobility and holding things in place, it also works as a communications network. It’s like the second nervous system. A master communicator, a kinesthetic genius and superconductor for cellular repair.

The fascial continuum can be considered a sensory organ of human experience/mechanics, which in turn affects our postural patterns. Your soft tissues adapt to the shape you inhabit MOST OF THE TIME. Your posture, movement, past trauma, injury, illness, habituated patterns, attitude and mindset can all influence the connective tissue matrix integrity and function. Our fascia not only adapts to compensate, it literally re-shapes our structure around our emotional and physical ‘patterns’ such as sitting for long hours.When our Fascia becomes dehydrated (through over use, misuse etc) we experience all manner of physical symptoms. Facial integrity and plasticity means plump, hydrated, flexible, responsive, adaptable and pain-free tissue. Juicy!

What most people don’t realise is that Fascia influences our capacity to rest, regulate, release and repair:
Fascia has the potential to produce a parasympathetic ‘surge’ when we nourish and hydrate it. How cool is that?

I teach you how to nourish your fascia to counteract lots of sitting, expedite cellular repair and cultivate your parasympathetic response. Sound good?

It is.


The secret-sauce to hack your parasympathetic system & fast-track cellular repair. Dissolve pain. Move with ease.

Without fluid – the fascia cannot function. The organism cannot express, relate, feel, glide, rest, love, heal.

“The fluids are the transportation system of the body. They underlie presence and transformation, set the ground for basic communication, and mediate the dynamics of flow between rest and activity, tension and relaxation” – Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen.

At birth humans are around 75% fluid… and as we age, depending a whole host of influences (stress, movement patterns, diet, attitude, environment) – we gradually become less fluid on a cellular level. The average adult is perhaps 65% fluid. The connective tissue system itself is made up of 70% fluid, and is inseparable from the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), which is 80-90% fluid. Stay with me… The ANS governs our Parasympathetic Nervous System (PSN) – responsible for controlling homeostasis – which governs the regulation and maintenance of the body’s involuntary systems (like digestion and heart rate). Commonly known as “rest and digest” the PSN informs our capacity to regulate, repair and heal.

Inherent Super-powers: Fascia has the potential to produce a parasympathetic ‘surge’ when we activate and cultivate the fluid-body.

I will show you ways to do this. You’ll get instant results AND build your suppleness, resiliency, cohesion and self-regulatory capacity over time. It’s the bomb.

TRAUMA & Somatic Education

In my upcoming Mentorship we will unpack the anatomy of trauma: How its legacy keeps us stuck in a loop. How to move towards resolution. This is self-compassion school.

The reason my Psoas and Rest work is so effective when it comes to trauma is because somatic learning is felt, experienced and integrated through the body through movement, the senses, emotions, and/or our spirituality. That is, Kinesthetic, Sensory, Affective and Spiritual learning. In this way we literally form new pathways, creating new possibilities for resolution and healing.

Trauma can highjack our nervous system, our sense of well-being and our capacity to thrive. It effects our relationships and our sense of self. But trauma doesn’t have to define you. It can refine you. You can change the narrative by focusing on the things that aid your healing. By listening more deeply and gradually placing your needs (sensitivities) at the helm. In doing so, the trauma-legacy-loop loses its grip over time as you move toward resolution. 

Because this work is somatically and experientially based the body is therefore the ground, the process AND the medium for the work. We begin to see, feel, experience and integrate new possibilities for ourselves. This provides the body-mind with the opportunity to meet itself in a new way. You can live well again or maybe for the first time. The good news is that our neuro-plasticity means your brain can recover and be restored and the tools I offer to nourish the fluid-body, fascia, Psoas and nervous system weave together in a potent way to expedite healing. You’ll access new resources in your body and learn to listen in new ways – which eases the anxiety and facilitates healing. It’s gold.

This exquisite and potent work is a must for anyone with chronic, longstanding health challenges, PTSD and trauma. 


Our intrinsic biological re-set button. One of the best kept somatic secrets. Especially for women who sit. Keeps you juicy & mobile.

