Who is this specialised training for?

People who are ready to rest.
Humans in recovery. Practitioners and ordinary people who are ready to teach this extraordinary work.

People who want to make a real contribution and impact… One nervous system at a time.

This extraordinary training is for those who get a big “YES” when they read my blog/posts/stuff. Who deeply resonate with my message and LOVE the actual work. People who aaaaache to slow down. Who are ready to rest. Who feel called to champion this cause. To help steer humanity back to simpler ways. To be a co-creator of a much needed Rest Revolution. People who are committed to deep self-care. Who value rest. It’s for people who want to make an impact, a meaningful contribution to life – w i t h o u t burning out.

This training is ideal for somatic therapists, yoga teachers, body-oriented practitioners, coaches, medical, trauma, alternative and allied health professionals.

It’s also for non-professionals. People who are deeply drawn to the work. Who recognise the collective urgency and need for this work. Ideally you will be exploring the concepts of my message in your own life already. Choosing rest. Reading about the work. Being curious. Perhaps you have had a health scare or burnout of your own. Perhaps you are highly stressed, can’t sleep, live with anxiety or PTSD, or maybe you are an executive or A-type who is fiiiiiinally heeding the call to go at a different pace, perhaps dreaming of making a move away from the corporate world. Perhaps your doctor warned you to slow down. Or, like me, you lost someone you love and it has stirred something fierce and loving in you that you didn’t have access to before. You see through the modern-life madness as I do and have come to choose a different path. You want to make an impact, a contribution – yet there’s nothing else that really speaks to you the way this training does.

My training is suitable for anyone who wants to become an ambassador of my message and work. To take it out into the world – to teach it in your community, your school, your workplace, your current professional practice or to build something new.

It’s also open to people who don’t plan to teach but just have a huge “YES” for the work. Perhaps to go on a deeper healing or recovery journey.