Who is this training NOT for?

I want to ensure you are a great ‘fit’ for this work and cause. The first round will birth the senior teachers of the work. So it’s gotta feel juuuuuust right.


This training is not for you if:

– you are looking for a fast, quick, run-of-the-mill, mediocre cookie-cutter course.

– you are looking to take my ideas and incorporate them into your own training – this is not for you (there will be documents to sign).

– you are not a team player, or don’t really value developing esteemed relationships based on mutuality, generosity and kindness.

– you are in the early parts of your own trauma recovery – this round may not be for you.

– you have difficulty sticking with your commitments.

– you are vaguely intersted in this work.

– you are looking for a quick-fix to your career or health difficulties.

– the application is a simple process – but it’s quite detailed. If this feels like too much work for you – then that’s clear.