Pandiculation is that deliciously satisfying, involuntary full-body yawn you do upon waking. It’s an instinctual energising power-move that we’ve been doing for millennia. It feels wonderful and somehow necessary. An innate biological ‘reset’ button which is what our bodies crave when we are static – like when we are sitting at our computers. Our tissues shorten and our energy stagnates. Pandiculation is mobilising, energising, hydrating, tension-melting and clarifying. It trumps stretching, and I will teach you why. It helps us stay supple and reduce tightness and relieve chronic muscle pain in ways that stretching can’t. It is the simplest and most effective way to restore muscle function and reduce the level of muscular tension held in the body.

I’ll teach you how to integrate and amplify this power-move into your daily life like a pro and why it aids regulation, resiliency and cohesion. It’s one of the best kept somatic secrets. 

A must for anyone with chronic pain or who cant sleep or sits for more than a few hours each day.


Redefine rest. Renew your self-care vows. Rest unapologetically. Profoundly cultivates your parasympathetic capacity.

We will Rest.

DEEP REST® is a beautiful cross-pollination: This is a space to come back to what is truly important. Because so little of our lives is an actual emergency, right?

You’ll get to reclaim and celebrate your feminine. Your deeper needs. Your desires for yourself, your life. Kylian has the secret-sauce to dissolve long-held tensions and patterns that get in the way of having what we truly want. Like the way you ache to rest. It enables your system to settle and regulate effortlessly. You will experience unparalleled states of bliss. Put simply: You will not recognise yourself.

It all comes together in my two trademark modalities: self-compassion, somatic education, guided meditation, stillness, unplugged silence, napping, slow movement, playful re-patterning and mindful inquiry. It’s soulful and cellular Nourishment. I weave it together in a uniquely loving way that results in profoundly restorative parasympathetic states. And when you anchor that with functional movement, soulful anatomy and no-nonsense bio-mechanics for daily life – along with demystifying the bio-chemicals that effect our anxiety, hormones and sleep – you’ve got the ingredients for my secret-sauce modality PSOAS LOVE®.


Demystifies this holy grail. Learn my renowned slow-release series for profound nourishment. The “Pièce de Résistance”, baby.

PSOAS LOVE® is a brave and potent body of work. It interrupts the status quo with love-soaked teaching and exquisite knowledge. This work is a much needed intervention and panacea for our overrated-cultural-glorification of ‘busy’.

Often misunderstood and therefore controversial – the Psoas is more enigmatic & problematic than any other muscle in the human body. With good reason, people are starting to pay attention.

I’ve come through the trenches. I developed Psoas issues. I had chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety that was off the chart, gut issues, adrenal burn-out. I was a wreck. But I kept on going, like so many women. Until I had a full breakdown in 2011. That got my attention. It was a pivotal moment. I developed this work in the years that followed. So I know my stuff. It works. I live and breathe it. And I feel better at 48 than I did at 30. I’ve got this.

When we orient ourselves with the truth we get to experience a deep, felt sense of internal alignment and integrity which in turn registers in your system as cellular safety. It allows our system to regulate. THAT is the key to a happy Psoas, rest and cellular repair, sweetheart.

This work will begin to liberate your psoas and nervous system by learning to slow down and rest. PSOAS LOVE® is a juicy science-meets-soul body of work. Most women I meet need it! Because we sit too much and carry trauma and live in a modern world. And well, who couldn’t do with a happier pelvis and more space and ease in your hips and lumbar? Done. Easy.

What is often missing from the conversation is how everyday things like sitting long hours and sitting incorrectly as well as technology impact our adrenals and our ligaments (SIJ) and our tissue to exacerbate our symptoms and create pain. Your Psoas and fascia are master communicators. The fascia is a super-conductor and master communicator. As is your Psoas: Tight, overused and exhausted – or supple and dynamic – the Psoas intrinsically connects our sense of Self – with much of our biological human experience, including: sleep, movement, posture, pain, pelvic integrity, anxiety, flexibility, digestion, sexuality, immune, adrenal and hormonal function. Our bodies are designed to move – a lot, but today’s sedentary lifestyle has us sitting for long hours or engaging in repetitive movements, impacting posture, spinal health and the state of the Psoas and nervous system. The result? A psoas, brain and nervous system that are ‘always-on’. My delicious sloooooow Psoas releases – bring utter and instant relief – by creating space in the hip sockets and lumbar spine – and balance to the pelvis. This is imperative to supporting the resolution of pelvic and SIJ instability – and a happy, juicy, expressive psoas. It fast-tracks your nervous system repair.

