Fierce Love Launch

Hey there!

Spring has arrived with some ferocity here in Byron Bay! (Brrrr…)

And I notice beloved friends, students, clients and family alike – are in the throws of something BIG.
Could it be Mercury Retrograde, Sunday’s brewing Supermoon – or simply the change of Seasons?

It’s a little intense! Yet I notice myself trusting the perfection of Life more and more. I am softer, more surrendered and less fearful – which is such a welcome development. This is where I really ‘get’ and appreciate the power my work! I am unrecognisable to who I was just a few years back!


” A n d   t h o u g h   s h e  b e   b u t   l i t t l e ,   s h e   i s   f i e r c e . “
– Shakespeare


Life can be unpredictable, and being adaptable, resilient and fluid – helps me welcome all of it. It also means I can be more present to Life.

What I’m present to right now is my ‘experience’ of Spring – and a rekindling of childlike excitement and freedom. My cells are literally humming with anticipation of what’s to come: bare feet, balmy beach walks, long days in paradise and uber creativity

A time to stoke those innate creative fires, baby. It’s time to PLAY!

I’ve been resuscitating my inner Artist and Photographer.
Weeks of Soulful purging, expressive downloads and even a photoshoot with a divine (real) photographer (more on that soon)!

Like a woman obsessed…
I’ve been creating magic with my PA on Instagram…


It makes a big difference when you actually understand it! LOL.
I’m SUCH a visual person – I’m in heaven. Bite-sized offerings… where I really get to show up FULLY!
Wooooo! “I got my Insta’ on!”  

And I’m lovin’ every minute of it.

So I thought I’d come up for air to write you this short, sweet love note.
Inviting you to come connect…

At my newly renovated Instagram home #thekylianmethod


I bring you all of me – and all of my work:

  • My aptly named #fiercelove quotes promise to inspire and feed your Soul…
  • There’s excursions into the Art of Embodiment (how to live in a body) – without the new-age tantric-spiritual frou-frou.
  • It’s Science meets Soul. Actionable anatomy for daily life – so you can get on with living.
  • There’ll be a generous dose of nature and creativity – all infused with playful moments from my daily life.


NOT on Instagram? 
Swell. I’ll be sharing my most popular posts here and on Facebook so you don’t miss the fun.

So I’m curious, what does spring mean for you? Please comment below….


Loving you fiercely,