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Deep Rest | Psoas Love | Nervous System Repair

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Skype sessions are a great way of working with me when you don’t live nearby. We are so fortunate to have this awesome technology, which brings me right into your home.

Please read my Rest Revolution, About Stress, About Trauma and any other page you feel drawn to – as they shed light on the work I do. On my About Kylian page, I share my story – both in a nutshell – and an unabridged version (take your pick) – which gives great insight into how I ended up doing this work, and why I am most qualified to help you.

By coming to this page, it tells me that you don’t live in or near Byron Bay Australia – and that you are considering working with me remotely. Wonderful.

These transformational packages are for people with chronic stress, chronic pain and stress related illness.


Helpful in treating:
  • chronic stress
  • anxiety & overwhelm
  • fatigue & exhaustion
  • burn-out or breakdown
  • nervous system overload & hyper-arousal
  • post traumatic stress disorder
  • insomnia & sleep disturbance
  • chronic pain – in particular pelvic, hip, back, foot & neck pain
  • postural imbalances (re-alignment)
  • trauma recovery
  • digestion issues
  • pelvic or sacro-iliac instability
  • hormonal imbalances
  • toxin & medication detoxification
  • highly sensitive people & hyper-vigilance
  • psoas pain & related conditions
  • eating disorders
  • high blood pressure
  • diabetes
  • depression
  • a host of other stress related illnesses & ailments

This work is for people who are committed to creating new possibilities, in their bodies and lives. We dive in deep to explore, nourish & repair the nervous system – and if relevant – to integrate the psoas – the “muscle of the soul”. These packages offer an empowering fusion of biomechanical and experiential learning – within a new paradigm for how we see and experience the physical body, and its capacity to self-heal. There are weekly emails, which form the “Nervous System Repair Manual”. You will receive personalised emails to follow up the material covered in the sessions, with inspiration, resources and support, and the 1:1 setting ensures your individual needs are met. You will receive in-between-session support – so essentially you have your own “Nervous System and Deep Rest Coach” for the duration of our time together. You will develop a home practice and integrate a new way of being into your daily life. This beautiful and profound inquiry process tends to enrich and transform people’s lives in more ways than they can imagine when they register….. (just read the testimonials!)


The work we will cover includes:

  • Resetting and re-building your nervous system
  • Re-patterning to dissolve chronic pain & holding patterns
  • Activating & cultivating the fluid-body to initiate the parasympathetic (relaxation) response
  • Melting tension in the connective tissue matrix
  • Re-hydrating and releasing the Psoas
  • Fostering safety and unprecedented self-care
  • Stress and Trauma protocol
  • Learning how to sit, walk and move with integrity
  • Cultivating pelvic stability
  • Exploring laterally to increase ease and mobility
  • Restorative Bio-technology to fast-track your recovery


So heres how we can work together…


Pre-session procedure:

We begin the conversation with email contact or by filling out a form, where you tell me about what is showing up for you, and what your intention might be for working with me.

This initial correspondence helps to inform us both in recognising your suitability for this work. It enables us to hone in on your individual needs & goals in preparation for getting the most from this work. I can then advise if this work is suitable for you and how it can help, what to expect, and explore any other concerns you might have. I can then discern what household items, yoga props or specialty products you will need to gather before we begin. Then we make a time to connect on Skype with video linkup.

The session entails an intake process – where we go into a more thorough exploration of your current issues and concerns, specific ailments, history and other relevant information.

Then we move into our work together in a similar way as I work in face-to-face sessions. The only difference is there is no hands-on body-work. The video technology provides us with the opportunity to connect face-to-face virtually, as well as benefiting from helpful visual aspects of the work – such as setting up; demonstrating how to come into, and move through various practices. As you come into each practice I can actually see you – so I can direct you with instructions and modifications as required.

Whilst the hands-on part of my work is valuable, it is not necessary. I have worked with people across the globe in these remote sessions, with ease and fantastic results.


Initial session details:

Cost: $225 AUS
This includes the pre-session email contact and any necessary session prep, as well as post session notes and follow up.

Time: 90 minutes

Payment: Paypal or direct deposit


Nervous System Repair Packages:


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Bookings & enquiries:

Call or email Kylian:

+61 0418 686 426 | hello@kylian.com.au | Skype: kylian1971



Creativity Coaching

Kylian CREATIVITY modalities


This uber-juicy work is a breakthrough in reclaiming your creative power. It’s for people who are ready to make a deep committed to creating new possibilities in their lives. We dive in deep – to explore together – and come up with gold. That’s a promise!

These packages offer a powerful portal into your subterranean psyche. It’s a new paradigm for how we see and experience the physical body and its capacity as messenger. A seamless multi-modal dialogue methodology – provides a unique way of inquiring into your lived human experience. It evokes intuition and body-wisdom – through art, dance, gesture and play. You will (re)awaken your deep creative impulse, and nourish you Soul-life. It is a potent vehicle through which to encounter yourself, and wake-up dormant aspirations, gifts and strengths – that otherwise remain hidden. This interplay enables you to tap into your full potential – as well as sharpen your creative sensibilities. The medium is instrumental in facilitating the breakthrough, the shift, the “AHAaaah” moment. We work creatively with whatever shows up, and you will be empowered to live a deeply authentic and inspired life by unleashing the full power of your Soul into the world.

If you don’t live in or near Byron Bay Australia – and are considering working with me remotely. Wonderful.

Skype sessions are a great way of working with me when you don’t live nearby. We are so fortunate to have this awesome technology, which brings me right into your home.

You can do a one-off Breakthrough Session, a Full-day Personal Creativity Retreat or a 12-week VIP Intensive Creative Mastery Package.

Here’s how else you can work with me:



Deeply re-wires you. Cultivates resiliency, biological integrity + the self-agency to steward the life you deeply desire. Fills you with juju as you age.



14 Days of Permission to Rest & Nervous System Nourishment. For an overwhelm-free end of the year and a deep re-set.



These sessions are game-changers. Fast-track postural + biological integrity, repair your Nervous System + liberate your Psoas.



Unprecedented womens–only somatic education. There‘s an application process. Spaces are limited. I'll teach you everything I know.



Become a certified teacher of this profound Nervous System Repair work. The ultimate womens–only somatic education program.



Experiential anatomy for daily life. Movement education, body-work, re-patterning, postural alignment & home practice development.



Unleash your imagination! Movement, sound, art & play become allies to powerfully create the life you yearn for.



Here are some of my favourite tunes to nap, rest, write, paint, potter to. I made it just for you, sweetheart. Enjoy.