What technology, equipment or tech expertise is required for the remote aspects of the training?

You will need to have access to a computer, email account and and internet connection. It is a requirement also that all students connect via a private Facebook group between sessions for support, connection and inspiration. You will find me there too. So if you are not on Social Media we need to have a little chat…

Regarding the weekly conference call classes, my tech support people will give you all the instructions as the date approaches. It’s easy. Promise. We have not decided on the conference platform just yet but I promise we will choose one that is user friendly. If you are a techno-phobe like me rest assured we will even do a ‘dry-run’ to ensure we iron out any tech issues prior to our 1st group meeting.

These online/virtual classrooms and mentoring sessions are compulsory. However – if there is an emergency and you can’t make the call we will have recordings available for you to listen to and then join in on any homework.

I promise you won’t miss a thing. Ok?