How will I know I am ready to train with you, Kylian?

You’ll know you are ready because you almost wet your pants in excitement when you read the information about this incredible opportunity program. I’d say you are MORE than ready darling.

You simply get a big “Yes” when you read the information page. You have experienced working with Kylian and it was a little bit (or a lot) life changing.

You are ready to invest in a high quality, niche, love-soaked leadership training and to deepen and receive the full impact of this profound work.

You feel inspired to take this work out into the world to make a contribution doing what you love.

You have a great attitude – you don’t let life circumstance (not enough time, money, I live too far away) stop you from dreaming this into being. You trust that if you are meant to be there, you’ll be there.

You are ready to be part of something bigger than yourself. To be part of and co-create – the Rest Revolution!