I will teach you simple and delicious ways to nourish your Psoas for life. And we get to jam live with the Queen of Psoas Liz Koch! She’s ah-maaaazing! So you’ll be Psoas savvy. Promise.


A measure of joy, our capacity to play reflects our resiliency & wellbeing. Play promotes re-patterning to rewire your neurology.

Play is a phenomenon that is at the very heart of this work. For it is in the state of playful curiosity, that we experience life from a different perspective. When we play, we directly experience our parasympathetic response in action. We get to see and experience our own aliveness, our joy and our full, uninhibited expression, and in turn soothe the nervous system and cultivate resiliency. In doing so, we actually create space for something new to show up. And it is inside this new space of potential, that we begin to re-pattern and re-wire ourselves. To truly heal.

Permission to play enables us to re-wire. It stimulates the vagus nerve – which is what we are also doing when we rest.

I am interested in supporting you to get ‘underneath’ any fear, inhibition or shame so you can have a more authentic and alive time – not only during rest – but during this precious time here on earth. This is partly why ‘re-patterning’ is such a key ingredient in my work. Because we don‘t necessarily need years of psycho-analysis to have (experience) ourselves.

Play warms us up and cuts through any self-consciousness or censorship. It has the power to transport us out of our old conditioning. It un-inhibits us, and welcomes our inner child. It’s her domain. She gives way to a more authentic and liberating way of being and of relating.

Give up the hangover of outdated thinking. Powerful somatic tools to powerfully re-pattern and change your posture, neurology & health.

Neuroplasticity has gained great scientific credibility in recent years. We now know that the brain has remarkable powers of changing its own structure and compensating for even the most challenging neurological conditions and patterns.

Rather than going into the ‘how’ of neuroplsticity – this work recognises that doing things differently has the potential to alter our brain anatomy and our health. Grounded in somatic education, with just enough science based theory, deep inquiry and playful re-patterning provide a unique and potent avenue for change. It is designed to discombobulate, recalibrate and nourish your biology. It has the power to change your body narrative.


Delicious functional human movement & no-nonsense anatomy for daily life. The catalyst & key for postural & biological integrity.

The way we sit, stand, walk, move, breathe, poop, sleep, eat and function all impact our whole biological system. We will explore how modern life is impacting the Musculoskeletal, Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Endocrine, Gastrointestinal, Reproductive and Nervous System. I will teach you everything I know. Rather than teaching you traditional anatomy – I’m talking about the anatomy of functional Movement. Relatable anatomy. Natural Human Movement and Bio-mechanical stuff. There will be simple, no-nonsense anatomy for daily life that will inspire you and engage a deep reverence for the magnificence of the human body. But mostly it will transform your wellbeing because it’s liberating, grounded, science-based. When we move and sit and work in ways that nourish the cells and tissues and organs and muscles and nervous system all day every day how do you think that might impact your health? Your pain? Your energy? Your clarity? Your relationships? Your work? It’s the kind of stuff we should all know. Because how can we correct something if we don’t even know what we are doing is harmful?

This. Is. Gold.


The body knows the way. We’ll get fluent in the language of authentic full-body expression. Watch your body respond with juju.

When we feel supported, safe and well rested, and we learn to sit well (and less), and we cultivate our fluid body and fascia health, clean up our sleep hygiene, and pandiculate automatically, and learn to play, and express and dance in our living rooms with joy (I could go on) – we free something up on our movement patterns. We create new possibilities. This is all about full-body, full hearted, authentic expression.

Dancing in your living room has never felt this good.


This is how it all began for me. Learn the art & anatomy of unprecedented Deep Relaxation. How to find sanctuary in stressful, noisy times.

Our capacity to change states at will to relieve symptoms of stress, activation or distress, is called self-regulation. It is our ability to maintain or return to calm equilibrium following a stressful situation. Also known as the relaxation response – it is essentially the opposite and counterbalance mechanism the “fight or flight” stress response. It could be described as a sense of equanimity.

I’m interested in cultivating our innate relaxation response through the body. By profoundly nourishing the nervous system for self-regulation and resiliency.

Although the capacity to down-regulate our nervous system in this way develops during infancy and childhood – those whose developmental years did not support the establishment of this capacity can still develop it with support, awareness and practice.

Our individual ability to down-regulate our stress response varies. After being ‘activated’ by something, how quickly and smoothly does your nervous system deactivate? How robust do you feel amidst stress? How do you bounce back after illness?

The relaxation response is a helpful way to turn off our fight-flight response and bring the body back to pre-stress levels. It’s a physical state of deep relaxation which engages the other part of our nervous system – the parasympathetic nervous system.

For many people – perhaps if there’s a history of trauma or chronic long-term stress – there’s a general underlying ‘restlessness’. An inability to relax. I’m seeing more of this in my work these days. I suspect it’s because we are living with new stressors – like climate change and technology – resulting in higher levels of nervous system dysregulation. I experienced this back in my 30’s when I began to stop and rest. I was so programmed to work, stay busy, overload my system to breaking point that when I did try to relax and read a magazine, take a bath, laze on the beach I simply couldn’t. Meditation was impossible! My skin would crawl. The only way I could rest (apart from sleep) was to do a guided relaxation (Yoga Nidra) of some kind and use a lot of weight on my body. That’s where all this began for me.

We all have our own unique ways of chilling out and self-soothing. Like turning the phone on silent and taking a bath or a nap, watching a movie or reading a book, petting the cat, hugging a friend, getting a massage. But if we’re honest, the art of self-regulation doesn’t always look like this. Sure, chances are we know that some approaches are more healthy and helpful than others. Maybe we know what we really ‘should’ be doing… But depending on how we are wired – what’s ‘familiar’ – we may act on certain compulsions that compound our stress.

We’ll jam with Kimberley – and she’ll take you through a delicious traditional Yoga Nidra. She’s the Queen of Yoga Nidra. Nectar for your rest practice…



Quite simply: it’ll transform the way you do business. We’ll marry the elements of the Mentorship with your inner entrepreneur. 

We’ll debunk the old masculine paradigm that drives entrepreneur’s into the ground.
We’ll redefine our metrics of success and amplify all that is nourishing and generative – to create an evolutionary, sustainable, feminine framework for entrepreneurship.
Our business then becomes a portal for our deepest values to be expressed, our personal power, intuition, radical creativity, and even meaningful social change.

I’ve supported hundreds of women translate this deep work into their business and work life.
We know that we can survive and thrive in business without compromising our health or our values. And when we build purposeful and sustainable businesses that embody our values – our work can be profoundly pleasurable and nourishing. And people can feeeeel it. You’ll become magnetic.

WHY OFFER THIS MODULE? Because it’s no longer ‘Business as Usual’. There’s simply too much at stake. Our health, our bodies, our relationships, and our earth.
I’ll share my key business smarts from 30 years in business, which translates to Nervous System Repair for your business. It’s the missing piece in Business School.

That way you get to serve your bottom line AND your body/health/relationships. ♡

It’s time to do what you love in a WAY that you LOVE doing it. Without wrecking your health.

Oh, and your deeper needs, sensitivity and intuition will be the new CEO. Of courrrrrse! 

Sound good?

We will jam with Lotus. She is a powerhouse. But like me she does business on her own terms, and when you hear her story – and mine – you will feel liberated to join us in this new way forward.




For a whole year. Overwhelm free.

To choose you. To rest. Re-wire. Resolve the burn-out cycle.

To transform what’s been keeping you stuck and depleted.

And cultivate the self-agency to steward the life you ache for.

Are you ready, sweetheart?

Early-bird finishes soon.